The Good Wife – The Debate: Easily the Worst Episode of the Season, If Not the Series

Well I’ve binge watched the entire 5 1/2 seasons of The Good Wife. You can read my impressions of Seasons 1-3 here.

Since then, I’ve learned that Will Gardner had died in Episode 5 x 15. That Diane Lockhart is now working with Alicia and Cary at the firm they founded after breaking away from Lockhart & Gardner. That Alicia is still on the books as Lemond Bishop’s attorney.

What’s more, Alicia is now hardly practicing law these days as she’s been pounding nails, like a professional carpenter, in an effort to win the State Attorney job by winning the election. Her opponent is Frank Prady who is played by David Hyde-Pierce from Frasier.

Two episodes back, Cary Argos was fighting for his freedom, his livelihood, and his career. He was facing a 15 year stint, on a drug charge. They said he was heavily involved in helping Lemond’s crew avoid the traps that law enforcement would set up to fight the war against drug. After Cary had accepted a plea bargain which would have incarcerated him for 4 years, Kalinda did what she always does, which is to find a solution.

The good old days - Part One

The good old days – Part One

Well, she did find a solution in 6 x 10, and as if by the stroke of magician’s wand – the charges against Cary were dropped. Of course we know that with some help, Kalinda and her associate hacked into a police officer’s email, then into the metadata for the email, and rewrote the data. Yes, Cary got to avoid prison, but a decent police detective was publicly made into a liar.

The fact that this ‘documentation’ was admitted into evidence was pretty sketchy in my view. Shouldn’t the ASA, Geneva Pine, have asked how Diane Lockhart got this document? After all, it was something on the CPD’s server which is not something the public has access to. But, in this case, the pointer on the spinning wheel of justice and life came to a stop.

The good old days Part 1-A

The good old days Part 1-A

At one end of the pointer was Cary Agos getting his life and his freedom back. He was able to pass Go, and get his proverbial $200 and a new and fresh start. At the other end – the pointer was aimed directly at Kalinda who has committed a major felony.

Donning my wizard’s robes, complete with a pointed hat, and a wand, I may not look like Gandalf exactly, but one wouldn’t have to be a seer, or even a faux wizard to think that if elected as State Attorney, Alicia might have to over see the trial that would sent Kalinda to prison, thereby removing her from the show.

People do have a way of either exiting the show because they want to do so, or because the King’s (Michelle and Robert) deem their stories no longer interesting or required. As an example – where is Kalinda’s husband these days?

Anyone see or heard from the character played by Taye Diggs lately?

Anyone seen or heard from the character played by Taye Diggs lately?

I guess I’m feeling a wee bit unhappy with the turns the show has taken. Characters can disappear, or die, or otherwise fade out of our thoughts and then – just when a rabbit is needed to pop out of a hat, or a genie to emerge from a bottle, – we get a reasonable alternative. Usually in the form of Louis Canning or Ms Elsbeth Tascioni.

As for a story line just melting into thin air – who can recall the incident when one of Alicia’s kids had used Alicia’s computer to look up something about condoms. Which kid was it? Soon enough we thought that was over and done with. Then weeks, or months, or even a season rolls by, and a connected story line appears. Alicia’s son Zach had gotten his girl friend Nisa pregnant. So we had our answer which was that condoms have not been a part of that chapter.

Where is Zach now – he’s graduated high school and is now studying at Georgetown. Effectively out of sight and out of mind. Of course, if Alicia wins the State Attorney race, that could mean Zach returns home. If not for the election, than at least for the Thanksgiving holiday. Nisa? I’ve no clue. Maybe she and Kalinda’s husband are neighbors.

The dashing knight and the good wife - will they or won't they. Finn Polmar is on the sidelines for the moment.

The dashing knight and the good wife – will they or won’t they. Finn Polmar is on the sidelines for the moment.

Then there’s the case of Finn Polmar. Wasn’t he supposed to be a possible suitor for the hand of Alicia, ot at least be a sex partner. He seemed perfectly positioned, and then, just when you weren’t looking another contender zooms into focus –

This season's other  playmate-in-waiting

This season’s other playmate-in-waiting

Johnny Elfman. Well I suppose what’s good for the goose, I mean Governor Peter Florrick, can also apply for the gander (Alicia Florrick). Either way, these short-term lovers give the Kings an opportunity to spin the star wheel and bring in another guest star for their usual 4 episodes arc,

Which one of these two people got the See-you-later send off

Which one of these two people got the See-you-later send off?

like they just did with Connie Nielsen. We have you gone Mike Kresteva, the nation turns its lonely eyes to you – coo-coo-a-choo.

But you know what else annoys me. So many of the characters remain exactly the same as they were when we first met them. For example, can you recall any scene with Eli Gold in which he wasn’t first clutching a phone, then screaming into it. Then whining at either Peter or Alicia while imploring them to follow his instructions. Or when Gary Cole, whose character Kurt McVeigh wasn’t channeling the Marlboro Man.

Or Elsbeth Tascioni who has been TV’s worst dressed character from beginning to the present.Or when David Lee did everything but cackle like a witch. Talk about your money obsessed people – he’s the poster boy. He’s also the poster boy for being the bad penny.

First he was a partner at Lockhart Gardner, who was behind the push to oust Diane. Who would join Alicia and Cary at their firm. Then, Diane, who still held the lease for Lockhart Gardner’s offices pushed Lee and his associates out of their office which were promptly take over by Florrick Agos. And now, Diane, who

just lost a huge case to Lee involving the Chumhum CEO Neil Gross, decides that if you can’t beat an opponent, ask them to join your firm. So now David Lee is with Florrick Argos with his ego intact, and his wallet appreciably fatter.

the good old days Part Two

the good old days Part Two

Which brings us to nearly the end of the most recent episode 6 x 11. You know how that ended, with Alicia bitching and moaning that she wasn’t consulted about Florrick Argos hiring David Lee and his Family Law practice. I’m sorry, that’s so unfair. Did Alicia ask what her firm would think of her running for State Attorney. No she didn’t. Then when Diane and Cary were trying to reach her, she was too busy conducting a kitchen debate with Frank Prady. Alicia has gone from being a good wife, to a successful lawyer, to a mean-spirited person who got caught up in her own personal achievements.

For Alicia to accuse Diane of playing the sexist card was unbelievable. Alicia has clearly lost her way. This most recent episode, was a prime example of selfishness, entitlement, and hubris.

While it was true that Kresteva made Alicia unhappy - but I think we shall much more of that for Alicia coming your way - and soon

While it was true that Kresteva made Alicia unhappy – he’s gone, but I think we shall have much more of that for Alicia coming your way – and soon

My thinking is that it is always the darkest before the storm – so let’s call the storm the upcoming Kalinda trial. But. although we can expect the sun to come up tomorrow, and Alicia to become likable once again, there’s no mistaking the fact that at the moment, she is clearly not an admirable person. Beyond that, the last episode which was called The Debate, was easily the worst episode of the season, if not the series. On this, there can be no debate.

And the next episode is when – in March. A hiatus was never so necessary as well as needed.