Show Me a Hero: New HBO Series from David Simon – Episode 1.4

By now, after watching the first 2/3rds of HBO’s Show Me a Hero, I think I am more accustomed to the show’s beats and measures. This must be the case as in my review of the previous segment, I took pains to point out that the switches in the story flow were somewhat jarring and that’s aside from being unexpected. But if you are ready for them – then we must get to talking about things like predictability.

And speaking of predictable – the show has gone way too far in the direction.

Of course Mayor Nick Wasicsko was defeated in the election for his second term. Of course his opponent, the gas-bag otherwise known as Hank Spallone, was the new mayor elect. And to the surprise of no-one, except those who voted him in, Spallone who had campaigned on a platform/vow to fight the housing initiative all the way to the Supreme Court, would be unable to deliver.

As Nick Wasicsko had said – The Supremes had already ruled against both hearing appeals and overturning lower court decisions. But Nick’s words fell on deaf ears of an electorate that was more than willing to elect some one who said what they wanted to hear. Even if he was just mouthing empty promises and platitudes.

When Mary Dorman asked Spallone – what’s the difference between you and Wasicsko, all Spallone could do was to say, Come on… Mary…you know me…!

Back in the world of the side stories – Billie Rowan met the guy, John Santos, and partied. And got pregnant. He of course, was far from being a beacon of truth and honesty, ended up in jail on a robbery charge.

Doreen, the one with a little baby and a dead husband became a crack-head. And worse, because even when she hadn’t any money, she got the rock by going around the corner with the dealer.

The lady whose vision was failing, Norma, was finally able to get an in-house aide to come around, paid for of course by the city’s social services – but the girl was scared of the project and the scary people who lived there. She would not leave until Norma’s adult son arrived home to walk her out of the building.

Carmen Febles, the young Dominican woman who left then returned to New York, to work and earn a living, was finally able save enough money to fly her kids back to New York. Her story has success written all over it. That’s got to mean, she’ll be a part of the tragedy that has yet to happen.

When Stallone and his allies finally had no choice, the clearing the lands began including the tearing down of an old familiar school house. By coincidence, both Mary Dorman and Nick Wasicsko each visited that old school-house at the same time. Mary spotted Nick before he saw her and she drove off.

Since the housing units themselves were all pre-fabs they could easily be trucked to the sites, then crane-lifted and fitted on to the foundations. The construction head said that between bolting them on and connecting the plumbing and electrical, the units would go up in just a couple of days each.

Now all of this sounds almost too easy doesn’t it. Yes, the first couple of homes would be defaced and grafittied even before they were finished. So there’s still trouble. Spallone has failed. Just as he accused Wasicsko of failing in the previous election.You know what that means – Nick Wasicsko will run again.

After all this series is called Show Me a Hero.


One thought on “Show Me a Hero: New HBO Series from David Simon – Episode 1.4

  1. Here’s my opinion. Nothing heroic is happening in Yonkers. This is a great premise wasted by clichéd treatment of minorities and sadly predictable episodic storylines. I’m not familiar with Simon’s previous work, but this show feels like a turn around project from the 1990s. HBO is batting 0 for 2 between this DOA and the second season of True Detective. Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 12:30:54 +0000 To:

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