Mad Dogs (2015) – New Series from Amazon

Partial recap with a few slight spoilers.

Four guys get off a plane in Belize. We know next to nothing about them, other than apparently these early 40 somethings used to know each other back in the day. There’s a limo waiting for them, and the limo driver waits placidly holding up a sign that says ‘LOSERS’. This is how the pilot for the Amazon Series Mad Dogs begins.

They’re driven out into the countryside to a huge and fabulous beachfront villa. This place has a serious electronic gate and a top of the line security system. It is isolated and the nearest neighbor is 4 miles up the coast. Not bad at all for a beachfront pad.

I should probably bring forth some introductions. Billy Zane plays Milo. He’s the big success story of the group and the owner of the villa. It was on his ‘dime’ that the foursome arrived. He had invited his friends to join him in this venture years back, but none of them took him up on it. There’s a brief non-explanation by Milo of how he got to where he is, but in reality – you don’t know any more about that after you’ve heard his explanation than you did before the explanation. As he puts it to the other guys – You made your choices. I made mine. 

Now that may be a hint of something seriously shady, but we don’t get any depth on that in the pilot.

Michael Imperioli plays Lex, not a name you hear in use much these days. We don’t get much info on him in the pilot other than he’s grounded and serious, and works at fitting in and enjoying himself.

Steve Zahn plays Cobi and he seems the least grounded. On their first night on the town, he’s the only one that comes home with a woman, and then has wild, loud, and raucous sex with her. Of course he’s married.

Romany Malco plays Gus. He’s the one that is seemingly kind of running scared. He’s in the midst of a big-time custody battle with his soon-to-be ex-wife. He’s the one that comes off as having the most to lose.

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