Murder in the First: Season Finale – Blunt the Edge

So Murder in the First wrapped the cases and the season tonight. The final episode was called Blunt the Edge. I’ve got two questions – did you notice that the po-po interviewed Salter (once) and Mrs. Harbach (twice) in this episode, but they did not show us any interview with Bill Wilkerson. That’s the first question. The second question is bit easier to answer. The phone that was used to capture Blunt’s confession to Wilkerson, belonged to who?

I’ll answer that one myself – Wilkerson. But considering that we did not see Wilkerson hand the phone off to the police, it seemed a bit underhanded. Enjoyable? Of course. But still it was a bit of dramatic sleight of hand. Conceived in such a way, that we could not have seen it coming, whereas the fake bug in Wilkerson watch was easy to expect. Of course that woman standing on the steps as Blunt walked in to police HQ had the phone. If they hadn’t had made a point of showing her to us, I wouldn’t have wondered who she was. That is, until she handed the phone to Hildy Mulligan. Then again maybe it was simply a micro-recorder as there is a likelihood that the voice recording could have been overheard, captured and then downloaded to a recorder rather than a cell phone. Then again, the warrant did specify that a cell-phone would be in play.

Okay, we already knew that a) Blunt killed Strauss as he had admitted it to English and Mulligan. We also knew that English had told Blunt that he would get him for the Nyers murder. As I watched the dominoes marched in like a processional, it was clear that the script would end with Blunt in the police lockup. If any one was going to kill him it would have happened early on.

Right off the bat, the episode opened with Blunt and the lawyer Hertzberg giving Mrs. Harbach the half million. So I knew that would be one of the fatal flaws. I just didn’t expect the police to get on to that so fast. And talk about dollar wise and penny foolish. Blunt is giving Mrs. Harbach a half million – did they have to make the Harbachs pay for the medication (and the entry was dated before the Nyers murder) and well before Mrs. Harbach got the money.

Second – the business about the gun. Didn’t that seem far too easy? The gun was traced back to a detective who gave it to Salter who gave it to Blunt who gave it to Wilkerson who gave it to old man Harbach. I can hear the dominoes falling.

DA Perez wanted PROOF that could not be disputed, challenged, disallowed, or become inadmissible which would be the equivalent of going up in smoke.  They really needed a smoking gun. Instead, as we saw in this case – they got a red-hot conversation. Blunt ‘hung’ himself with his own mouth. The look on his face when he read the warrant and heard himself recorded on the phone was – and there’s no better word – priceless.

It was not unexpected that Daniels would turn down Blunt’s request that he be the defense counsel again. We knew Daniels had a deep distaste for Blunt. What was unexpected was that Blunt had failed the lie detector test way back in the early episodes, and Daniels had misled the press and the public. We viewers were misled by that too. Or maybe not. Daniels did say that the lie detector was just a part of playing the game. Which I assumed was part of utilizing the press. What was also unexpected was that Daniels said he had kept his money over the years so he wouldn’t have to take Blunt on as a client this time. Hip-hip-hooray! Wasn’t that fun for us? Daniels’ distaste of Blunt ended up being sweet for the viewers.

Blunt also foretold of his suicide – he actually said to Wilkerson that if he was facing death the way Harbach did, you know, you make a choice to go out on your own terms. Like dangling from some sheets – he did it his way. So orange is new the new black, or should we say, orange is the new shroud. By the way, there was no overturned chair in the cell. Wonder what he stood on to achieve his last act of defiance. It couldn’t have been the bed to his right, or the sink tn his left. Because the length of the sheets was even. So how did he do it? I’ve no answer for that…

About two minutes before the show ended we had a nice shot of the Golden Gate Bridge taken from the SF side looking across to Marin County. I’ll be making that same drive in 50 days as I am headed out to the Mill Valley Film Festival which begins October 2nd.

But back to the show – I’m glad that Hertzberg quit Blunt as well. Of the lawyers we saw in this series, Hertzberg may have worked for Blunt, because he believed in him, so he followed orders, but at the end of the day, he had class. Daniels had class too as well as a deep well of lawyer smarts. Which brings us to ADA Siletti who Mulligan called an asshole in Perez’s office. Siletti’s response – I’m a lawyer, I get paid to be an asshole.

Summary: I’d like to see this show return. I think Mulligan and English are attractive leads, and a new villain will have to be written. I also like the 10 episode format. Glad they stayed away from the long season format that the broadcast networks usually favor. I’ll say thanks TNT for a very good series. Yes there were some things that were wrong and silly, even stupid – but there’s no denying that this show satisfied. Boom!


3 thoughts on “Murder in the First: Season Finale – Blunt the Edge

  1. Great post! And I agree with the whole convenience of the plot… I mean, Blunt is supposed to be this mega genius, and yeah, he made Wilkerson strip, but even he should have known that it wouldn’t be that simple….

    • Thanks for the comment –

      The problem with genius is that they tend to be less aware of common sense -meaning things away from their specialties. Blunt was a genius in his field but he became a legend in his own mind. We could say he was blinded by the light of his imagined invulnerability.

      Thanks for reading.

      • Yeah, you’re right. Geniuses think that there are complex solutions to everything. So simple things and common sense are alien concepts. Once again, great post!

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