A Day of Sailing Around Hong Kong Island & Dinner at The Nepal Restaurant

The sailing event was called the Tommy Bahama Around the Island Race. It took place on Sunday, the 10th of November, and has been held for more than 100 years. It is a 26 nautical mile race around Hong Kong Island. Beginning at Causeway Bay – more than 200 boats, of various sizes and classes competed.

Held under the auspices of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club (RHKYC), the race has two start lines and the competitors will range from one person dinghies to 50 foot ocean cruising yachts. Given the disparities of sizes – the over all winner will be the boat with the fastest time around – once the ATI Handicaps have been applied.

Said handicaps are a way of making the ‘playing field’ even considering the size of the boats, sails, and shape of the boats – be they multi-hulls like catamarans and trimarans as well as monohulls.

I did not attend or sail, but one of our dinner companions that night did take part. Jeannette claimed that this was the first time they had even completed the race.

Any way back to the dinner. The three of us, the non-sailing contingent, met at The Nepal Restaurant, located at 14 Staunton Street just a few steps off the Central Mid Level Escalator in Hong Kong’s Soho area.

The reservation was for 6:00 PM. Jeannette, (our 4th and the sole sailor in the bunch) said she would show, it was just that she couldn’t guarantee when.

So we three had to stall. A complimentary serving of papadums, a crisp cracker came with two kinds of dipping sauce – the fiery red, and the not so fiery. Clearly, the wait staff was experienced, and our water glasses were refilled continuously without even a signal from us. This was followed by an order of Nepalese Dumplings, and a couple of big bottles of a Nepalese beer called Nepal Ice Premium Lager. These were just the starters, and a way of spending the time while we waited for Jeannette.

We finally got around to ordering, once Jeannette appeared. We started with three mains:


The dishes were:(descriptions from the menu)

a) LUICHE RANA PARIWAR 烤雞胸 $ 128 Barbecued Chicken Breast marinated with Cashew Nuts Paste, Saffron and light Nepali Spices.

b) ROYAL KHASI 皇室羊肉 $ 138 Boneless Lamb slices cooked in Almond based Gravy – A Royal Favourite.

c) KUKHURA KHURSANI BARI 勁辣咖喱雞 $ 128 Fiery hot delicacy of Chicken cooked with fresh red Chilli.

Rounding it out was a couple of orders of plain naan bread, plus saffron rice. We would go on to order an additional main entrée which also meant more naan bread, and more saffron rice. The food was so good that we wouldn’t waste or leave even a drop of any of the sauces or gravies on our plates.

Later, and then even more later, more Nepal Ice Premium Lager was brought out. It was a glorious meal. We had one-tired sailor whose face reflected a day spent in the sun and the wind, and 4 happy diners. Total charge for dinner for four people, including beer, sides, breads, appetizers, tax and service charge was $1188 HK dollars, or about 153 US $.

I’d definitely dine here again. Distance from my apartment at 5 Staunton Street – a half a minute’s walk.

The restaurant’s home page: http://www.nepalrestaurant.com.hk/

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