Spurs Crush Heat to Take the NBA Championship


I don’t think a lot of words from me are necessary. When the Miami Heat raced out to a 22-6 lead with a bit more than five minutes left in the opening quarter, the game situation had a flavor that seemed so very different, and almost foreign when compared to the taste of the previous two games when the San Antonio Spurs had dominated from the jump.

But it would all change. With a bit more than five minutes left in the third period, which was actually two full quarters from that moment in the 1st stanza, the Spurs had demolished the Heat to the tune of 59-22 over that span. The game and the series was all but over.

Yes, by the time the final buzzer sounded, words weren’t necessary. The faces of the victors were filled with joy. And for the Heat, their summer vacations began far earlier than expected. But some folks did have some things to say.

Adam Silver – NBA Commissioner

You showed the world how beautiful this game is.

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LeBron James: “They Smashed Us”

If you were anywhere near Miami last night, you might have noticed the Big Chill that arrived and lowered the Miami Heat’s temperatures to near morgue levels. No, it wasn’t a big Nor’easter with cold temperatures and high winds that came roaring down the Atlantic coast and iced up the Heat. No, this was in fact, a sou’wester that blew across the Gulf of Mexico, then stayed high above Alligator Alley before settling down on the court at the American Airlines Arena in Miami. This ‘storm’ disguised as a basketball team possessed not only long legs, but also some very long arms, and a strong can’t stop us kind of can do desire.

Actually this storm of a team arrived on Tuesday and threw a damper on the Heat’s first home game in the 2014 NBA Championship Series. To say that the San Antonio Spurs put a whooping on the Heat was being kind. That was Tuesday night, and yeah sure, any home team can have a clunker of a game, as in take a beating. It happens. But the Heat hadn’t lost back-to-back playoff games this year. So most folks thought the Heat would recoup, recharge, and recover from that blowout of a contest.

That is until the San Antonio Spurs Coach Gregg ‘Pop’ Popovich with his legion of hoop doom known as Tim Duncan (above), Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Boris Diaw, Danny Green, and a couple of players called Kawhi Leonard and Patty Mills (below), all suited up for Game Four.

The result, The Heat’s flame was once more extinguished in another horrendous blowout of a game. The score was 107-86 Spurs, but really, it was worse than that. The Spurs lead went from nine, into the double digits, and then passed the 20 point marker, before cresting at 25 points on the Heat’s home court.

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