Chicago PD – Called in Dead – Fall Finale

We’ve all heard of a Series Finale – we just had one yesterday for The Newsroom.  A series had its run and then the curtain comes down for the last time. Then there are Seasonal Finales which means see you later, as in next year.

Last Wednesday, I watched a Fall Season Finale. Now I hadn’t heard of this term before, or said differently, I hadn’t paid the strictest attention. What the Fall Season Finale means, in this case, is that we are taking a few weeks off, and don’t really want to collide with the Holiday season.

Case in point is Dick Wolf’s Chicago PD on NBC. The fall season finale aired on Wednesday, December 10th. Chicago PD will resume in January, 2015.

The episode, called Called in Dead centered around the squad taking down a vicious heroin ring. As the show aired five days ago, and is off the air for a while, I plan to discuss the cliff hangers which Wolf and co handed to us. So there will be some spoilers ahead; you’ve been warned.

We find out about the heroin as it arrives right in Lindsay’s apartment via a girl OD’ing. Nadia brought the girl to the apartment. This girl is able to tell Lindsay that she scored the H called Passion at a club. Right away we get the first mini-cliff hanger, as this club is soon robbed at gun point by a truly well-organized crew – all dressed completely in black with everything concealed – black jackets, pants, and shoes. Black balaclava masks with dark sunglasses.

Who did the robbery – why none other than Sgt. Voight and his merry band of coppers. Why? To squeeze the club manager. Who, once brought in for question on the basis of wire taps and security footage, is between a rock and hard place. Either he helps the cops by setting them up with a meet with the big boss, or they bust him for the H lab, or they’ll turn him loose, and the big boss will want answers or his 20 million worth of heroin back.

Worked like a charm – as the robbery went down we had no idea who it was. And getting the club manager to roll over was effective but not so brilliant. I mean, what choice did this guy have.

So the meet is set up and the cops take in this guy Blue, only Blue isn’t the very top – he’s just near the top. And not so easily intimidated. So the case is stalled.

With the case stalled, Olinsky heads home. He’s graduating from the garage to the main house, a sure sign that his estranged wife is ready to take him back. But he’s in for a surprise.

His wife is taped to a chair, and two goons stand over her, armed to the teeth. They tell Olinsky that either they get their drugs back or they’ll kill his wife.

So accompanied by one of the bad guys, Olinsky heads back to the office and is going to sign the drugs out of the evidence lock up.  Soon enough he comes out with a duffel bag holding the 20 K’s of H as well as a handgun inside the duffel bag.

Now I have a problem with this scene. Olinsky entered the evidence room without a gun as he had to give up his gun back at the house. So where did he get the gun?  Second: the goon should have said – open the bag with one hand and show me the dope, and keep your other hand in sight. Or he should have opened the bag himself.with one hand and his own gun trained on Olinsky.

Whatever. Soon the goon’s head explodes from the bullet Olinsky shot into him at a range of three feet.

So with one goon dead – Olinsky and Voight are able to get the drop on the second goon. And facing losing his own head – the goon gives it up.

But there’s a lot more. The two goons are the brothers out of Gary, Indiana. And they have a connection in the Chicago judicial system. They’ve been convicted on numerous occasions – and the penalty is always probation. So Voight and the team go after the Judge. Who denies everything because it wasn’t him – rather it was his court clerk, who changed the sentencing order sheet to read probation. There’s a brief chase and they get this Court Clerk who ‘fesses up to the whole matter.

Now about the cliff hangers –

She thought long and hard. Voight even asked her if she had her mind on work. She tells the squad she's opting for the DEA Task Force job.

She thought long and hard. Voight even asked her if she had her mind on work. She tells the squad she’s opting for the DEA Task Force job.

1) Lindsay (Sophia Bush) decides to take the offer made by the DEA. She will be leaving Voight’s squad.

2) Police Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) gets shot.

So as the Fall Finale concluded – Lindsay is leaving the squad and Burgess has been shot.

I don’t think either will happen. I mean with permanent consequences. Lindsay might leave but she will be back. She’s too important to the show. In my opinion, she’s the best character on the show, along with Alvin Olinsky played by Elias Koteas. I think Sophia Bush has really done a remarkable amount of quality work on the show. I think the viewers will agree that it seems that she is central and she got the most screen time this season. Now others might think that the show is centered around Jason Beghe as Hank Voight. That may have been the case in Season One, but not so much this year.

He mostly looks fierce and he’s so intense that he’s hard to like.  You can admire his toughness and his often brutal methods, but liking is another matter entirely.

Now Burgess usually gets some rotten details on assignment from Desk Sergeant Platt. But she’s endured. And she’s really quite good and could easily be promoted to the squad. But she has to survive the gun shot wounds, And that’s assuming Lindsay doesn’t return.

I think Burgess does survive, she was wearing the Kevlar vest which took most of the shotgun blast.

Which brings me to the third and unstated cliff hanger. Now Burgess was shot because she was distracted – and the distraction was the bickering between her partner Roman

and his ex Jen who was on this tour with Burgess and Roman because there had been a bomb threat, and she was handling the K-9 police aid. Roman and Jenn’s squabbling may have angered Burgess to the extent that she was distracted as well as impatient.

The cliff hanger for this is – no one likes Roman – will there be any payback for his negligence by either Ruzek or Olinsky?

I’d love to hear your theories about what to expect in January.


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