House of Cards: Season Two

There is but one rule: hunt or be hunted.

That’s a phrase from House of Cards: Season 2 which will be released in its entirety on Netflix on February 14, 2014. I am pretty sure that House of Cards does not fall uder the Category Heading of Valentine’s Day fare. If you feel that way you can start the series the next day.

In the just released trailer, we watch as Francis “Frank” J. Underwood is being sworn in as Vice President of the United States.

Underwood: …and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter.

Supreme Court Chief Justice: So help me God.

Underwood: So help me God

Then Underwood breaks the 4th wall, as he often does, and speaks a few words directly to us –

One heartbeat away from the Presidency, and not a single vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated.

That’s Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood, otherwise known as The Prince of Darkness by me, Mr. Vice President by some, and as Frank by his wife, close associates, and his trusted allies.  Yes, Frank is back. I can’t wait. Have a look at the trailer in its entirety:

Robin Wright returns as Frank’s wife Claire, Kate Mara returns as Zoe Barnes, the intrepid reporter, and Gerald McRaney is back as the President’s advisor and Frank’s nemesis, Raymond Tusk.

Remember near the end of Clear and Present Danger (1994), when Harrison Ford as Jack Ryan is alone with the President. Ryan has just told the President off about Operation Reciprocity. After which we get this exchange:

The President: How dare you come in here and lecture me!
Jack Ryan: How dare *you*, sir!
The President: How dare you come into this office and bark at me like some little junkyard dog? I am the President of the United States!

Then there’s a discussion about what will happen in the aftermath of that black op. Who gets punished and how. How things really work in Washington and the corridors of power. The President calls it …the old Potomac two-step.

Well Francis Underwood is a master of domestic black ops. He needs no coaching about the Potomac Two Step. So much so, rather than calling his machinations (finger-pointing, back-stabbing and even murder) the old Potomac two-step – they should be called  The Dance Macabre.

Yes, Francis Underwood is a dark and potent character. I’m calling him one of the most attractive, and alluring villains ever. And I don’t mean his looks. Thirteen fresh episodes arrive in little more than a month. See you soon Frank.

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