Murder in the First: Season 3 Episode 2 – Tropic of Cancer

Half a lifetime ago, in 1964, Bob Dylan wrote, recorded, and performed a song called The Times They Are A-Changin’. Fast forward to tonight July 3rd, and I’m the one singing about The Times They Are A-Wastin’.

That’s because I just watched the second episode of the TNT Series Murder in the First. ***SPOILER WARNING***

So they start off with a stick up at a liquor store which is later described by Detectives Molk and Navarro as located at Geary & Polk.  Well according to the street photos, there is no bodega, convenience store, liquor store, or even a corner newsstand at that intersection. But no matter. This robbery is one in which the perp didn’t even take out his hand gun. He merely showed it, tucked into his waistband, to the guy behind the counter, who calmly took out his own gun and blew the perp away.

There was nothing to this attempted robbery but it served to set up some excellent police work when they reviewed the security cam footage of the inside of store. More on that later.

The second bait and switched involved Detective Hildy Mulligan and indirectly Detective Terry English. Last week we learned that Hildy had been told by her doctor that she had breast cancer. Get your affairs in order was the advice from the doctor.

With that in mind, Terry tells Hildy that he’d like to care for her, watch over her, and simply be there for her because things would get worse. English knew this because his own wife had succumbed to cancer in the first season.

That led to a night of heavy breathing and rumpled sheets at Hildy’s apartment with Hildy and Terry as the players. Louise, Hildy’s daughter had conveniently been granted permission to stay over at a friend’s house for that night. Terry was astounded – On a school night? , he asked.

How convenient!

As for the murder of Normandy Parker, the All-Pro QB, the party had 350+ guests and no one was able to make an ID of the shooter. But the police caught a break. Parker’s gf, the blonde,

Murder in the First -season 3- Trailer TNT[(000063)2016-06-27-18-17-29]

comes in to the police station (with her lawyer) only after the twitter universe exploded with the news that she was being difficult. Also arriving somewhat awkwardly was Parker ex-wife. These two should have never crossed paths in a police hallway.

But the ex-wife had plenty to say – she did have a one-night stand with Parker’ best friend Billy James, and she did know about Parker wanting to re-configure the prenup.

Speaking of Billy James, he was spotted Detective Navarro in the liquor store security cam footage in the liquor store just prior to the failed holdup. And per the security cam footage from the bank across the street, James did not drive away; rather he walked away – meaning he was staying in the nabe.

Again – how convenient.

Then there was a tip that James was staying in apartment in that area. Hildy, Terry and the SWAT team bust in. The guy, possibly James leaps out of a window with Terry in pursuit. After a short pursuit, the guy has run  himself into a dead-end alley. When he reaches for something – English places 4 kill shots dead center into the guy’s chest.

Only it is not Billy James, and what’s more there was no gun found.

English is in hot water. The town is up in arms. Demonstrations all over. Black Lives Matter indeed. As they have been known to do before, the writers then give us another bait and switch. We see English in Koto’s office. Terry is handing over his gun. Has he been suspended pending an investigation? That’s what I first thought about.

Not at all. Koto received English’s weapon only to give him a replacement. English’s weapon has to go through the ballistics protocol.


And then there’s the time waster. Siletti has an argument with his son, antagonizes his wife, can’t get one of his high-priced lawyer pals to represent him in his DUI & Vehicular Manslaughter case. Rather he is referred to a DUI specialist.

Siletti blows some smoke at this guy telling him it is a no-brainer, slam dunk case. So this lawyer goes off to see the ADA who is none other than Melissa Danson who Siletti screwed in the hotel’s toilet at his birthday party. And she’s smells a big win. There will be no deal.

She was at the party and she KNOWS how much Siletti had to drink. She also KNOWS that Siletti refused the breathalyzer test at the scene of the accident so of course his blood alcohol levels were down to being under the requirements for a DUI.

So this lawyer is pissed off at Siletti. I’m not talking Melissa Danson. I’m talking Siletti’s own lawyer. So the picture isn’t looking good for Siletti.

How convenient to make Siletti, an asshat if there ever was one, look as if he could use some sympathy, especially after his wife had left him as well.

But in reality – why should we care. I believe Mario Siletti and his misadventures are nothing more than a distraction and a waste of time.

Let’s get on with Terry & Hildy, the Parker murder, and Terry’s issue of shooting an unarmed man. And to Mr. Bochco and Mr. Lodal – how about treating your viewers with something resembling intelligence? Bait & switches and convenient happenstances simply don’t work for most of us.

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