Uppsala, Sweden – 40 minutes from Stockholm

After Wednesday Night’s long and refreshing sleep – I was already to see some of Stockholm and some of Sweden. The plan called for walking about in Gamla Stan aka Stockholm’s once and forever Old Town. As the center island of the archipelago that makes up Stockholm – it was worth seeing. That is after Part One had been accomplished.

Part I of the day plan was to visit the town of Uppsala pronounced like the oo’s in hoops – ooops – Sah – Lah. Uppsala is a college town about 40 minutes north of Stockholm and is an easy ride on a commuter train. More recently, Uppsala was a location mentioned in The Millenium Trilogy.

The Apartment on Tellebruksvagen

The Apartment on Tellebruksvagen

So I left the apartment on Tellebruksvagen, made the 90 second walk to the entrance of the Midsommerkransen T-Bana Station.

The Midsommerkransen T-Bana exit on Tellebruksvagen

The Midsommerkransen T-Bana exit/entrance on Tellebruksvagen

How close was the station to the apartment house? You could see the apartment building to your right when you stepped out onto the sidewalk from the Midsommerkransesn exit.

I had a Starbucks breakfast in Stockholm Central Station. Coffee and a slice of the blueberry cake. I might just as well had a similar breakfast at the Expresso House – they looked similar.

The northbound train was sparsely populated. If you decide to make this trip on your own – buy a Second Class seat = 1) because there are no reserved seats on this train, and 2) It is only a 40 minute ride.

I just got off this train at Uppsala

I just got off this train at Uppsala

Uppsala is an old town notable for the University and for having the tallest church in the country. Having seen Cathedrals in New York, Paris, Rome, Milan, Sienna, Pisa, Venice, Lausanne, Barcelona, and Montreal – I wasn’t in all that much of a hurry to see this one. I settled for seeing it from a distance as the train approached the city of Uppsala.

Strangely enough, once I was off the train, I could no longer see the cathedral spires which were completed in the 18th century. The main part of the church dated back to 1453.

Maybe I was just facing in the wrong direction

So I was content to just do a self-guided walking tour. I say self-guided because I had no idea as to where to go, or what to see. Just go where your feet take you. I do have an unerring sense of direction.and am more than capable of retracing my steps.

That was thanks to spending more time walking than I can count as a kid. Our home faced west, and we had woods both across the street (a westerly direction) as well as behind us , an easterly direction.

There are a few things that I think are worth repeating about Uppsala. While walking, I noted that many of the streets were tree-lined. This seemed memorable despite the fact that most of the trees were unadorned by leaves, I think those trees are just counting the days until Spring arrives.

Also while walking, I heard a couple of girls standing and talking. The sounds were familiar. Are you from New York?, I asked. Yeah, 79th and Park Avenue said one. Garden City, NY said the other.

Students? I asked.


Finally when you leave the Uppsala Train Station, there’s a small plaza where I believe cars and taxis drop people off. The there’s a parking lot for taxis and buses. Across the avenue, Kungsgatan, from that place were two Chinese Restaurants on opposite corners.

the China River, at 57 Kungsgatan, had their sign asking that you come in and partake of their lunch special – entree, soup, salad, and bread plus tea or coffee at 90 Kr.

The Chinese Garden, on the opposite corner’ at 55 Kungsgatan, advertised a similar lunch package – and they shaved one Kr off the price – only 89 Kr. Competition is fierce.

Decisions, decisions….

Gamla Stan in the next post..


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