Nashville: Sn 1 Episode 13 – There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight – Recap

Alert the media!


ABC’s Nashville Episode 13 is entitled There’ll Be No Teardrops Tonight but I have to disagree with that. There will be plenty of tears among the viewers because the writers apparently have run out of new and fresh ideas. So what did they do ? They’ve turned this week’s Episode into a Homecoming Weekend.

Last week it was Peggy – a chance meeting on the street became a coffee, then a drive home. A kiss between Peggy and Teddy turned into a roll in the hay which before last week even ended became a request for a divorce by Teddy.

The characters that we haven’t seen or thought of in recent weeks. just came rolling in like the tide in wave after wave.

First there was Gunnar’s parole violator of a brother, Jason. Jason is not only back, but he wants to resume his musical career with his favorite brother. Now somewhere in the middle of all this, Scarlett got a call from Watty White. Watty got the call from Marshall and they want to sign Scarlett and Gunnar for Rayna’s label. But Gunnar needs a place for Jason to stay. Scarlett is very much against it – you know – harboring a fugitive and all that – but she agrees to let Jason stay for one night only.

Tandy is back in sight. She got wind of Teddy and Peggy when she saw Peggy’s name on an incoming call on Teddy’s phone when she and Teddy were heading into his office. When Tandy reminded Teddy that he was supposed to have finished with Peggy, and that Lamar wouldn’t be pleased – Teddy let her have it. In short he won’t take orders about who he can see or talk to from either Tandy or Lamar.

Next back in view was Liam McGuinnis, Rayna’s fired musical producer. He happened to check into the same hotel where Rayna’s tour was staying. He showed up at the concert that night, and Rayna missed her cue. Deacon said it was the first time he could recall such a thing happening in more than 20 years.

We have to make some excuses for Rayna – she’s got a lot on her plate: Deacon’s kiss, Teddy asking for a divorce, and having to tell her kids about the divorce the next day. But she recovers and the concert goes well. After the concert Liam asks her out for a drink.


Which become drinks. Which leads to the quick, quick, slow (the world easiest dance – the Texas Two-Step) which leads to a night-cap in Liam’s room – and there’s more. Only we get as far as Liam and Rayna talking in the bathroom.

We’ve only just begun. Remember Hayley – the gal at the music publisher who got on well with Gunnar, and was responsible for Gunnar and Scarlett’s music being published. Well, she’s back too. This time her target is Avery. Avery is not doing well under Dominic’s guidance. In fact he’s had trouble making the kind of music Dominic wants, and he hasn’t seen any money at all. In fact this has caused him to be living at the proverbial Roach Motel.

Marilyn is against Avery selling off his publishing rights, but Avery has been promised a six-figure advance by Hayley. And that would naturally get his attention. When he asks Hayley why, she says she wants to be in the Avery Barkley business.

So far we have Peggy, Jason, Tandy, Liam, and Hayley. We heard Dominic on the phone, so even though he didn’t get any visual screen time, he’s a part of the latest manipulation, er, episode.

There’s more to come, but you should also know that Juliette is hell-bent on remaking her image/brand. Smoke, sequins, and strobe lights aren’t a part of her musical language any longer and she tells all of that to her entourage, staff, and employees. This pisses off Glenn, and he call his own meeting to tell them that no matter what Juliette tells them, it all still has to go through him as he’s in charge of the tour’s finances.

Now that pisses off Juliette and in a big shoot out in the hotel’s corridor, she and Glenn have it out publicly. Glenn promptly quits on the spot.

So Jason stays over, and the next morning he makes breakfast for Scarlett and Gunnar. S & G start working on a song and Jason picks up a guitar and strums in some nice harmonic chords. They’re impressed. Scarlett says that Jason can stay for a few more days. Of course they are harboring a fugitive but no one is going to tell the Texas authorities about what they’re doing in Nashville. In case you were wondering, despite telling Gunnar that he had gotten rid of it – Jason still has the gun. You don’t have to even think about – we all know where this part of the story will go.

On the way down to check out, Deacon gives Juliette some advice. He was there when Glenn quit, so he tells Juliette that every one that she calls her employees might also be her friends, and some day, she’s going to need to have some friends around.

Naturally as the tour is set to leave the hotel, Deacon sees Liam and Rayna in the hotel lobby. He’s not pleased. Rayna says they’re just friends, but Deacon as usual, isn’t buying into that. When Rayna says to Deacon, what do you want me to do? Deacon replies – Nothing at all, as he hops on the bus. So even the Rayna/Deacon relationship seems rocky once again. Recycle, recycle, and then when you can’t think of what else to do – recycle once more.

Rayna arrives home. Her daughters are thrilled to see her. But she and Teddy lay it out for the girls. Before she leaves, her oldest daughter gives her the bad news that she had overheard Teddy talking to Peggy on the phone. Rayna is incredulous. You mean THAT Peggy? Rayna didn’t know about Peggy, but now she does. And gu-ar-an-teed — now she is mad.

And there’s one more recycle yet to come. Juliette has bought a new home. She calls her Mom on the phone and invites her stay and live with her. Boom.

I suppose next week – the Quarterback will be on hand, Jason will rob a bank, Lamar will show up to throw his weight around, Deacon will still be brooding, Juliette’s good musical turn will somehow run into a squall or hit a patch of bad road. Why not, doesn’t bad and good repeat like footprints in the snow on a show like this.

Did I forget any one else for the Home coming. Oh yes – good old Coleman Carlisle will be brought back for some sage advice, good council, and likely to join Rayna in what promises to be an ugly custody battle with Teddy.

And you know, you just know with absolute certainty, that Glenn will be back as well. Things don’t change in Nashville, they just come and go, just like you often read in a recipe – season to taste. Only on Nashville it reads – Recycle characters, situations, or relationships as needed.


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