Murder In The First – Episode Four – ‘Burning Woman’

After three excellent episodes, Murder In The First took a backwards step in Episode Four called Burning Woman. As the episode began the Department of Corrections officers ordered Erich Blunt to saddle up. ‘Show time’ is how they phrased it. We know it as The Arraignment.

Eric was decked out in the latest monochromatic prisoner garb which was doubled stitched, collarless, and button less. In short, in Blunt’s current surroundings, Orange is the New Armani.

Apparently ADA Siletti and Blunt’s hired gun, Warren Daniels, have a history of some sort. Daniels asked for reasonable bail, and the judge set it at $1 million. A tidy sum indeed, except for the fact that Blunt is a billionaire.

Siletti then dropped his bombshell – that this was a double homicide. Without blinking the judge raised the bail to $10 million.

Meanwhile the show cross-cut between two hearings. The first being Hildy’s sit down with IA about the shooting. The second being D-Hop and his mother, who have changed their story, and are now suing the city and the SFPD for a huge sum of money.

Yes Hildy smart mouthed off to the IA when they asked about the knife; even her union rep was shocked by this:

I.A. Officer: You saw the deceased with a knife? What kind of knife?
Hildy Mulligan: Well it wasn’t a butter knife, if that’s what you’re asking.

From there, that hearing proceeded as expected. The hearing with D-Hop was so frustrating because, everyone in the room knew they were lying, including their own shyster lawyer.

But the police kept working the Blunt case. They set up a drug buy and bust op with a dealer they knew who had done business with Blunt before, thinking Blunt would show up. But instead it was Peter Onorati as Jimmy Salter who now works as a private investigator for Blunt. According to Salter, a blind man could have seen the poorly planned bust – too many cops in sight, the press, even the tactical truck was in sight – he laughed in Detective English’s face. The one plus for this scene was that the camera and shooting took place on the overlook just above the Golden Gate Bridge at the tip of the Marin County headland.

From there the show slid straight downhill. Blunt of course, violated his bail by leaving the city and the state to fly off to Burning Man – a Woodstock like festival of sex, drugs, and rock and roll held annually in the Nevada desert. Naturally he was not only sighted and found in the crowd of 70,000+ by the one man who Blunt wouldn’t want to meet anywhere, the techno-geek who created the algorithms that made Blunt a billionaire. Of course the guy was able to surreptitiously photograph Blunt at Burning Man. Which was a not-so nimble excuse for the camera to shoot the many attendees of Burning Man in all their freaky finery. Or said another way – it was a few minutes of dialogue free shooting, a lazy trick by the writers.

Which led to another card, the bail violation, played with a wink at Warren Daniels by Siletti, and bingo, Blunt’s bail was revoked and he was immediately remanded back to his cell where he could lay on his cot with his head next to the toilet. Hey, they wrote it, I’m only repeating it.

Blunt’s attorney Daniels was so pissed about this as well as the news of the BJ DNA being Blunt’s as well, that he said he was resigning from the case. Of course, even though he walked away in a huff, we all know that huffs are usually so very lightweight that we know the resignation won’t stick.

On other fronts, Hildy and English had their first kiss., and English paid no heed to Captain Kono’s instructions that he absolutely go nowhere near D-Hop.

While this episode wasn’t horrible, it was poorly planned, and way, way too obvious. They tossed in events that we knew for certain would be ‘solved’ before the episode was over. So even though they called this Episode Burning Woman, the flames went out early for me.


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