Homeland : Wraps Its Season With a Thud


If you’ve not watched the seasonal/series finale, please consider checking out the episode before reading this post. Thanks.

Hail, hail, the gang is all here. How long will that last?.

It seems safe to say, that the situation will remain steady until about a year from now.

That is everyone’s back except Carrie’s Dad, a necessity since James Rebhorn, the actor playing Carrie’s Dad passed away.

And of course, Peter Quinn who made it all the way back, thanks to his friends at the German embassy in Islamabad, to the good old US of A where he announced that he was out of the Company to his co-workers or his C.O.

Which lasted all of a day and half, before he changed his mind and shipped out on another mission.

No doubt, he changed his mind, and decided to mount up again, was because Carrie didn’t jump out of her shoes to join Quinn in his retirement.

She couldn’t. She had a lot on her mind. So he jetted off. Not a patient fellow, is he?

But Carrie, Saul, Director Lockhart, and even Dar Adal are home. The tables have turned once again – now we have Saul (and Dar Adal) back in play. With Haqqani who signed off on a deal with Adal out of play, for the time being.

No word on Tasneen or Khan. Lockhart is out too, no doubt.

So Homeland wrapped its season tonight, and for me the choices come down to either being greatly disappointed, or profoundly disappointed.

Yeah, I understand a little decompression time was necessary, given the high-octane ratings of the previous few episodes, but this was something more like taking a double-header of quaaludes.

I honestly can’t believe that this season ended with the same resolve as if we were asked to slowly let the air out of a balloon. What’s more, we’ll all have to wait another year before strapping Homeland on again.

Carrie’s Mom? Who cares? We got her side of things, and the news that Carrie has a half-brother. I hope that’s the end of him on the show otherwise we are facing a new version of the Brody kids.

Quinn and Mathison – that blazed for all of a minute and half.

Saul and Carrie – the roller coaster folks – their relationship has more of the on and off, in and out, as well as up and down than we can handle.

Yes, for sure I was disappointed.

I’m not going to get into the geo-politics of the Saul-Adal-Haqqani troika. I’ll leave that the think tank folks. But Saul called what Adal did seditious, and now they seem to be on the same page.

A fact which shut Carrie’s mouth instantly and made her turn herself around and march not only out the door of the Adal house, but off the screen for a year.

No cliff hanger to speak of – but instead we will have to wait and see. No resolution of Pakistan other than it was cut off like a leg filled with gangrene.

Tasneen and Khan – I haven’t a clue other than Tasneen telling the USA not to let the door hit them on the way out.

No explosions, no gun fire, and fade to black. What a lackluster way to wrap a season.

While I can’t quite call this ending a sour note, it is nowhere near being called a high note.