The Leftovers 2×02 – A Matter of Geography – Theories Which I Can’t Prove & Questions I Can’t Answer

The Leftovers second episode of the second season, called A Matter of Geography, didn’t offer much in the way of solid answers to all the questions. It was more like some answers to some questions. However, on balance, the arrival of Kevin Garvey and Nora and baby Lily, as well as Kevin’s nearly adult daughter, Jill, to the world of Jarden, Texas – serves to show that they’ve arrived in a place that is an even stranger world than the one they left in Mapleton, NY.

First of all, Jarden seems like it is run more like a city under martial law. Every thing is nearly under a form of lockdown. People need permits, passes, and ID bracelets just to get around. I understood the quarantine of the dog, but what I didn’t understand was why did Nora bid so extravagantly for a house that was just a few levels above abandoned and might seriously be called a fixer-upper.

The new money pit aka home sweet home

Some have said that she wanted to feel secure and safe. But did she buy a money-pit?

Now former Sheriff Kevin and family left Mapleton because he was going mad over his involvement with Patti’s Levin’s death. He even dug up her corpse and went out of his way to get stopped by the Smokey, so he would be found driving around with a corpse in his truck.

This isn't the yellow brick road, and where they're heading is not the Emerald City

This isn’t the yellow brick road, and where they’re heading is not the Emerald City

But the state troopers and the cult coppers seemed more than pleased, as they could clear the case of a missing person. Thanks, Kevin they said – you can go now. So they headed out to Jarden with their U-Haul. They had rented a house. They thought once they had cleared something that was closer to arriving at US Border Passport and Immigration Control, than a small town in Texas, things would get better.

I means what is up with this town –  is there gold in the streets or oil beneath the town?

But things were stranger here. Oh that house you rented, it burned down. Was that Isaac’s house? We got no answer to that. But they were out the money that had deposited for the rental.

So Nora just went ahead and spent 3 Million on a home – likely six times what they planned to spend. She had the money because the MIT think tank dudes had paid her 6 times the value of her own home in Mapleton because it was the site of some departures, and they wanted to study it.

Of course Rev Matt Jamison is Nora’s brother. And he lives there with his wife Mary who is played by Janel Moloney – who once upon a time was a vibrant star in The West Wing. Here she’s a vacant person who lives and breathes but not much more than that. Wonder why she took the role.

The one normal moment in the first two epsiodes - but a nagging question remains - We know who the Garvey's are, but who are the Murphy's

The one normal moment in the first two episodes – but a nagging question remains – We know who the Garvey’s are, but who are the Murphy’s

When Kevin and family have to wait a day to take possession of the purchased house – they are put up in a tent in Matt’s yard. His own house is so small that he has no other way of putting them up.

Little by little we are discovering that the former Sheriff Kevin is going bonkers. He has visions of Patti Levin who appears at odd and unpredictable times throughout his day. He’s also taken to trying to drown out the noises and confusion going on in his head by trying to drown out those noises with amped up music that he listens to via ear-pods.

Things get so bad for him, that he tries to drown himself – at the water hole that we met last episode, and on the same night that Evie went missing. Kevin awakes the morning after still alive, with the same cinder block tied to his leg still attached. and of course he hadn’t drowned because the watering hole had mysteriously lost its water. But was it a real suicide or is the Murphy daughter Evie and her friends involved. After all they disappeared at the same place too.

Kevin’s Dad has been released from the institution. He says he’s cured and acts like he was never sick to begin with. Now he says he ‘s heading to Australia. One thing that certainly seems likely is that what ever ailed Kevin Sr must be genetic because Kevin is now himself, around the bend.

Kevin Sr is back from his lengthy rehab

Kevin Sr is back from his lengthy rehab

The guy in the tower? His tower is unaffected by the earthquakes. Why is that?

I read an interesting theory elsewhere and that was that Jarden, Texas is also known as Miracle. Maybe that is because people in Jarden can’t die.

I don’t really know. The sacrificial goat – nobody seemed to care – is that because they’ve seen this before? How was the bird in the box that was buried beneath the tree still alive?

Does any of this deathless place connect with John’s failed murder attempt?

And my final question – Jarden Texas claimed to have zero departures. Maybe all that live there are the departed?

Any of you have some theories you’d like to toss out there?

2 thoughts on “The Leftovers 2×02 – A Matter of Geography – Theories Which I Can’t Prove & Questions I Can’t Answer

  1. There’s some mythical stuff happening, I think, all symbolic names and references aside. The whole thing with Evie, for example — very witchy things afoot. The strangeness of their mother’s rituals with the run and the releasing the bird, the waking the dad who won’t get up…It’s really…creepy. And what of the ancient native woman bit with the birth/death/renewal of motherhood? There’s something mystical happening here for sure.

    • Thanks for comment and for visiting my blog.

      Yeah mystical and mythical both fit -=- but possibly, and maybe even likely – the term conspiratorial will fit too. Eventually, we shall see, won’t we?

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