Murder in The First: Episode Eight – Win Some, Lose Some


Eight episodes of the TNT series Murder in the First have aired – just two to go. Murder in the First was expected to be a worthwhile summer series. I had high hopes for it. But since the SFPD Inspectors Mulligan and English have been pushed off stage center, the show has slid downhill. With the verdict in, I now have solid hope for the detectives to be back in play in a major way.

Now that the jury has decided to reward Mr. Blunt (Tom Felton) with freedom, despite his arrogant and defiant flare up at Siletti which was a neat bit of misdirection by the writers. The acquittal not only freed Blunt, but simultaneously added a L for Loss on Mr. Siletti’s (Currie Graham) stat sheet, it seems pretty obvious about what comes next;  and that can only be punishment Blunt may have beaten the rap, and danced victoriously in the faces of English and Mulligan while tossing double jeopardy in their faces. That can’t work out well for him.

In column A we have Inspector Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson). I don’t think she’ll be able to get that sour Blunt taste out of her mouth ever. And knowing Erich Blunt’s fondness for in your face behavior, it seems likely he will try to get a date with her. And he’ll want some sex as well. Hildy might have to fight him off. And we already know she is more than ready and able to use her weapon.

In Column B we have Bill Wilkerson (Steven Weber). He can’t have been pleased when Blunt told him that he had sent the email with the sex video to Mrs. Wilkerson. What ever happened to I’ve got your back, Bill. Blunt may regret having made the confession about the email to Wilkerson.

There’s a couple of dark horses – one that you might guess at is the slippery Ms Ivana West (Bess Rous). I mean Blunt was in the court room when West told Siletti that she wasn’t protecting Blunt. So none of us, with the exception of West, would be surprised if Blunt fires her now that he’s able to resume his duties as CEO.

The dark horse might be Captain Kono (Ian Anthony Dale). His affair/relationship with DA Perez (Nicole Ari Parker) surfaced only the one time, and now that she, being Siletti’s boss, has to take a Loss in her W/L column as well, Kono might have some payback in mind. I name him as a candidate only because he seems the least obvious.

I had some issues with the way this episode played out. Siletti did do a little better when he turned that text message from the dead girl into a phony trick utilized by Blunt. But it was too little too late. It was quite clear that the jury would agree with Warren Daniels (James Cromwell) that the state had not provided one speck of evidence to enable the jury to convict Blunt. I also would not have had Blunt seeming to look so directly at the jurors so much. And didn’t the lighting seem a bit strange throughout the trial. Like, who ever was seated in the witness-box always seemed to be lighted from in front and from below.

I thought the summations or closing statements were delivered first by the state, then by the defense, and then if the state chooses to do so, the state gets the last word as they have they burden of proof in establishing guilt.

But in the closing statements in this trial, both the state (via ADA Siletti) and the defense (Warren Daniels) each had multiple chances to speak. I wonder about that…

Following the closing arguments, we did not have Judge Greer (Jon Polito) give the jury instructions. We went straight to a commercial break and then some filler. Some of which was Inspector English and the foxy real estate lady, and there was the drinking with Wilkerson and Blunt.

While I’d like to see Hildy blow Blunt away, I think it will be Ivana West. Or it might be Inspector English who rather than killing Blunt, solves the first murder which already has a guy in prison for accepting a plea deal on that murder. But this guy has told English he didn’t do it.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go down that way, with English arresting Blunt on that murder. How about you…?


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