FX’s The Bridge – Episode 7 – Destino: Recap and Random Thoughts

FX’s The Bridge – Episode 7 – Destino: Recap

Talk about having it all – when you do, you must include this Episode of The Bridge. Episode 7 was called Destino, and by any one’s standards, we saw a lot of what you can describe only by applying the terms must-see-tv with trepidation.

From oral sex to watching a orthodontist work up close, from a shoot-out in a dusty trailer park, to motel sex, to sex on a table, and let’s not forget Trooper Stokes getting half of his head blown off – as I said this episode had it all.

Let’s begin with the idea that Charlotte Millwright’s toy Ray has made a side deal with Graciela, the one connected to the tunnel. Ray gets a pay-off in cash, he floats an idea of gun running in to Mexico, and his reward is to satisfy Graciela orally as long as the deal(s) run. No one on the planet, including Charlotte should trust him. Or Graciela for that matter.

Alma, Marco, and Gus - once upon a trime they were in happier days

Alma, Marco, and Gus – once upon a time they were in happier days

Marco wants to go back to his home and his marital bed. It looks like he’s had enough of sleeping on Sonya’s sofa. But his wife Alma is not having any of it. No, you can’t come home, don’t be here when I get back, and one more thing, your son Gus is flunking out of college. Alma has one more thing that she doesn’t tell Marcus = that she’s going to sleep with her boss.

Mendez and Frye

Mendez and Frye

Reporter Daniel Frye has all he can do to function minimally as he is going through withdrawal/detox symptoms. He gives up the breaking story to his co-reporter Mendez at the El Paso Times. Shortly thereafter, his body collapses under the stress and strain. He falls to the floor and has some convulsion like symptoms.

This is where Galvan found Linder with the body of Hector. Why did Galvan let Linder live?

This is where Galvan found Linder with the body of Hector. Why did Galvan let Linder live?

Linder is back. Apparently he survived the previous encounter with Galvan. He has just been asked to save another girl. And she just happens to be Galvan’s latest main squeeze, so, once Galvan sees him with this woman, Linder has to hit the pavement running for his life.

Sonya does some research. The car found in last week’s episode where Gina was killed, has been looked at, and they’ve found a partial VIN on the car. Sonya has traced the number, and she came away with the fact that this Crown Royal was sold to one Jack Childress who still lives outside of El Paso in a trailer park.

So she, Marco, Hank Wade, and Cooper head out to investigate and bring this guy in. Childress has abandoned a truck in the middle of the road, and this gets reported and brings State Trooper Stokes on to the scene.

Hank Wade

Hank Wade

He’s fresh from his appointment with his orthodontist, which we saw, and my oh my, wasn’t that uncomfortable to watch.

Anyway all hell breaks loose. Childress’s home is stocked full with weapons and all sorts of evidence that he is the likely killer. Only he is not going to come along and go quietly. Shots ring out and, just as he is about to reveal his theory about the case, Trooper Stokes’s face is blown off. Ruiz is now covered in Stokes’s brain matter, bone and skin fragments, and blood.

Hank calls for the swat team but they aren’t going to wait. Childress has now killed a cop. Childress, shooting from an ambush spot keeps them pinned down. But Sonya calls him on his phone, and they talk.

Eventually Childress and Sonya end up face to face on the street. This is not Shootout at the OK Corral but it is thrilling. Sonya wears a flak jacket which saves her life when Childress’s shot knocks her down. Her shot has knocked the weapon out of his hand. Marco pounces on the guy, and he’s captured.

Is he the killer?

Looks that way, until you start looking closer. It is only week 7, the series has a long way to go. To have discovered this guy so easily, and he has all the evidence just sitting there in his home, makes it seem way too easy.

Charlotte has sex with Ray, and in the middle of it she asks, Can I trust you? Bad timing Charlotte. Ray can only give the one answer, Of course you can,  which Charlotte absolutely should not believe. I mean, what else could he say at that moment?

As the episode ends, we have Sonya feeling absolutely troubled by the fact that she doesn’t think Childress is the killer. This thought is suffocating for her.


I think this episode was a bit over the top. The violence, the sex, and the fact that Charlotte is going to be in trouble because of Ray, the easy discovery and capture of Childress, the fact that Alma is sleeping with her boss (there can’t be any other reason other than to get back at Marco, plus all of this happening in just week 7, are clear indicators that much more is still ahead of us.

I didn’t care for the fact that Linder survived his prior encounter with Galvan. Why would Galvan let Linder live? The Childress character was captured too easily. It seems that two weeks ago we met Gina, and then last week she was killed. Ditto with the FBI guy Gedman. I think Childress will soon fade into the woodwork. They will still have him for shooting Stokes, but he is not going to be anything connected to the real case.

They have no facts connecting him to Gedman, Gina, Frye, Galvan, Linder, Graciela, or even the original victims found on the bridge. Yes, his place has all the damaging evidence, but it seems a set-up to me.

What do you think?


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