The Bridge: Episode 02×02 – Ghost of a Flea

Episode Two of The Bridge, seemed to be centered on demons. Not the Halloween version of demons. Rather we are talking about inner demons in the guise of depressive and troubling thoughts exhibited by many of the key characters.

At the forefront are Sonya Cross and Marco Ruiz. Both are homicide detectives with Sonya working the El Paso area, and Marco working in Juarez. Both have suffered traumatic losses. Sonya’s sister was murdered, as was Marco’s son. Both have lingering feelings of depression which for Marco resulted in him losing his focus and surrendering himself to booze and broads as a way of forgetting.

Sonya’s issue is the that she is capable of narrowing her focus down to the point of near obsession. But back to the episode.

Episode 2, called Ghost of a Flea, hit the screen with creepy and kept going deeper and deeper down that road. As you recall, the woman I called the Forensic Accountant got ID’ed by a taxidermist or more accurately he described her as a “Churchy Lady”, which was a reference to her clothing, I think. I later found out that the character’s name is Eleanor Nacht. She’s the one played by Franka Potente.

Anyway, as the first episode concluded Eleanor was washing blood off her body and was in desperate need of some fresh clothing. A couple of kids rolled by on bikes and one agreed to help her. Bad mistake sonny.

But this Eleanor, who has become some one that Sonya is looking for, as well as Marco, and the DEA, and the Mexican Cartel boss Fausto Galvan – has also claimed that the prolific tattoos on her body are there to remind her about the demons that’s she’s dealing with.

My guess about her is that she may have lost a child, or murdered her own child, or murdered her own mother. But she clearly stated her concern about demons.

El Paso Times reporters Daniel Frye and Adriana Mendez also have personal demons. Daniel’s is what used to be called demon rum (meaning he is an alcoholic) and Adriana, who certainly seems the most grounded and sensible character in the whole show, is dealing with coming to terms with her own homosexuality. She also has a missing sister – but I believe Adriana has gotten past that fact.

Meanwhile, leaving the theories on the side, let’s head back to the cases and the happenings of the episode.

Sonya and Hank were at the scene of the electric car which went round and round. The driver had been stabbed or cut across the carotid and likely bled out in minutes. Sonya deduced by the empty hand space on the window surrounded by dried blood, that the passenger had been a woman. We also learned that the dead dog was actually a stuffed dog, and when the actual dog was up and about he was called Yankee, and was a well-loved ’employee’ of the DEA.

Marco was still wasting his life with booze and broads while brooding in Juarez. Sonya had spent some time with Jack Dobbs, the brother of the man who had killed her sister. They were intimate of course. Sonya had phoned in and taken a personal day in a part of last week’s episode.

This week, Hank would confront her about the personal day as part of a dressing down he had to give Sonya as she had NOT told him about spotting the Churchy Lady on an immigration surveillance video at the border crossing. Sonya had also sent out an APB sent out with the image of the woman. This meant that Sonya had a) kept Hank out of the loop, and b) kept the DEA out of the loop as well.

The dynamic between Hank and Sonya has always been professional but with a strong foundation of Hank serving as a father figure, or said another way, he is very protective of Sonya. Sonya is inclined to do her own thing quite often, but this is a function of her autism, and should not be considered as rebellious behavior. Rather we can call it a narrowed focus , or a single-mindedness. So yes, there are occasional bumps in the road between them.

Meanwhile, back in Juarez, Marco is still showing all the symptoms of not coming to grips with the loss of his son and wife from last year. He broods, shows antagonistic behavior, and there are some signs of paranoia as well. Well, he gets a summons that Captain Robles wants to see him.

But Robles is just the middle man. The one who really wants to see him is actually Fausto Galvan. Galvan is after Eleanor Nacht as well. And Galvan wants Marco to cross into El Paso and work with Sonya Cross, the ‘gringa cop‘ are the terms he used, to track down Eleanor.

Galvan wants Eleanor, Sonya and or Marco want to find her, as will the DEA who have established Galvan as their numero uno target for the El Paso area. Isn’t she a popular person?

So Marco and Sonya pair up as the episode closes.

On another front Daniel and Adriana are doing their thing which is to follow the money trail. They end up in a drag club and interview one of the dancers. This will lead them to another apartment where they find a body stuffed in a duffel bag. I did mention creepy, right?

This is the third body for this episode, and we are by now getting used to rotting corpses.The second body, was discovered by Sonya and Hank in a back room in the taxidermist’s cellar. This corpse turned out to be a DEA agent. Finally, Eleanor’s victim (in the electric car that went round and round) was the third. He was on the payroll of the aforementioned Senor Galvan.

There’s going to be a 4th body too, but this one won’t be discovered for a while as it will be behind the locked gate of a storage facility.

My thoughts about the episode were that there are some swirling mysteries for us to figure out. That finally, after one full episode and 7/8 of this one – Marco and Sonya are working together. We still have to anticipate the return of Charlotte Millwright played by Annabeth Gish, and Steven Linder played by Thomas M. Wright neither has been seen so far this season,

but they are in the credits – so I expect they will turn up. And since we know each of them is capable of extreme violence – this is something to indeed anticipate.

Eleanor has at least one more victim to dispatch next week as she is meticulous about NOT leaving behind anyone who might be able to finger her later. The taxidermist being the exception so far. And the bank manager and his assistant. But those people were also involved in criminal activities – money laundering for one, and an attempt at preserving a human corpse.

The show seems dark and brooding which is normal for The Bridge, but with occasional forays into even darker periods. Aside from Marco beating up one of the policemen in Juarez, most of the violence that we have run across, we arrive at – is after the fact. Eleanor did knife the boy at the storage place – but in the case, we can say that while she did kill the kid – it was hardly a violent act; at least as compared to other TV fare.

I really believe that two episodes into the second season, the show is beginning to accelerate, and that’s a good thing.



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