The Bridge: Episode 12 – All About Eva

Yes, the fat lady did sing, actually it was the Duet from The Marriage of Figaro, so, in fact, two ladies sang, but that did not signify either the end of the show, or even the end of the season. The Bridge, which has just been granted a second season on the FX network, began with Mozart’s classic Duettino Sull’aria, and from there, we sort of did a rewind which took us back to the early part of the series with Steven Linder looking for a girl.

Linder arrived at Reverend Bob’s hacienda/chicken ranch only to find out that Eva Guerra, Linder’s intended, had left the flock. So he never got to make the proposal. Eva? Back in Juarez with a factory job. We know it but Linder doesn’t.

Speaking of Juarez, reporter Adriana Mendez is helping Daniel Frye get back on his feet – both literally as well as figuratively. In addition Adriana is still dealing with her mother’s disapproval of her lifestyle. The mother wants Adriana to settle down, mend her ways, and get married. But Adriana goes her own way. So we have a standoff.

David Tate is in custody, Marco is in a deep depression, Charlotte is cooking up a deal with Galvan, and girls are still being plucked off the street in Juarez. Some of these girls get parked in a jail cell, before becoming party favors. Steven Linder doesn’t know this either.

But some one does know, and this is what is going to get Marco off his month-long bender, and back on his feet.

The above are the salient points of this episode called All About Eva which is the 12th episode. Only one more remains.

The thing about this one is that following last week’s showdown on the bridge, the set piece involving Tate, Marco, Cross, Wade, and Frye, what followed, this week, would have to be disappointing. Last week, as we watched, all that excitement and tension, sort of sucked all the air out of the show. It would be natural to expect that this week we would find ourselves in a decompression mode, and this was exactly the case for Sonya and Marco.

So the other dangling story lines – Frye, Mendez, Charlotte, Linder, Eva, and Galvan were brought into play. I think the episode worked just fine, and despite the wheel turning back to a point from the beginning of the series – at least to the point following the first bridge murders, they did a good job of rekindling our interest.

Mendez and Frye back when Frye could walk, talk, and work at the same time

Mendez and Frye back when Frye could walk, talk, and work at the same time

So heading towards the Season Finale next week, we are looking at the following questions:

1) How will Galvan and Charlotte play out?

2) Eva Guerra – what will become of her?
3) Will Steven Linder find her or will her resolution be solved by Marco and Cross?

4) The Tate case hits the court room and it seems that we might expect either a trial or an escape.

Of course we still have to wonder about Adriana and Daniel. Adriana’s mother suggested (in Spanish) that Adriana not get involved with a man in chair. Adriana’s sister asked Daniel if his equipment (down there) was okay. Frye said, You mean my twig and the two berries? That got a laugh. But Adriana wasn’t laughing when she stormed out saying she dates girls.

An interesting switch in character roles seem to occur this week. Clearly Cross had backed off from the more overtly autistic mode which had been her main signature in the previous episodes. In the previous episode she had told Marco what he wanted to hear, rather than the strict truth, a difficult change for Sonya. Was that a sign? We’ll see.

But, on the other hand, Marco has gone to the deep end of being submerged in a depression. He drinks and sleeps – that’s it. They used an interesting Dutch Tilt to show us Marco in bed. In fact they used it twice. What we saw was Marco asleep in a nearly vertical position before the camera tilted back to the normal view which gave us Marco horizontally. Not earth shattering or even newsworthy, but I mention it because we hadn’t seen it before in the series.

Marco gets a pep talk from Hank Wade

Marco gets a pep talk from Hank Wade

Of course Marco’s depression doesn’t last – as Andy Dufrense once said in The Shawshank Redemption: Get busy living, or get busy dying. But it was an intriguing switch, Marco in the deep end and Sonya bright and lively, or as close to bright and lively as she could be. Character roles aside, next week will be the end of Season One. And I’ll have more to say following the finale.


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