See You in September Alicia – The Good Wife Season Six Finale

The Good Wife closed out its sixth season last night. While poet Dylan Thomas once wrote – Do not go gentle into that good night, in this episode, this series sort of did the opposite. While not all of the story lines ended positively, or pointed toward hopefulness, most of them did leave into that good night, really what we know as a seasonal finale, which is a kind of death, yet made us feel good.

Said another way, and again quoting from Dylan Thomas, hardly any character, with only a few exceptions, left feeling that they should – Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

*****Plenty of Spoilers Ahead*****

As the seasonal finale began – Alicia was told by her husband Peter that the Illinois Democratic Committee has asked him to run for President. Basically it was a ploy to get him into position for the Vice Presidential role, but that’s not the point. Peter (with Eli in the wings) came to Alicia to ask for the consent of the family. In a sit down with Peter, Alicia and their kids, Peter described it out for the kids.

Every thing came to a head when Grace asked – Will you still have to pretend you’re married? Peter said, We are still married. Grace basically replied Yeah, right. We live in this apartment and you have your own apartment.

Alicia scuttled the whole plan by telling Peter that if he runs, they would become a media target. They [the media] would like nothing better than to take us down.

Of course there is a case involving a police ‘black site’, and we will meet yet another alumnus of The Wire – one of almost two dozen to appear on TGW. This time it is Seth Gilliam, who needs Alicia’s lawyer’s skills. But she needs Finn’s lawyer’s skills to help the client. And in the midst of all that, Alicia asks Finn to partner up with her in a new firm – just the two of them. Finn accepts.

But Finn later recants, as the idea of working together, and the inherent proximity, is too much of a ticking bomb for him. He tells her, the temptation would always be present, and he just can’t live like that. So it is adios time for Finn.

Meanwhile back at Lockhart, Agos, & Lee, there’s trouble brewing. It seems that there’s a new employee, a Simone, a paralegal. David Lee recognizes her, and expresses his concerns to Diane. Did you know that Louis Canning’s wife works here? Uh oh. Louis Canning. We can’t have her here. That’s Canning’s wife!!!

That’s Canning which starts with a C, and that rhymes with T, and that stands for trouble. So Diane has to fire Simone. Which a few days later brings a raging Louis Canning into the office. He’s nearly a fire-breathing dragon, and he does in fact threaten to burn the place down in retribution for what they did to his wife. He’s one of those who went off in a rage.

Then there’s the circumstances of Alicia’s autobiography and the ghost writer. He’s always poking around in her wake (trying to get feel for the best way into the story – he says). Alicia is talking with him and she is able to see the handwritten notes in the margins. She asks to see the manuscript and the ghost writer kind of demurs, but Alicia shuts him down. It is my story, right? Let me see it.

The handwritten notes are distinctive, and Alicia thinks she knows whose hand they’re from. She confronts him.

Eli Gold tries to wriggle away but Alicia has him. The underlying purpose of the book was not to tell Alicia’s story, or to rehabilitate her image. Rather, the purpose was to dress her up as a big time politician’s wife – to help Peter’s career rather than her own. Eli was trying to shoehorn Alicia into the homemaker/housewife model and lose the lawyer/politician image.

Alicia told him to stuff the book. And that was that.

I’ve saved the biggest dangling plot line for last. This would be the proverbial 500 pound gorilla of plot lines, or the elephant n the room kind. Yes, I am talking Kalinda Sharma. Now we’ve all known for some time that Archie Panjabi who plays Kalinda would be leaving the show at the end of this season.

We know that Kalinda had stolen a thumb drive from Dexter, and had used it to download incriminating data from Lemond’s computer, which she then handed off to Geneva Pine, the ASA. So either Lemond, or Dexter would be after her. So she simply took off for parts unknown.

From his off-screen jail cell Lemond dispatched his own Master of Threats: Actual and Veiled Division, one Charles Lester, who is played by Wallace Shawn, he doesn’t look menacing – but he manages to always get his points across.

Lester harassed Alicia, then the folks at Lockhart, Agos & Lee – but came up empty.

The aforementioned Kalinda suddenly pops into view on a bar stool next to Alicia. Time for them to make up and share a last or two goodbye drink.

Alicia manages to convey that Lester is looking for her.

Kalinda then appears in a supermarket where Lester is shopping. She confiscates his phone so he can’t record the conversation. She promises Lester that she will meet Lemond in a few days at his jail location. She then walks off into the sunset – no that’s not right –

she dons her sunglasses and walks directly toward the camera as it retreats. This is Kalinda’s final scene.

Are we there yet? At the finish?

Not quite. Charles Lester again appears at the home of Alicia. To tell her that he met Kalinda who promised to meet with Lemond, and then was a no show.

Alicia invites him into the kitchen to give him the requested bottle of water. Then she retrieves the note from Kalinda that she had stashed in a coffee can. At the stove, she sets the letter on fire.

What’s that? What are you doing? says Lester.

Alicia replies, Oh it is a note from Kalinda.

Lester: Why are you burning it?

Alicia: Because I didn’t want you to see it.

And so the curtain comes down on Season Six. On the whole it was not one of the best seasons. But the Season Finale did leave me satisfied and looking for a seventh season. CBS has not officially renewed The Good Wife yet, but I think it is a foregone conclusion. [Edit: CBS did renew the series for the 7th season. It was announced earlier today 051115]

One more thing. At the very end of the episode and the season, there’s a knock on the door of Alicia’s apartment. She opens the door, and the camera is focused on her face. She’s both shocked, stunned, and surprised. It is Louis Canning.

Looking for a partner?, he asks. Fade out, and roll credits.

For an interesting look inside the show, have a listen to an interview with Michelle and Robert King., who are The Good Wife’s show runners and creators. This interview aired on NPR’s Fresh Air radio show. Terry Gross is the host of Fresh Air, and this interview aired just a few days ago, on May 6th.

Here’s the link: