Killer Women – A New ABC-TV Series

Alert: there are some spoilers ahead. Molly Parker is a member of law enforcement’s most elite – the Texas Rangers. That’s what we hear on the trailer after one of those ‘killer women’ is seen entering a church,

then walking down the aisle. Only she’s not the bride.


Just after the minister announces: By the authority vested in me, by the great state of Texas, it is my pleasure to proclaim Jason and Heather – husband and wife… then this woman in red, with no regard that there are a hundred or so eye witnesses, pumps a few rounds into the bride from a distance of six feet.

So opens Killer Women, a new tv series on ABC. Created by Hannah Shakespeare, under the aegis of Executive Producer Sofia Vergara, the show proudly states 8 weeks, 8 killers. Yep, it’s a police procedural with Molly Parker, played by Tricia Helfer (above) as the lead. And yes, there’s a Mexican drug cartel involved this week. And yes, the series is often set  near a section of the Texas/Mexico border.

Sound familiar? Well if you saw the FX series, The Bridge, which ran last summer, then you’ll know the reference. But in all honesty, I saw every episode of The Bridge. And this one is not even in the same county as The Bridge.

When you use a taglines like Kicking Ass Never Looked So Good you are sort of making a statement. I guess ABC couldn’t say no when Vergara made a strong statement about wanting in on this show. She decided to increase her wealth by agreeing to be an Exec Producer of the show. This tagline, and others, are clear indicators that despite the cowboy flavors, and stylings, the show will feature more T & A and hookups rather than roundups of either cattle or suspects.

Trite, clichéd, forgettable dialogue like ‘there’s a good chance we are going to die in Mexico tonight‘ – that fine for perps to think that way, not so fine for law-enforcement officers. Been there, done that – all clearly apply. Sexist? Racist? Maybe to a degree on both of those scores, but a better answer may be we’ll see. In Texas, where there’s not all that many lady Texas Rangers on the Amarillo, Abilene, Austin, and San Antonio axis, (there’s just two actually), so Molly is going to face some hate from some of the Rangers, some resentment and distrust by others, and some non-cooperation from others. So her game better be good.

Then there’s the usual impediments to solving the case. Helfer has her doubts, but the San Antonio police dude thinks he’s got a slam dunk. He’s calling it a passion killing i.e. murder stemming from jealousy. Our Lady Ranger thinks it is something else. Involving the cartel. No kidding. She promises to get the proof. Once the killer, Martina Alvarez, is shanked in the prison shower – guess what – Helfer was right. Gee, what a surprise.

Then there’s the obvious symbolism – when Helfer hooks up with the DEA guy Dan Winston played by Marc Blucas, what do you think happens to their  guns. Right, one hand gun on top of the other on the bedside table. Surely they can do better than that.

Of course no cop show can air without the lead having a tough boss. When Molly and the DEA get what they wanted in Mexico, the result is a reduced sentence for Alvarez. But Molly’s Rangers boss, Lt. Zea, played by Alex Fernandez, makes it clear: Molly, we are on a need to know basis. But if I ever find out you crossed the border into Mexico… I’ll fire you. Deceiving the boss to solve a case – what an original concept. As I said, been there, done that.

Check out the posters.

Did Motive Jealousy get your attention? Here’s another: Everything’s Hotter in Texas.

How about: Giving Women’s Intuition a New Meaning.

One more? Tricia Helfer As A Bad Ass Ranger.

This show is what you call a mid-season replacement. Down the road, it may need a replacement itself. Then again, this is only Week One. We can say that so far the marketing is fine. Not so much for the content. Check out the trailer:

So I wish Tricia Helfer, Hannah Shakespeare, Sofia Vergara well. Improvement is necessary. Even mandatory. Otherwise this show will be bridge jumping rather than getting renewed.


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