The Bridge: Season Two Episode One – Yankee

Yes, Sonya – it is weird. I have to admit that you having sex with the brother of the man who killed your sister is a tad off the radar. For most folks. She asked, so I answered. The guys she was with didn’t answer her directly, but obviously he went for it, following Sonya’s lead.

Are you like me wondering about the Season Two premier of The Bridge called Yankee. For the record, Sonya Cross is back and not much has changed with her. She still trots around in her sisters’ leather jacket. However I did notice the image of the horse on the back of the jacket and I had not noticed that last year. Sonya also needs a man every so often. Marco is now free of Alma, so maybe something will happen between them.

This image above is how we first saw Sonya in this episode. She’s floating face down in a pool. Not dead, of course, just floating.

Marco is still in the dumps. His son was killed at the end of Season One, his wife Alma left him, divorced him, and will not let Marco be around for the birth of his child. Marco seems more under the thumb of his boss, Capitan Robles. At least outwardly. Marco has to show the new Chihuahua State Prosecutor the police files and this guy says he’ll have to have some questions answered. Marco say he’ll have to check with Capitan Robles.

Prosecutor: Do you always tell the Capitan everything.
Marco: No, I only tell him the stuff I think he should know.

Daniel is recovering from his alcoholism but only to a degree. He defies his AA sponsor and tells the guy he’s on a system – two bottles of beer a day. Other wise he’s the same dude. As is his partner at the newspaper, Adriana Mendez. Adriana is still the smarter of the two of them, and she still prefers women to men. She’s also come to terms with her sister’s disappearance from last year. And she is the one who received the clue about the Quintana’s – although we don’t know who they are just yet.

Hank Wade isn’t seen at the police station but he has been letting the young woman Eva stay at his place. That is until some one from the Chihuahua police shows up in the middle of the night at Hanks, and Eva recognized him. So she will have to be moved to Bob’s place. Bob seemingly is a man of some sort of spiritual cloth, or so he says, and he runs a home for wayward girls – a place out in the middle of nowhere, what one might call the sticks, where she likely will be safe from the cartel people who are likely looking for her – that is unless Hank’s phone had been tapped or his home under surveillance.

And this week, there was no sign of the Steve Linder character or the Charlotte Millwright character. Like last year, Lyle Lovett had a cameo role. In fact he opened the show by arriving at a new home in a brand new residential development. He entered a house and immediately found himself standing in a pool of blood.

Three or four people had been massacred. We don’t know who they are but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they are the Quintanas. That was the first mystery of the night.

The next mystery was Franka Potente (from the Bourne films) who crosses from Juarez into the USA. She interviews some bank manager who it looks like bungled a money transfer. My guess is that she works for the cartel as a kind of forensic accountant. The numbers are bad – $60 million wasn’t transferred, and was found in the home of a house that Marco and other Chihuahua Police SWAT team members raided. So the cartel is out the money. Some one will have to pay for that.

On that raid, one of Marco’s own men pulled a gun on him. Who was it or why – we don’t know. We can guess – but there’s no clear-cut reason staring us in the face – other than Marco led the raid. Marco said the raid didn’t turn up anything, but Capitan Robles, had a mountain of cash recovered in the raid at the office, and said Marco didn’t look hard enough. In the image above, that’s Marco in his swat gear.

The next mystery is that Franka was very careful about her border crossing. In fact she bawled out her assistant for not standing in another line. She said – We have a system. The assistant was the muscle who did the wet work when required. He cut off the bank manger’s assistant’s ear after the young man spilled some tea. I have no idea other than the fact that the bank manager had to be sufficiently scared.

Another mystery was that a FBI guy and a DEA guy interviewed the new Mexican President about the procedures about the drug investigations and so forth. They said we’ve got $10 million invested in this. The Mexican President basically said in reply – we’ve got our own investigation going as well. Don’t call us – we’ll call you. As in hasta la vista.

Okay – one more? The car that Franka and her assistant were driving would later show up slowing driving in circles. The assistant had been shot dead, his brains blown out, and there was a dead dog in the car too. As for Franka, it is revealed that she is nearby rinsing off a lot of blood off her body. And she has more tattoos on her body than one might have expected for an accountant. A Yakuza warrior certainly – but not her.

Okay, much of the show was intentionally opaque in the sense that we weren’t given any answers for the lot of questions that came up. Which is good, because you don’t get bogged down with exposition. On the other hand, it all seemed quite murky and scattered as in unrelated. Which won’t be the case down the road. Like last year, when the series opened with the body cut in two on the bridge, this show opened in a similarly gruesome fashion.

The Season Two premier ran for 75 minutes but unfortunately, the FX channel has to sell off commercial spots, so we had five 4 minute breaks, which means we only had 55 minutes of actual programming.

I’ll be here for the next episode so until that time, have a good evening.

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