Murder in the First – Episodes 2 & 3

TNT Drama – Boom

Do you think that’s catchy? When Ari Gold used that term (Boom!) on Entourage a few years back, I liked it. Now, not so much. But it’s only the network tag, and has nothing to do with TNT’s new series named Murder In The First. *** Recaps with some spoilers ahead ***. If you read further, it will because you’ve seen all three episodes.

As you may recall from my first post about this show – two seemingly unrelated murders took place in San Francisco. SFPD Homicide Detectives Hildy Mulligan (Kathleen Robertson) and Terry English (Taye Diggs) caught the case. Before long the common denominator was revealed. It turned out to be Erich Blunt, a Silicon Valley wunderkind worth billions.

The vics were an older man found killed in the Tenderloin district, and a beautiful stewardess. The older man was – surprise, surprise – the biological father of Mr. Blunt. The cabin attendant worked on Blunt’s private jet, and on the day she was killed, Blunt had fired her for spilling a drink on him.

We later found out the death of the blonde stewardess was actually a double homicide as she was two months pregnant.

In Last week’s Episode Two, called The City of Sisterly Love, a few things happened. One – Detective Mulligan was able to get DNA samples from three different men without them being aware of it. The first was the suspect in the murder of the older man. The second was the pilot of the Blunt jet, and the third man was Blunt himself.

Mulligan kind of flirted with Blunt in the police interview room, and like darkness eventually follows the setting of the sun, he was turned on and asked for a dinner date. She went along, and ratcheted up the teasing. So much so, that she and Blunt began some PDA (Public Display of Affection) on the water front esplanade. When Blunt asked her if she was wearing a wire, Mulligan placed his hands on her breasts – you don’t see that with an SFPD detective very often. Finally, Mulligan and Blunt kissed, with Mulligan surreptitiously spitting the kiss saliva into a sample jar as she walked off. That was quite a surprise, and I’ve never seen that kind of a goodnight kiss before. And it ended the episode.  Great stuff – but was it legal? We’ll see.

In an unlikely happenstance, the blonde victim was found to have semen in her mouth, and in the police corridors the case became known as The Blow Job Murder – again a first.

Finally, out of nowhere, the suspect in the old man murder case suddenly, after profusely denying he had any role in that killing, decided to sign a confession and accept a plea bargain.

Which brings us to Episode Three called Who’s Your Daddy? which aired last night. The biggest news came after the earlier third of the show, which began with Blunt having a sex and drug session with a woman in his apartment, which was followed by another police interview with a woman who told them that Blunt had raped her some years back. She had brought charges but couldn’t go through with it, and settled out of court. She also had signed a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), which apparently she had just violated by telling the cop her story. The police are going to try to use this – but I think she is a plant. Like the situation in Witness for the Prosecution, the Billy Wilder/Agatha Christie film from 1957 where damaging evidence against the defendant was intentionally introduced, was false, and had no other purpose but to get the defendant acquitted.

Blunt now changed his mind and decided to hire the expensive lawyer Warren Daniels (James Cromwell has the part) who immediately laid it out for Blunt.

Daniels said:

I’m not cheap, I require a $1 million dollar retainer, and a $2 Million dollar advance if the case goes to trial. I don’t bill by the hour. And I have three iron clad rules

1) Do not tell me if you did or didn’t kill this woman – Blunt immediately broke that rule by saying he didn’t.
2) Speak to no one about this case except me, and no one else may speak for you except me.
3) Do not under any circumstance lie to me. If you do, I’ll immediately drop you as a client.

I like Cromwell as the expensive mouthpiece and defense attorney. He looks like money, and he knows his business, and it’s fun watching him ‘play’ his own client.

In other events – the SFPD DNA lab confirmed that Blunt is both the father of the deceased woman’s fetus, as well as the recipient of the bj. The lab is 99.7 percent sure based on the DNA.

The pilot of the plane admitted to having an affair with the now dead stewardess, and while I believe him, I think he’s just a red herring tossed into to complicate things.

In another matter we find out that the sexy DA named Jacqueline Perez (Nicole Ari Parker has the role)  has a thing going with Mulligan and English’s boss – Captain Kono played by Ian Anthony Dale.

Finally, the kid who placed the street thug at the scene of the old man’s murder gets in touch with Detective Mulligan. Its seems he and his mother are in a domestic violence situation. The kid was frightened for his Mom, who works nearby, and for himself. Mulligan gives the kid her card and asks that he call her if something come up.

Which he does, asking Mulligan for her immediate assistance. Mulligan arrives at the apartment and the woman is being beaten up. Mulligan goes in and the guy pulls a knife and advances. Mulligan warns him, and when he continues to advance

– she squeezes off four rounds – dead center chest. So she’s placed on administrative leave for 10 days while the police decide if the shooting was justified.

And there you have it.

The show has plenty going for it. Meaning you should expect the unexpected. I’m not sure I am enjoying Tom Felton (who plays Erich Blunt) as the possible killer. He’s too small and still has a bit of the Draco Malfoy from the Harry Potter films to him. And he’s far too easy to hate on sight. But he is being set up by the writer to appear guilty. He probably is – but proving it won’t be easy.

Robertson is damned good as Detective Mulligan. Her face is a mask, and you can’t really get a handle on her. She’s a single mom, and on great terms with her daughter, and not so great terms with her ex-husband. She’s likely doing internet dating as we’ve seen her with guys in dating situations in at least two of the first three shows. And my, my isn’t she clever and fun to watch.

When the DA is playing footsie with the detective’s boss that can’t be good.

Detective English, now well past (two weeks) the death of his wife, but not completely past it, has decided to move to new digs (no pun intended) – which turns out to be a floating home (at the marina). Most of us used to call this a house boat. And the real estate lady is quite foxy. I’m guessing this will go some place too.

I’m excited about seeing what comes next. Stay with me weekly for my write ups on the show.


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