Chicago PD – 1 x 04 – Now is Always Temporary


A bit of a review, a recap, and some thoughts about the latest episode. I’m announcing a Spoiler Warning for those of you who haven’t watched the episode yet.

Chicago PD‘s 4th Episode called Now Is Always Temporary had a little bit of everything. But mostly it was about families. Having said that, the opening scene is a dinner with Hank Voight, Erin, and Hank’s son Jay who has been recently released from prison. The phone interrupts and Hank and Erin head out on a hostage situation.

Chicago P.D.

A desperate man is holding a woman as hostage. Erin and Hank try to get him to hand off the woman and work things out. Eventually the nut job agrees. But before he surrenders, he says, I’m a dead man anyway – then he blows his own brains out. We don’t see the brains but we do see the interesting upward blood spatter, a natural occurrence when a gun barrel is placed beneath the chin pointing up before squeezing the trigger.


Did I say this was a family episode? Well actually it really is. The above scene preceded the opening credits. In short this episode opened strongly before we moved on to Olinsky and his daughter, more of Voight and his son, and the problems Detective Halstead was having because of and with the Rodiger family.

And all of that was wrapped around the case of the week which would go on to be about a counterfeit ring, an underage hooker with a heroin problem, a church support group that fronted for a crew of guns for hire with a money laundering operation, and more.

Erin worked with the 17-year-old hooker named Nadia who provided some intel because Erin promised to fix her up with some drugs after they worked through the case.

Olinsky’s daughter was suspended from school because a few joints were found in her locker. She claimed they weren’t hers.

The Rodiger son was a suspect in the killing of a small child years back, and Halstead has never forgiven the son and the father; likely because they got off.

And as expected Ruzak made another serious mistake when he let down his guard.

Detective Jin gets some face time

Detective Jin gets some face time

Voight’s son didn’t want to take the job his Dad had arranged for him with the CTA (Chicago Transit Authority). Instead he pressured his Dad to give him some cash (25K) so he could help get a shaky business up and running.

And for the first time in a few weeks – we didn’t see the woman threatening to have Voight tossed back into a jail cell if he didn’t keep his end of the bargain. That had closed the two previous episodes. This time – that scene immediately followed in the trailer for next week.

I’m still liking the show. Ruzak is still screwing up. He’s got moxie, but at times he leaps before he looks. No sign of his girl friend this week. Burgess and Atwater are still dancing to the tune of the desk sergeant’s music. Shouldn’t this sergeant have some interaction with some of the other cops working for Voight?

The plot line that is developing with Voight and his son was designed for them to have friction and lots of it. I don’t see this as working at well for the son.

The fact that Erin shed a few tears after she let Nadia out on her own with a choice – buy drugs or seek help seemed a good signal that Nadia might turn up dead in a coming episode.

I loved Olinsky’s line that he moved out of the house to get away from the wife, but he moved only as far as the garage so he could still be near his daughter.

Hope you folks will offer some thoughts on whether you’re liking this show. Why? Or why not? What would you like to see? What do you think the show needs to do to improve?

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