World Photography by Viviano Villarreal Bueron

I’ve recently¬†returned from Hong Kong and have written at length about places in and around Hong Kong that I visited. But I’ve held back, until now, on one particular topic – Photographer Viviano¬†Villarreal Bueron, who lives in Hong Kong.


He has traveled to many places in the world and I believe his photographs are exemplary, and worth sharing with you.

On his website you will see the many portfolios of photographs that he has taken in places like Burma, Tibet, Nepal, Japan, Indochina, Palawan, Tiananmen Square in Beijing, Africa, the Middle East, and even some from his own neighborhood in Sheung Wan in Hong Kong.

I believe that Viviano is attracted to bold colors, and people are his favorite subjects. Most of his photos seem a combination of the two. In many cases, he seems to include both horizontal and vertical objects – not as the optical center of the image but more along the lines of background or secondary items for your eyes to notice, absorb, and reflect upon.

However there are always exceptions. Which is a perfect entry point show you some of his work. I will offer images that I have downloaded from his website, or in some cases – images sent to me by Mr. Bueron.

Let’s start with this Burmese Temples (Burma #31 form the portfolio)


What attracted me to this image was the repetition of the vertical temple spires. In the same way. see the repeated curves of tree tops n the foreground. But what is truly interesting  is how the foreground of the tree tops is dark, and as the eye follows into the sky the images brightens. Not only is this a remarkable image, but factor in the changes in the light, and the image becomes even more spectacular.

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