Thinking about tomorrow. Looking ahead. Making resolutions. Planning. And if we are lucky, following any of those, next comes Doing.

We all try to do these things and we all have varying degrees of success with them. It’s not so much about what our goals and aims are, or about our backgrounds as well as our pasts. It is, looking ahead, a universal process, that most of us do. Not all of us, as some are content, or unable, tor don’t want to plan any further than the next hour or the next day.

Sometimes things happen, as if out of the blue, or without you having made a decision, or even thought about it. Like today, I went to see a film called The Past. This film had been on my mind for sometime. I had planned to do a discussion on this film with one of my readers. But The Past is not a film that you can see just anywhere. It was not scheduled to open in every town with a multiplex.

So the plan was that, we would wait until we each had an opportunity to see it. I discovered that The Past was opening this past Friday, February 21st, at my local art/indie film house, The Burns Court Cinema. So I contacted this person to confirm the date when we would each see the film, and then sit down for a joint discussion on it.

Unfortunately, the film had come and gone in his area. While I had been checking the movie schedules every few days, he had somehow missed The Past’s arrival in his area. So, unless we wanted to wait another full month for Netflix to make the film available, or have the discussion based on his reading the screenplay but not seeing the film, I was released from the plan, and could do a solo review, if I wanted.

So today I saw The Past. On my way home, I was listening to the car radio, and A Prairie Home Companion Radio Show, which is broadcast on NPR (National Public Radio) and is carried in my area by WUSF (89.7 FM) in Tampa, Bradenton, and Sarasota. Today’s broadcast was likely a repeat. Garrison Keillor is the creator and originator of A Prairie Home Companion, and he’s been at it since July of 1974. That’s nearly 40 years ago. I heard just one segment – a piece by Erica Rhodes.

It s about a person who is looking ahead, thinking about tomorrow, and making resolutions. I have to say that the timing and circumstances that occurred to put me in a position to hear this radio show, was a bit of good fortune, or it was just serendipity. I could have seen a later showing of the movie, or gone to see The Past on a different day, and would have missed this.

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