The Entourage Movie – Opening June 5th, 2015

Back in the day, oh about July 18, 2004, the pilot episode of Entourage aired on HBO. Having lived in New York for almost all of my adult life, I wasn’t too eager to watch a handful of neighborhood guys from Queens, head west to pursue fame, fortune, and females. I guess I said no thanks to the series because I didn’t like Turtle’s style, Drama’s ego, E’s shortness, and Vince’s good looks.

I could hear Brooklyn , Queens, and Jersey accents all day, every day at work. So after watching just the pilot, I said no thanks.

Fast forward to May of 2008. I’ve not only left Manhattan, I’ve also left Weehawken, New Jersey, where I lived and worked. Simply, I relocated to Sarasota, Fl. I guy I knew from work, softball, and fantasy baseball, had moved to Sarasota, a half a decade before I got there. I visited him, and for some reason, I asked to borrow a couple of season’s worth of Entourage DVDs.

I guess from that non-start back in 2004, the boys, and Ari, and Sloan grew on me. I consider Entourage one of my all time favorite series.

The show had gone on to become a big hit. Yeah, I was as wrong as I could be about Entourage. Anyway, I manned up, long ago, and admitted my lack of faith in Entourage back then. Well now, at the tale end of 2014, I am in possession of the complete set of Entourage on DVD. That’s right – all 8 seasons. Since the summer of 2012 when the last season hit the stores on DVD.

So when I got a look at the trailer for The Ride Ain’t Over, the upcoming and new Entourage movie, which is scheduled to open on June 5th, 2015, a wee bit more than 6 months from today, I had to share it with you.

Seems like most of the crew is back, including Perrey Reeves as Mrs. Ari, Rex Lee as Lloyd, Debbi Mazar as Shauna, Constance Zimmer as Dana Gordon. Plus Billy Bob Thornton, Mark Wahlberg as himself, and Richard Schiff (West Wing) who is directing the film also appears as himself in the film.  So I’ll make you a promise.

Watch for my review on June 5th, that is if the film gets a wide opening. If that isn’t the case, I may have to wait a bit. After all Sarasota isn’t Manhattan, or L.A.

So the boys are back. As Ari Gold once said: Let’s hug it out, bitch

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