Chicago P.D. – Episode Six: Conventions – Recap/Review

Did you catch Chicago PD on Wednesday. It was nice to have the show back on the air replacing that mini-series from Sochi, Russia. Officially, this C.P.D. was Episode Six entitled Conventions. It was about a series of rape/murders that began in New York on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and now apparently had resurfaced in Chicago. Hence the crossover episode to Chicago PD. As you know, both shows are Dick Wolf productions.

On ‘the advice of his Commander’, Voight brought in a couple of detectives from the New York Special Victims Unit. Basically, Fin who is played by Ice-T and Rollins who is played by Kelli Giddish, made the crossover appearance. Their stay would be open-ended at least until the perp was caught.

That’s your set up.

What impressed me most about the episode wasn’t the stellar police work. It wasn’t the crossover aspect either. Nor was it the great performances by the series regulars. Instead of those, I was most impressed by the fact that the writers sat down and did make some changes to the story lines on Chicago PD that were getting stale.

Sgt. Platt and Officer Burgess

Sgt. Platt and Officer Burgess

1) Officer Burgess and Desk Sgt. Platt – I’ve watched week after week as Platt threw her rank , experience, and age around and did her best to make Burgess and her fellow officer Atwater feel miserable. Yes, they made mistakes, but Platt overstepped more than a few times. Atwater did not appear in this episode.

This week, Burgess (played wonderfully by Marina Squerciati) took some time off from her patrol after telling the dour Platt (played by Amy Morton) that she would be out for a while on official business. She then came back with the information (actually a photo) that led to the case getting solved. After which, she got a compliment from Voight, and then when Platt made another snide remark, Burgess let it sail by, and wished the Sgt. a pleasant evening as she left.

2) Ruzek and Olinsky. For almost every one of the first five chapters, Ruzek (played by Patrick John Flueger) would make a mistake because he was impulsive, because he didn’t think things through, and because he didn’t play the situations according to the book. The consequences were that Olinsky, the veteran undercover played by Elias Koteas, was always pissed at him.

Okay, we can understand that. This week, Ruzek was able to spot the perp in a crowded tourist spot – the Navy Pier. He gave pursuit which led to a short hostage situation.

Lindsay: I'll call SWAT Voight: No time for that. Halstead and Olinsky take position

Lindsay: Call SWAT in?
Voight: There’s no time for that. Halstead and Olinsky take position

Ruzek played it exactly right, until Olinsky got the perp in the cross hairs, and upon Voight’s command to take the shot, or as they said it – light him up. And that was that. It was nice to see Ruzek get it right.

Voight: Got the shot? Olinsky: Affirmative Voight: Light him up

Voight: Got the shot?
Olinsky: Affirmative
Voight: Light him up

3) About Sgt. Voight – no sign of the troublesome Internal Affairs lady this week. But once more Voight got the info he needed by resorting to ‘tactics’ in order to get a perp to give up his associate. While Voight did break the law – no one was shedding a tear for the perp.

4) Halstead and Lindsay finally went out. It wasn’t supposed to be a real date. It was Lindsay’s High School Reunion. She wanted Halstead to pose as something he wasn’t. But last minute, Lindsay said to hell with those bitches, and she and Halstead went for a drink instead. Nothing serious happened, that is if you ignore the stars in Halstead’s eyes, but at least the ice was broken, there was a very strong hint that what didn’t happen this week, wasn’t far off, and Lindsay finally gave us more of her background which she had kept vaulted for so long.

5) Detective Sheldon Jin – though still doing case research, or desk work rather than working in the field had at least two scenes and more than a few lines this week.

and last 6) – Voight’s son, Justin Voight played by Josh Segarra, had the look and feel of a dirt-bag since we first saw him in Episode 3, when he was released from prison. Detective Erin Lindsay knew him before and sort of watched over him. But he was resentful to his father, and didn’t much like the job that Voight had lined up for him with the CTA. So for the next three episodes, we waited for him to do something wrong. It seemed likely that he would.

It finally came at the end of this episode. He arrived at Lindsay’s apartment after her night out with Halstead. Justin had blood on his hands and clothes. From what he said, we are led to believe that he has killed somebody. Or said another way, the penny has finally dropped.

Good job writers.


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