Magic City: Season 2 Opens with a Thud

So Magic City Season 2 launched its opening episode tonight on the Starz Network. Despite all the hype – there was no sign of James Caan as Sy Berman. Oh he was mentioned, but the first we saw of him was in the preview clip of next week’s episode.

Aside from that, Magic City was less than scintillating. I’ve seen better Magic from Mr. Clean’s Bath scrubbers. Talk about dull … oh wait I called the show dull last year. All the improvements made in the last five episodes of the first season were washed away between boring board room meetings about where and how to bail Ike out of jail and some agonizing jail house meetings between Ike and his ill-dressed attorney.

You recall that the cliff hanger finale from last year was that Ike was arrested for the murder of Jimmy ‘Shoes’ Clayton. State’s Attorney Klein thought he had his case all wrapped up with the testimony of the prostitute. But she recanted and beyond that, she told the Grand Jury that Klein had threatened her at gunpoint.

Even the judge, in an ex-parte discussion in the courthouse men’s toilet got a chuckle out of it. How could Klein not have seen that one coming?

Aside from that, the sexual content was diminished. Ben Diamond fondled a bare breast as he cooked up a business deal with a Madam to run a house of pleasure in Opa-locka that he would bank roll in exchange for 70% of the profits.

Ben to Ike: You have a choice to make - adapt or die

Ben to Ike: You have a choice to make – adapt or die

And they revisited, via flashback, the explicit lovemaking between Stevie Evans and Mrs Diamond as Ben watched from above. Once Ike was sprung from jail – they had a party in Atlantis, the subterranean poolside bar. Diamond came in, and Ike basically blew him off. Diamond didn’t like it and left with this oh-so-scary parting shot – Ike, I believe you have forgotten who you can, and who you cannot disrespect.

Ike must have been quaking in his boots upon hearing that.

Then there was the business about the mysterious jacket, which Ike’s son Danny discovered and then burned. I think I missed the whole significance of it.

Sy: Before you answer, think about it, and choose your next words very carefully

Sy: Before you answer, think about it, and choose your next words very carefully

No matter, we still have Sy Berman to look forward to.

Yes, terribly disappointed are the terms I’m looking for to best describe this the opener of the Second Season. Last year, they proudly trumpeted across tv-land that Magic City had been signed on for a second season even before the first season has shown even one episode. That may be a decision that is now being regretted as no such announcement has been made for a 3rd season.

But really, you know what the biggest mystery of all is?  Isaac Michael (Ike) Evans runs the Miramar Playa Hotel. To the best of my knowledge, Ike was not seen sunbathing even once all of last season. Yet despite all of his time being spent indoors – in his office, or in his bedroom, or in the smoky cafe, the Atlantis, as well as in jail – why is it that he looks darker and has more of a tan, one that you can actually see, than does Ben Diamond – who was seen taking the sun in almost every episode last season.

Ike: I want Ben Diamond fucking gone...

Ike: I want Ben Diamond fucking gone…

I’d like someone to explain that.

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