Tune in The Ghost – You’ll Be Glad You Did

For those of you who remember the 70’s and 80’s, and were around back then as a young adult (someone old enough to buy their own beer – legally), you probably will enjoy hearing some of the best music from that era. Thanks to the wonders of today’s modern technology, we have internet radio. It functions just like the radio in your car, or the one in the corner of your kitchen counter, but you will need access to the internet to take advantage.

Any way, on All Noise Radio there’s a DeeJay who spins tunes and talks about the ‘good old days’. He’s based in the New York Area, and he’ll take you back to the days of the club scene in places like Studio 54 and CBGB, back to the time of films like Grease and Saturday Night Fever, and back to the days of bands like Motley Crue¬†and The Rolling Stones.

He does a two hour broadcast on Monday nights with each show repeated at two other times. You should give him a try. You’ll really like his work. He call himself – The Ghost. The Ghost and I got together for a mini-interview which follows immediately.

JMM: What is the name of the show?

The Ghost

JMM: Where can the listeners find it on the web?


JMM: When is the show available for people to listen to?

Monday evening 8PM to 10PM
Tuesday Morning 8AM to 10AM
Saturday afternoon 1PM to 3PM
all times EST

JMM: Tell us about the show – what kind of music do you play?

It’s based on a classic rock premise, but not hand-cuffed to it. As you can hear by the latest show I gave you, I have the freedom to play anything I want from Classic Rock, Punk, Funk, Soul as well as contemporary music. I haunt the listener with music and stories of the past.

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