Dumb and Dumber – The Seahawks Meltdown With 26 Seconds to Play


First came a miracle catch that was awarded by the football gods to the Seahawks, giving them a shot at a game winning TD.

Then Marshawn Lynch carries to the one – there was ample time (with time outs) to try Lynch twice more. The game was at hand for the Seahawks.



But no – a half-baked Slant pass into the center of the field is attempted – you have no space to maneuver as the defense is already packed in.

You might have faked that and then lofted one into the right corner.

The smart play was Lynch twice more. But they didn’t go that way. A chance at glory just blown to smithereens.

And Dumber

But there was still a chance for a second miracle. A possible safety and then a free kick, would get the Seahawks the ball once more. Or even a possible fumbled snap and an end zone recovery. But a stupid encroachment penalty killed those possibilities as well.

Then the fracas at the end. Even if we attribute that to frustration, the game was given away by the misguided, dumb and dumber play call.


Possibly the worst call in the history of the Super Bowls. Head-scratching will continue. As will anguish.

Kudos to the Patriots for getting the job done – one way or another. Better luck next time, Pete Carroll.

2 thoughts on “Dumb and Dumber – The Seahawks Meltdown With 26 Seconds to Play

  1. Yup, awful play call to end a thrilling game. I really liked Marshawn Lynch’s reponse, though:

    From Twitter:

    Marshawn Lynch asked if he’s surprised he didn’t get the football. Says “No.” I ask him, Why not? Says, “Because football is a team sport.”

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