Vincent Calvino – The Bangkok, Thailand Based P.I. Created by Christopher G. Moore

Christopher G. Moore

Ever been to The City of Angels – home to 12,000,000 folks? That’s a lot of angels to be fluttering their wings in the heat. Besides those wings aflutter, that’s an awful lot of feet pounding the pavement and sidewalks. Sorry – we are not talking about Los Angeles.

The first City of Angels is actually Bangkok, the capital and largest urban area of Thailand. This isn’t a place for those of you who can’t abide hot weather. That heat is the reason why Bangkok has been called the Furnace of the earth.

It is also the home of writer Christopher G. Moore, author of the famed series of novels about Private Eye Vincent Calvino. So far there are a dozen Calvino novels. The first one, Spirit House was first published back in 1992. The most recent Calvino novel called 9 Gold Bullets came out in early 2011.

In this post, we are going to give you a look at four of the Calvino books. The series has hit best seller lists in about a dozen different languages. There’s no doubt that Vincent Calvino is a very popular Private Investigator. So who is he?

He was born and raised in New York. Calvino’s background is that he is half-Jewish and half Italian. He takes on a variety of cases. Some from well-heeled corporate clients, some from well to-do ex-pat society wives who think their husbands are cheating on them, and other cases which don’t bring in much in the way of revenue (sort of like the pro bono cases done by lawyers) but might result in some positives for a local community.

Calvino’s office is in a small office building. On the ground floor of his building is a massage parlor called One Hand Clapping. Not what you might call inspiring to his clients who agree to meet Calvino at his office. In the first Calvino novel, that space was occupied by an always-out-of-town Finnish real estate developer. But that didn’t last, and the space would eventually be taken over by the rub-and-tug massage business.

Calvino’s office and business is maintained by his secretary/office manager called Ratana. Though Ratana is indeed gorgeous, at least in the books I’ve read – his relationship with Ratana could best be described as both friendly, semi-personal, as well as professional. What I mean is that he hasn’t slept with her.

Don’t let that point give you the wrong idea about Vincent Calvino. He likes women, and women like him. There’s no shortage of intimate moments in these novels.

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