Hostages 1×03 – Recap /Review


Last week I stated that I thought that the new CBS TV Series Hostages was heading downward. I pondered if they could maintain the suspense, you know – kill the President or else.

This week, the show didn’t sink any further but it got a whole lot more complicated. Said another way, there are many more moving parts now than we saw in the first two episdes. Mucho spoilers follow.

Carlisle wanted the blame shifted away from Dr. Saunders, so he instructed her to blame her long-time friend; the nurse who handled the medication. Result – the nurse committed suicide. Okay, that story line didn’t have much life to it anyway.

Starting with Saunders family – their son pleaded with his Dad for the so-called ‘beer’ money. Dad wasn’t coughing up pocket change much less $1200. Result – the son gotten beaten up by the guy he owed money too. It was rather brutal if I may so.

The Daughter is all over the place, She’s pregnant you know. Finally, her BF Boyd corners her. He wants things to be all nice again because she’s been antsy lately – as in not being able to see him because of the family predicament. She blurts out that she’s pregnant and runs off.

Result – the BF heads to the family home to tell her father how much he loves her and he’s able to support her. Only instead of the father he meets Duncan Carlisle who says. Take a hike. My daughter is going to college not getting married. The kid says “What if I don’t?” Carlisle replies, I’ll give you this, kid, you’ve got guts.

Later when the daughter (after hearing from Boyd about the encounter) is talking with her real Dad, he has no clue or idea of the conversation.

FBI Investigator or is it Secret Service investigator Stan Hoffman played by Paul Calderon, looks like he doesn’t trust Dr. Saunders at all, but he keeps it from spilling out. We don’t know it yet – but for all we know – he’s had her followed, and knows for a fact that she’s lying.

Internal friction among the bad guys . Sandrine doesn’t trust the Rhys Coiro character Kramer Daly. She’s also pushing the 4th member, Archer Petit, to talk to Carlisle. It seems she’d like to be paid.

Later, Dr. Saunders over hears Carlisle talking to his daughter Sawyer on the phone. She hears the word art-fair. Not only does she lose her tail at the hospital, but she’s located the school with the art fair (thank you Google). Not only does she know which school it is but she also is able to bluff her way in by claiming she is the aunt of little Sawyer.

Sayer: Who are you? Dr. Saunders: I'm Jane,  a friend of your father

Sawyer: Who are you?
Dr. Saunders: I’m Jane, a friend of your father

Not only does she get into the school, but Rhys Coiro’s Kramer has been tracking her as well, and now he’s in the school too.

In case you were wondering, everything is not going so well for Duncan Carlisle either. With the premise that surgery has been postponed for a few weeks, the powers that be decided that there are too many moving parts (my thought as well) so they decide to take out Carlisle.

The sniper misses.

Now Carlisle is aware that he is going to be the hunted instead of the hunter. He places a call – his contact is none other than White House big shot Henry Creasy.


When this guy gets into his car somewhere, Carlisle is in the back seat and armed. Without any subtlety at all Carlisle convinces Creasy to call off the hit because they are going to get the surgery back in the hands of Dr. Saunders.

Why has someone else replaced her? You betcha! Oh we can lay that one on Mrs. First Lady, the wife of the Prez. Jealousy? Distrust? or Something else.

As if all of that wasn’t enough – Brian Saunders confesses his affair to his wife, the lovely surgeon. We find out that Carlisle’s Dad, Sawyer’s Grandfather, is involved with the plot as well.

Carlisle has a daughter named Sawyer

Carlisle has a daughter named Sawyer

And to top it all off, unless Kramer is killed, he’s going to tell Carlisle about tracking Saunders to the school. So if Saunders is going to kidnap Carlisle’s daughter, or at least use her for leverage – it better happen soon.

As I said – there are far too many moving parts, and far too many dangling story lines. Now having a lot of threads is fine if you like puzzles, but it is really too much to keep track of.

No matter what we do, when it is over he's going to kill us

No matter what we do, when it is over he’s going to kill us

And there’s one more – Dad Saunders wants to stay behind so Dr. Saunders and the kids can make a break for parts unknown. Did he forget about the tracking chips in the shoulders?

After six episodes (at most) are broadcast, I’m saying CBS will pull the plug. No way they can deal with Spader and The Blacklist, as well as the NBC lead-in – The Voice.



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