Rush – New Series on the USA Network

The USA Network premiered Rush last night. In a few words Rush is about a boutique MD, a doctor to the stars or the rich and famous. With him, it is out-calls only, cash up front only, as his office seems to be a Mercedes Benz convertible. Matthew McConnaughey did a film called The Lincoln Lawyer with a similar premise – you know have briefcase, will travel..

The lead, Rush, is played by Tom Ellis,  a tall and lanky 30-something from Wales in the UK. Really. I wouldn’t have known it. The series is set in LA, at least while Rush is on the road in his car. When he’s indoors it may very well be somewhere in British Columbia, in Canada.

He’s a party guy, a drug user, and seems eminently amoral. He may be good at doctoring, but he’s almost flatlining as a human being. In the opening episode, His clientele range from drug pushers, to a professional baseball player with a penchant for beating up women, to a film mogul with a broken cock.

Think of Liev Schreiber as the LA fixer called Ray Donovan on the Showtime series of the same name, then think of George Clooney as the New York fixer Michael Clayton in the film of the same name. Those guys are up in the penthouse. Take the elevator down to a few levels below the street, and we will arrive at Rush.

He has a girl Friday called Eve, and a doctor buddy who works for real in a real hospital. From what I’ve seen, Rush has sex, takes drugs, doesn’t sleep, doesn’t shower, and changes his shirt fairly often. He lies to women and generally fits solidly into the mold of an all-around heel.

Of course he has that look, and you know the look. Think of Adrian Grenier from Entourage needing a shave. Think of House MD only this guy Rush snorts coke and smokes weed as often as possible whereas House liked as well as needed to pop pain-killers as often as possible.

I watched the opening show – and to be honest, aside from some flashy shots, and some cool editing, I wasn’t thrilled. I simply don’t see Dr. Will Rush as a guy I want to spend even one hour a week with. He’ll probably attract some viewers who believe his life style is cool – as in babes, and nose candy, and 10K, 15K, or 20K per house call.

But in reality he’s a bottom feeder. If guys didn’t beat up women, or his women didn’t overdo their coke intake, or his pusher have a buddy who took a bullet to the spleen, Rush’s business would dry up.

There’s nothing to Rush that is overwhelmingly original or new. It’s all flash and sizzle. Life in the fast lane and with plenty of consequences. Neither the writing, nor the acting jump out at you as special. And even if Rush does do something good, he’ll manage to break some laws while doing it. Want to take a walk on the wild side, that where Rush will take you. But in all honesty, this wasn’t a fun ride. As it is all downhill.

If you want to see the down side of LA’s high-life with its high rollers who have cash to squander, then take a trip with Rush. But remember with out much effort, and with only a few quick changes, RUSH can become TRASH. You’ve been alerted. Check out the trailer below:



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