Day One aka On the Ground in San Francisco & Marin County for the Mill Valley Film Festival

Excuse the lengthy title – but I don’t have an editor breathing fire on me.

After my super long day on Wednesday which included a no-sleep Tuesday night – I wasn’t burning the candle on both ends, or living the fast life. It was just that having to wake up for a 6:00 AM flight, which meant leaving home at 4:30 AM sort of left me with a feeling of I can’t miss this flight, So no sleep.

But, I am fully rested having turned out the lights even before 9:00 PM last night.

After a coffee and blueberry muffin, I departed San Anselmo and headed to downtown SF to pick up my Press ID. So I buckled in, and got on the roller coaster also known as US Highway 101. It’s a hilly and curving road, and not having driven on this road southbound ever before, it was a bit daunting.

This is northbound - but I can't drive and take pictures at the same time so this a borrowed image

This is northbound – but I can’t drive and take pictures at the same time so this a borrowed image

Soon I had crossed the Golden Gate Bridge and I flowed straight in to Lombard Street, which if I remember correctly, it was on this road that Steve McQueen’s Mustang had snuck in behind the Dodge Charger that had been tailing him and the high-speed chase began. That was the film Bullitt.

Anway, Lombard to Van Ness, Van Ness to The Embarcadero and with a few more turns, ultimately I found the office of Larsen & Associates, a PR firm where I picked up my Press ID.


Since Ritch St is just a stone’s throw from AT&T Park, which means it is virtually right near the Bay Bridge, that’s where my GPS system sent me. Of course this meant crossing the Bay twice – once heading out of SF toward Oakland/Berkeley, then via I-580 heading west toward San Rafael. It was a better road, and if not a shorter trip, it was at least faster.

This jaunt meant I drove right past San Quentin Prison. I didn’t stop or wave, just kept going right on by.

Once back in San Anselmo, I had to go into San Rafael to pick up my tickets. Unexpectedly, the box office is NOT in the theater, but is around the corner on B Street. San Anselmo to B Street took about 8 minutes.

Got my tickets, and am ready to go.

Since I had time,  I took some photos of my rented rustic cottage. Living in Sarasota, Florida where the elevation is basically flat, not counting speed bumps, I had to get used to driving on the smaller roads in Marin County, and lots of hills and trees.

I’ll close with a pair of images – one is the small deck where I had my morning coffee, and the second is the view from the deck of the cottage. Does it remind you of some lyrics from the song, I Wish You Love:

And in July – a lemonade  – To cool you  – in some leafy glade….


I’ll have a second part of this Day One at the Mill Valley Film Festival later tonight,

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