Smash: Sn02 Ep05 – The Read Through – Let’s Crunch Some Numbers


Do the numbers tell the story for Smash Episode 5 – The Read Through? And no, I’m not talking about the ratings. Let me count the ways.

We have two read-throughs. One for Hit List, which will have a two-week run at the Fringe Festival, and one for Bombshell. Liaisons doesn’t have a read through; instead they have a walk through. In fact, the walk through had two separate segments.


We have two producers for Bombshell. And we have two scripts.The de facto and legal producer is Jerry. Only he doesn’t want to produce Julia’s latest script. He wants to produce the old Bombshell script. Siding with Jerry is Tom. In favor of the new script are Derek and Julia. Derek liked it so much that he was struck silent. When he was asked, he replied – It was that good! So that makes the vote two and two. They agree to let Eileen, who is the shadow producer, break the tie. And just as Eileen is supposed to cast the deciding vote, the episode ends.

There are two current romances. Karen and Jimmy, and Peter and Julia. While everyone on the planet expected there to be flames aplenty based on what we saw in the previous week, both of these relationships are non-starters at the moment. We never did see what went on between Peter Gilman and Julia at his place in the Berkshires. Karen, on the other hand had not one but two major disappointments. The first was when Jimmy’s playmate sauntered down the steps from the loft bedroom, and the second was when Jimmy said, Friends, okay?

Friends, okay?  The last thing Karen wanted was a handshake...

Friends, okay? The last thing Karen wanted was a handshake…

Then we have two more relationships that haven’t begun yet. One is between the Bombshell chorus dancer Bobby and Jimmy’s partner Kyle. The second is Ivy and her co-star, Terry Falls played by Sean Hayes. And let’s not forget about two relationships on hiatus – Tom and Sam, and Eileen and Nick.


Speaking of Tom, finally Tom got his second featured musical number – wasn’t he Zanuck last year, and in this episode he hoofed and hollered as the lead reporter/chorus member welcoming Marilyn who arrived in an old Lockheed mock-up to open the show. The song was called Public Relations, and it was dreadful, but the choreography was superb.


In case you were counting, that song was the first of two dream songs, in the episode. The other was Karen being hopeful and expectant, as well as almost offering herself to Jimmy, in the song Some Boys. Only that too was a dream song.


Someone should also mention that Tom played all the reporters including a female celebrity gossip columnist who fell somewhere between Hedda Hopper and Louella Parsons, an iconic pair if there ever was one in the field of Hollywood news and chatter. The scene itself was a technical achievement, and a lot of fun. But, as one the reporters, Tom wore a brown Fedora and didn’t it look ridiculous? Not because it was a fedora, but because it was brown, and was definitely the wrong color for his suit. An eyesore to be honest.

Last season we had two guest appearances – Uma Thurman and Bernadette Peters. This year we are still waiting on two guests stars, Jesse Martin and Liza Minelli.

You may recall that earlier this year, when we thought that Bombshell was going to open at The St. James Theater, I made a comment that the St. James wasn’t the Belasco or the Morosco. And guess what – they are now installed in the Belasco. One out of two ain’t bad.


Raise your hand if you thought that Timothy, the director? or producer? of Liaison, was a boob as well as cowardly. If you said yes to both, then raise two hands.

Smash - Season 2

And speaking of boobs, isn’t it strange that Ivy, in her role for Liaisons, is forced to wear a dress with a bustle that made her hips look two yards wide, as well as concealed her shape, except when she is back-lit, yet her dress also called for a revealing decolletage.

Hey, I’m not upon on my period costumes, so if that was the rage of those days, I’ll live with.

Want another puzzle – how about a role reversal? After the read through of Hit List, as everyone made a quick retreat out of the loft, because it was that bad. Kyle wanted some comments, anyway. Bobby said it just was not good, as the rest of the crew were already heading for the street.

So this time it was Kyle and not Jimmy who threw a hissy-fit, and ran off for parts unknown as he screamed ‘screw all of you’ and departed. And just as you might have guessed, it was Karen, who found Kyle on the roof. This was the second time she was the one to find the depressed and departed.

Well I’m out of time, and numerical oddities. Just wondering if the numbers add up for you? Tune in next week for Episode 6 called The Fringe of The Broadway Follies 2013, sorry… make that Smash!


One thought on “Smash: Sn02 Ep05 – The Read Through – Let’s Crunch Some Numbers

  1. Ivy’s costume is historically correct for a drama set in 18th century France. The shape of the dress is designed to accentuate the female figure, not disguise it. Even back then, the French knew more about fashion and seduction than most of us moderns.

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