The Good Wife: Season 6 Episode 18 – Loser Edit – Recap

From NPR News in Washington, I’m Lakshmi Singh –

What a surprise to hear those words early on (at the 19:25 mark) during the most recent Sunday night broadcast of The Good Wife. Now for those of you who don’t who she is, Lakshmi Singh is the mid-day news reader on NPR. Any weekday, if I am in my car at 1:00 PM, I would hear those words above, and then, Singh would read the news for those of us listening to the radio.

It is a familiar voice; calming and reassuring – she’s hasn’t yet reached the status of a Walter Cronkite…but when I hear her voice, I know exactly what to expect – a voice I can trust, as well as enjoy.

Now I know that this has nothing really to do with The Good Wife, but as this episode, called Loser Edit aired, I quickly felt calmed and reassured that this would be both a potent and powerful episode; one that would easily surpass the most recent episodes in both quality of the script and the timeliness of the topics. Lakshmi Singh was simply the proverbial icing on the cake.

*** Serious SPOILERS ahead ***

The show itself had three topics or spheres which were expertly kept in the air in a wonderful piece of script writing/juggling. Diane Lockhart handled the legal side of the show. She had been called in by R.D. (Oliver Platt has the role of a filthy rich conservative) for a mock trial. The case was about a wedding planner who had turned away a gay couple who had requested that she plan their wedding. The wedding planner said it was against her religious beliefs to support a marriage for a gay couple.

She claimed she wasn’t barring them marrying – but she wasn’t going to handle the planning.

The legal question or dilemma was whether or not a religious accommodation or belief could or should trump laws barring discrimination.

The second issue was back on the home front. You know that Alicia had won the election for State Attorney. You will also recall that the Florrick, Agos & Lockhart computers and specifically, the emails, had been hacked. Alicia was doing an interview with Petra Moritz, a local Chicago TV talk personality.

Despite the fact that Eli Gold was in close proximity, virtually hovering over Alicia, along with Josh – in a subsidiary hover, what began as a puff piece soon changed into an attack.

Some one had sent Petra the emails between Alicia and Will Gardner. Alicia was about to be taken down before she had even warmed up the State Attorney chair. It will be up to Eli Gold to save the day. Best way to head off a bad news story is tell it yourself, before any one else can give the story life. So Eli calls in a favor from a press person and gets a TV hack, who to me was a sideways back of the hand slap aimed at Keith Olberman, the oft fired TV personality, to serve as a prop  for a Peter Florrick interview.

You’ve heard of ‘Play it forward’? This was a perfect case of spin it forward. By the time Petra sat down to have an interview with Peter Florrick, Eli had deftly taken off the wheels of Petra’s take down of the Alicia vehicle. Well played, sir.

The third part of the show has not been resolved, and likely won’t be resolved at least by the time the next episode rolls in. Remember the Gary Agos trial? Remember how Kalinda (with some help) had hacked into the police email server? She had tinkered with the meta-data of the email and Agos had walked free. And don’t forget that Diane Lockhart had used this false email as a part of her defense of Agos.

But this has not been forgotten. Seems that everyone’s least favorite and most annoying investigator has been hired by parties unknown and has been snooping around. Well Andrew Wiley is no one’s fool. He manages to ensnare Kalinda into his traps which are not really a bear trap – I mean his own children are a part of his cover. He tells Kalinda – You’re caught!

I need some legal advice. Hypothetically....if.....

I need some legal advice. Hypothetically….if…..

Also at risk, per Finn, who has been retained by Kalinda – is Diane Lockhart who unknowingly put the tainted email into evidence. Finn says ignorance is no defense. Lockhart could be facing disbarment.

Do you have a dollar? That's my retainer. Now everything you tell me is covered by attorney-client privilege. No names please.

Do you have a dollar? That’s my retainer. Now everything you tell me is covered by attorney-client privilege. No names please.

So there you have it. Constitutional freedom of religion faces off against Federal and State anti-discrimination laws. Alicia (with Eli’s help) may have dodged the bullet about to be fired by Petra Moritz, but Kalinda (and possibly Diane) could be serious casualties.

You think that would be enough?

Not quite. Showrunners and writers Robert and Michelle King, had one more card to play. And it came at the very end of the episode. You can call it Petra’s revenge if you like. Or you can simply tip your hat toward the Kings.

Per Petra – Alicia, known in some quarters as Saint Alicia, may have won the State Attorney election. But a question about the validity of the voting has just come into play. It seems that in a certain precinct – votes cast for Alicia’s opponent, Frank Prady, were counted as votes FOR Alicia.

Oh no!

And that’s the way the episode ended. I enjoyed every moment of it. From R.D. who successfully played Diane, to the stint as the mock Judge by Richard Masur. But best of all was the befuddled and astonished look on the face of Petra Moritz, played by Lily Rabe. She swallowed Eli’s line promising an exclusive with Peter Florrick like a hungry fluke in Long Island Sound or Lake Michigan. Easily, this was the best episode we’ve seen on The Good Wife in quite some time.

Until next time.


One thought on “The Good Wife: Season 6 Episode 18 – Loser Edit – Recap

  1. Great review. I too enjoyed this one. The mock trial was a reminder of The Good Wife’s knack for doing interesting things with its procedural law aspect. This was another original way to present that sort of case of the week element. I also found all the back and forth with Alicia’s storyline entertaining and the end was a real shocker. Can’t wait to see more on that this coming episode.

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