The Leftovers: Episode 01 x 04 – B.J. and the A.C.

Let’s put it this way – Do you really care if Laurie is able to grasp the lighter, a gift from her daughter, that she had earlier intentionally dropped into the water drainage system?

And if so why? Is it symbolic of something?

And the two big reveals – that Tom is likely the good reverend’s son, and that Christine s pregnant with Wayne’s child – gee, what a surprise. Since Tom didn’t rough up Christine, why would he bolt from the hospital? And what was the point of the shoelessness? And the targets on the foreheads? I wonder if Joseph who went around with Mary who carried the real baby Jesus was shoeless?

Then Police Chief Garvey’s brakes fail, and…?

Or the long assembly line of making those Aforda A Babies. I was kind of creeped out watching that. And then the Baby Jesus is stolen, by Police Chief Garvey’s own daughter only to be returned a few days later, which is followed by Police Chief Garvey tossing it out the window of his borrowed truck. After all, a replacement BJ had been provided by the Reverend. What does that symbolism mean?

But the worst part was watching the Guilty Remnant break into all those homes and steal the photos of The Departed. They’re saying: No pictures of family so – no family – so move on …

Now I know many of you will disagree. I’m in the process of washing my hands of this series, while you’re like’y to point out – the empty pamphlet – in other words – we, as individuals,  don’t matter. Isn’t that interesting? Don’t you want to see where that leads? Or the spilled corpses on the highway must mean something. I mean didn’t Christine reference that because the half-naked man said something about it in a dream? Frankly, I don’t want to know what those events mean.

Since I don't have to spend time with these two on a Sunday night, why would I want to?

Since I don’t have to spend time with these two on a Sunday night, why would I want to?

And we get the title – the BJ is the Baby Jesus who on this night is among the Philistines – otherwise known as some of Mapleton’s teenagers. These kids attempt to cast him on the waters, then try to accomplish the burning of the Baby Jesus. Aren’t these kids wonderful and aren’t they simply adrift in nihilism and angst. I think I’ll give them a pass next Sunday.

I did like it when Garvey said to Dumb and Dumber, Jill’s friends, who drive the blue Prius – which one of you is supposed to be the smart one?

I suppose what lies ahead is Garvey and the locker lady he found in the high school corridor. Tommy and Christine arrive in Mapleton, Jill’s bratty friend makes a pass at Garvey.

But now here’s the main thing – I really don’t want to watch Ann Dowd as the local leader of the GR any longer. She does a great job of making any good feelings you or I have vanish.

Yeah real life is way worse than The Leftovers, but I don’t have a choice about reality. Whereas I do have a choice about watching The Leftovers. C-ya.


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