Nashville: Season Two Begins, Episode 1 – Recap

Deacon is in the cooler, Rayna is in a coma, and Juliette Barnes is interviewing a candidate for the job as her Assistant – between the sheets. Yup, Nashville: Season Two has commenced. The first episode was called I Fall to Pieces, and aired last night on ABC.

Avery had a solo song, Will invited all his friends, of both genders and persuasions to a housewarming party in an attempt to bring Gunnar out of his funk. Gunnar’s depressed? Why not? Scarlett has dumped him. When a girl at the party comes on to Gunnar, he’s attracted but not interested. Why? Because they are still in Scarlett’s house and still sitting on her sofa. What’s the answer to that – burn Scarlett’s sofa. Gunnar even pours barbecue lighter fluid on the thing to accelerate the blaze.

Deacon is not interested in mounting a defense. He’ll do the time for Driving Under the Influence, and other charges. But if Rayna doesn’t survive, the charges will be upped to include involuntary manslaughter. Deacon’s court appointed attorney tells him the prosecutor is going to delay the case as long as he can, because Rayna might die. Deacon fires this attorney anyway. Only Deacon wasn’t driving. More on this later.

Teddy has told pregnant Peggy that the best he could do is financial support. Only within minutes, things change. Peggy goes from the being pregnant to being formerly pregnant. She has miscarried. When Teddy inquires about how the visit to OB-GYN went, Peggy lies and tells Teddy she heard the baby’s heartbeat.

The doctors bring Rayna out her coma in order to perform some tests.Things look quite dark. Tandy and Lamar as well as Maddie and Daphne have gathered bedside. Even Teddy and Juliette make an appearance. Leave that hankie where it is folks – Rayna isn’t going to die. More on this later.

At the hospital, the good Juliette gets chummy with Maddy. [can’t see this being good for Maddie, can you?] But there’s still the bad Juliette who has sharpened her fangs, claws, and what not. She’s more than looming. She’s happening.

Will’s ex-man-pal comes by the Bluebird Cafe for Scarlett’s party. She signed a recording deal with Rayna’s outfit. Gunnar shows up, and Avery is already there – as a performer. Gunnar and Scarlett sing a duet.

Then things change real fast. Rayna is brought out of the induced coma and despite warnings that she won’t be allowed to speak, and she may not remember any of the people looking in from the hallway – the aforementioned Tandy, Lamar, Maddie & Daphne – that is not the case.

Once she is out of the coma, she has all of her faculties intact – and I almost expected a song. But no, that’s likely being held off for a future chapter. Can you see it – The return of Rayna James and off to the side – Juliette Barnes smolders in her anger.

Did I say that Rayna was okay? Okay enough to tell the DA that she was driving, not Deacon.

But before Deacon finds out that he’s been released he manages to act predictably horrible to Scarlett. Go home and don’t come back he tells her. So Deacon, as the angry drunkard, Deacon, as  the martyr, is released from the city jail – with all charges dropped.

One more surprise to come. Lamar lost his wife, Rayna’s Mom, in an auto accident years back. Except now we find out that there’s info (tune in next week I guess) that it was no accident at all. That’s good old Lamar for you. Of course Tandy will be thrilled to take advantage of this and take back control. Only you know Lamar. it will take a whole lot more than a Conspiracy to Murder to do away with him.  Last season they tried kill him off with a stroke – only that didn’t work either.,

Not sure I can deal with this show until Rayna is back on stage. The story lines are so manipulative. There’s always a new disaster, a new drug problem, money issues, sexual issues, alcoholism, all of which are presented in order to buddy up to revenge and other assorted evil stratagems. You may not know where the storm clouds will come down, but as sure as this is Hurricane season, you know sometime soon, one or more of Nashville’s characters will be in a new shit-storm.

If you feel bored and haven’t much to do, and have a distinct need to be emotionally toyed with, or simply batted around – this is the show for you.

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