Broadchurch (BBC America) – Episode 3 / What Do You Think?


From one of my readers:

FD On August 22, 2013 at 1:54 am
Since it took me three episodes to form a theory, I consider this a pretty good mystery. I’m hesitant to say I’ve got this one figured out, but I’ll stick my neck way out and say I think Mark Latimer’s co-worker, Nige, is the bad guy. He lied to the cops to give Mark an alibi, but the cops busted the alibi. They weren’t drinking together. We now know where Mark was, but we have no idea where Nigel was on the night Danny disappeared. And there’s an item in his van that isn’t used in the plumbing trade.

But, I have a lot of other clues to wade through like why was Danny seen arguing with the postman. Why did Miller son delete his phone messages? Why is the woman who lives in the trailer concealing Danny’s skateboard? And most important, what was the killer’s motive? I need more info before I make a guess. Stay tuned.


When one reaches the end of Episode 3, I can see that it isn’t much of stretch to think badly of Mark’s mate, Nige Carter. However the questions of motive appears. What would Nige want or expect with Mark out of the picture? A relationship with Beth Latimer, or a relationship with Becca Fisher, possibly. We can guess that he had the opportunity, but that’s about as far as we can go. For now. With or without knowledge of the crossbow in his truck.


Others seem to come into focus. One would be that telephone tech. After all he did posit that Danny died on a boat. He’s not full on correct, but we do have blood found on the Latimer boat, and then, at the end of the episode there is another boat ablaze off shore. This is likely destruction of evidence. But we know nothing else about that boat right now.  Granted, his ‘powers’ may be suspect, but he did make a correct statement about something from Hardy’s past.

karenKaren White – she’s been caught in a lie. She’s not working for the Dorset paper on this story. Apparently she’s on vacation from the paper, and is pursuing an angle involving Hardy’s handling of a past case. She claims that Hardy failed the relatives of a murder victim in another jurisdiction. White says that to this day, those folks lack closure because of the way Hardy handled the case.


Jack Marshall – why does he hate the press. Not only did he refuse to answer White’s questions, but he threatened to call the police and have her escorted from his shop if she didn’t leave instantly. That looked like a rather large chip on his shoulders.

As he said, I sell the papers, don’t want to be in the papers.

paulLet’s not rule out the Reverend Paul Coates either. Is he in danger of losing his flock. We don’t know about that, but he strikes me as being too young and too familiar with many of his parishioners. Maybe Danny witnessed something the pastor was doing, and it cost him his life.

Then there’s the constant bickering between Miller and Hardy. I’m sure this is only a manifestation of what’s popular in television these days – the quirky and troubled detectives. Of course this will not hamper the case being solved. I’m looking forward to the dinner at the Miller’s coming up.

At the Latimer’s, things remain frosty between Beth and Mark. One night Beth asks Mark to look her in the eyes. When he does she asks him if he killed Danny. Mark is really troubled by this question. So troubled that he gets out of bed in the middle of the night. We find that he has called Becca and they meet.


Becca claims it was all a mistake and she breaks it off. They separate and go their own ways. Only Beth had followed Mark, and she now sees him with Becca. we don’t know if Beth was able to hear what was said. But maybe Becca has some involvement with the boy’s death – you know to drive a wedge into the Latimer marriage.

Lets’s not forget Susan Wright. She denied that she gave Mark the key to the cliff hut, and she denied that there were any plumbing problems. Marks says there were problems, that Wright gave him the keys to the hut, and that there’s a work order at the office to back that up.

If Mark is telling the truth, why is Wright lying? If she’s not lying, why does she act so suspicious, and let ‘s not forget that she has the skateboard.


Miller’s son Tom had his police interview. His Dad Joe Miller was present. Young Tom seemed okay and hesitated (only briefly) when asked if Danny’s and his Dad Mark had any problems. We still have those nagging questions about the deleted files and text messages to Danny. And Danny’s phone hasn’t turned up yet.

It is only three episodes in, and we have a lot that is unanswered. There are strong clues dancing just out of reach and that is why this mystery is so intriguing. Any of you have any theories about who killed Danny. We’d love to see them, so if you’ve got them, please post. Thanks.

One thought on “Broadchurch (BBC America) – Episode 3 / What Do You Think?

  1. You’re right, there’s lots to think about. In fact, I read on the BBC website, that even the cast wasn’t told who the killer was until sometime after Episode 5. I think this type of non-disclosure works well on a mystery show. But, we need to stay focused.

    A lot of people have been lying, but the lies are being revealed and the likelihood of certain characters being the killer is diminishing. Mark lied about an affair, but it’s obvious he was busy on the night in question. Beth may have suspected her husband was cheating, but she wouldn’t kill her own son to express her anger, would she?

    Karen lied about her employer, but she doesn’t seem to have any previous connection to Broadchurch. If she somehow wanted to make Hardy look bad, she’d have to have known he would be named chief inspector in advance.

    Jack Marshall isn’t talking to anyone, much less lying. The vicar may have secrets to protect, so we need to keep an eye on him.

    Becca has two secrets, the affair with Mark and her role supplying drugs to guests at the Inn she manages. But, both of these secrets have now been spilled. Was someone blackmailing her?

    What about the Steve, telephone tech who’s now receiving psychic messages from Danny? He says the killer is someone close to Beth. That would include Beth’s boss, Len Danvers and Maggie Radcliffe, the owner and editor, of the Daily Herald. Do you think either of them killed Danny to pump up circulation of the small-town rag?

    That leaves only two little liars. Nige, who is Beth’s husband’s best friend and Susan Wright, the taciturn caravan lady who’s hiding Danny’s skateboard.

    Interestingly, Nige lied about his whereabouts on the night of the murder and Susan flatly denies calling Mark to fix a burst pipe in the building where Danny died. These two better get their stories together. They aren’t pretty liars, they’re pretty bad liars.

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