Chicago PD: Episode 1 x 03 – Chin Check

Chicago PD Episode 1 x 03 aired last night. They called it Chin Check. My initial reaction to the series based upon the first two episodes was very positive. I still like the action and the performers but I believe that the writers have put too much on our plates.

By that I mean that there’s a helluva lot of characters to keep track of besides the specific major case of the week. Do the math – There are 10 cops including the desk sergeant who goes back and forth between giving Burgess and Atwater tough love and jerking them around. The only Detective who hasn’t made an impact yet is Detective Sheldon Jin.

Then there’s Justin who is Voight’s son. He’s just been released from prison and Erin is there to meet him, Dawson’s wife Laura, Ruzak’s girl friend Wendy and his departmental shrink. There’s the kid D-Anthony who Voight helped. Voight’s C.I. Maurice, Dawson’s C.I. Jasmine, which adds up to six more. So that brings us to 16 characters

If we take out D’Anthony because Voight parked him with his Aunt who has an out-of-town address), we must add in the daughter of Olinsky who will appear in the next episode.

And I haven’t even mentioned the so far unnamed I.A. woman officer who Voight must answer to. The good about that is that so far, Voight has held his ground, and delayed giving this mystery woman what she’s asked for. The bad? She has appeared at the end of two straight shows. Hey writers – can you mix that up a bit?

Halstead on a stakeout

Halstead on a stakeout

Okay moving on – there’s not enough lighter moments. Aside from Atwater and Burgess dueling with Desk Sergeant three weeks running, we have to look hard to find anything funny.

Yes, Olinsky had to buy a power saw to get the pawn shop guy to give him an in with the arms guys who were selling the long hardware and the cop-killer bullets. Not exactly laugh out loud material, but I do understand that bit of subtle humor. But a stinky squad car, from an earlier episode, wasn’t so funny. In fact it was weak.

I liked the way that Mrs. Dawson and Detective Dawson both danced around the truth when it came to Dawson’s Confidential Informant Jasmine. Again, while this wasn’t funny per se, because it wasn’t meant to be, it did work out in the end, and was satisfying.

I think Ruzak is heading for more issues. First he screwed up in the second episode with the collar, then he lied to his girl friend about his job, he had words with Halstead who used the old stand by response – What do you know? You’ve been on the job for what? Fifteen minutes? Then, not only was he was indifferent to the fact that he shot and killed someone in the line of duty, but he ignored the shrink’s advice to take a couple of weeks off.

According to what we’ve heard, from the other characters, and the girl friend, he should be experiencing some after-effects after taking a life. Even the Chicago PD had mandatory counseling as a requirement for any cop who killed. Ruzak gave the counselor nothing, and wanted out asap. After telling Wendy the facts, he was ready to waltz back into a party as if nothing had happened. Wendy is left with some serious doubts about Ruzak.

Voight asked Olinsky to help him with an off-the-books matter. This matter resulted in a savage beating. Are we to feel so for the beaten guy – not at all – but it does show that Voight is indeed a force to reckoned with. However that doesn’t lessen the savagery of the beat down.

Erin Lindsay and her detective partner Halstead both have some back stories that we will need to be filled on. This week, Halstead went to visit the parent of a young girl who was killed 7 years – but he can’t reach them as they’re still in an unofficial kind of mourning. So he parks outside of the home of the killer’s family just to demoralize them. So we still need to know more about Erin Lindsay. Especially about the guy from Chicago Fire who made a cross-over appearance this week.

By the way, I like the way actress Sophia Bush is playing Erin.

When is Jin going to see some action? Probably not until the writers device some Asian criminals.

Best line of the week: Voight tells Erin: It is much harder when you get of jail then it was to get in.

Those are my thoughts about Dick Wolf’s NBC Series Chicago PD at the moment. What do you think? Is the show a winner, or not? What have you liked best, and what don’t you care for?

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