Nashville: Sn 01 Episode 11 – You Win Again – Recap


Episode 11? Maybe we should call this episode Anger Management because no matter who we see, they’re either already angry or will soon become angry. The episode opens with Juliette and Rayna performing The Wrong Song live in concert. From the way the performers move on the stage, and from the way they’ve edited the scene , it only takes about 30 seconds to determine that Liam and Rayna are flirting big-time while they perform, and they seem to be paying zero attention to what Juliette is doing as she performs on the very same stage. And we all thought it was supposed to be a duet of the song that has reached Number 1 on the charts. No surprise that when the song ends, Juliette is pissed.

On the road together but when will they get to happy together?

On the road together but when will they get to happy together?

She’s all over her manager Glenn to speak out and let Rayna know that Juliette doesn’t appreciated being isolated on the stage. Glenn says he’ll speak to them. But Juliette gets even more angry when Glenn tells her that Rayna will be on the plane with them on the flight back to Nashville.

Just then, Bucky arrives with Calista Reeves, the head of a major record label. Calista is played by the beautiful Ming-Na Wen, who I first saw as June in The Joy Luck Club twenty years ago. Calista wants to sign Rayna away from Edgehill records. We will circle back to this later, as everyone has a plane to catch.

Ming-Na as June 1993 topMing-Na Wen circa 2012

Ming-Na as June 1993 top
Ming-Na Wen circa 2012

Scarlett and Gunnar are working on a tune,

This plane can’t fly on just one engine

This heart can’t beat without affection

I’m not a choice, I’m a natural selection

but Gunnar is having trouble with his back-up guitar. Remember his brother hocked the Gibson and bought a pistol with the money. Scarlett mentions Winterfest, a Nashville venue for music that she and Gunnar might look into. Gunnar says, You don’t want to go to it. It’s not your thing. Why isn’t it my thing? Because Avery’s playing in it. Oh.

Avery is handed an advance check for $1,000 by Marilyn. She also mentions the party by Edgehill which they will attend. Marilyn says, You’ll meet everyone you need to know in Music City. Avery says, You giving Dominic a run for his money? Marilyn: He gave you a car… I’m giving you a career.

On the plane, Juliette is still pissed about being ignored by Rayna and Liam on the stage. She’s mad that Rayna is even on the plane. Oh that’s right, I have to give you a ride back to Nashville on my plane because you can’t afford your own. Then she’s mad because Liam is eating her bean dip. Then Juliette’s assistant says, Party? what party? I thought we were flying back to Nashville for your Mom’s court hearing. Boom.

At this point Rayna picks up a magazine and begins to read Carmen’s article about why Deacon and the Revel Kings parted company. Cut to Deacon who is on the phone with Carmen and he’s furious with her because she took Cy’s version as gospel. Cy said it didn’t work out because Deacon fell off the wagon. Deacon says , What happened is that I caught Cy mauling my niece Scarlett. And I haven’t had a drink in 12 years.

The next morning at Rayna’s home, Rayna reconnects with her daughters. Teddy wants to know what’s going on with them. Rayna says that she’s trying to find some ‘clarity’ but is still looking. A big fancy package had been messengered over and Teddy asks, Should I be jealous? It is a gift of a ‘desktop’ jet plane with a wrist watch draped over one wing. Rayna explains that it is an expensive gift from Calista Reeves who wants to sign Rayna away from Edgehill Records.

At the court-house we have Juliette, Jolene, and the lawyer. Deacon arrives and begs off claiming the recent press (Carmen’s article) will portray him as a drunkard, and that’s not the kind of character witness they need. The lawyer suggests that Juliette will have to speak for her Mom. Since you are her daughter, you are the one most affected by her addiction. Of course, Juliette is horrified by this turn of events.

Calista shows up at Rayna’s home. They discuss the future. Calista mentions that Liam send her some music tracks which surprises Rayna as Liam hadn’t mentioned it. Calista also says that Rayna deserves better than to be paired with some ‘pre-fab, prima-donna who came up overnight and can be gone just as fast’. Calista says that Marshall, Edgehill’s head guy, is a bean-counter, he came up as a guy good with numbers, and he’s always had his head in the business side, ie the firm’s books rather than inside a pair of head phones. Calista says, I want to be your partner.

At Winterfest, Avery rocks out. Surprise, surprise as Scarlett is there. But she is uncomfortable and starts to leave before Avery has finished even one song. She bumps into JT, Avery’s former bass guitarist. They leave.

At the courthouse, Jolene’s attorney introduces Juliette Barnes and says she will speak on her Mom’s behalf. Only Juliette is angry about having to testify. Deacon offers some encouragement – Speak from your heart, he says. As such, Juliette delivers a shockingly short, unemotional, and clearly cold and indifferent one and a half minutes. Obviously, her heart wasn’t in it.

While they wait for the judge to decide what happens to Jolene’s rehab and the criminal charges, Deacon and Juliette talk. She re-invites Deacon to join her band. He says he’s going to drop out and chill for a while. Even drop off the (music) grid. The lawyer and Jolene come out and the news isn’t good. Jolene must go back to rehab and finish the 60 days, and then will have to have another hearing about the criminal charges being dropped. But she doesn’t have to go directly back to the rehab until later that night.

Juliette says she has to go the Edgehill Party so she won’t be able to hang out. But Deacon has also been invited to the Edgehill party, and he says he will take Jolene with his ‘plus one’ to the party and he will hide behind Jolene, so Juliette can do all the mingling she needs to do and not have to worry about what her Mom is doing.

At the studio, Rayna, Bucky, and Liam are discussing the offer from Calista. Rayna acknowledges that it is a good offer but it seems to be coming her way far too quickly. Liam makes a snide remark about Rayna not really considering the offer is like her marriage – where she has to fantasize about someone else. Liam went too far despite claiming that he only wants to help. Bucky and Rayna exchange looks as they are dismayed by Liam’s uncalled for remarks.

Scarlett and JT are talking and they decide to get together. As he puts it – your songs, you and Gunnar ( as we need an ace guitarist), our rhythm section, and we all rehearse in your garage. Scarlett agrees and say’s she’ll run it past Gunnar. Just like old times she thinks.

Rayna then shows up at Deacon’s house. She has stopped by to check on him. But he resents it. Deacon is still not over the fact that Rayna didn’t wait for him to come out of his 5th rehab stay. Instead she married Teddy.  Rayna is angry because Deacon is so cold, and  she says, How could I know if you’d come out of rehab and stay sober. It was too much to think that she would wait without having any idea as to whether the relationship would ever become tenable again. Deacon probably understood this, and likely knows that she’s right. But he is in a bad way, and can’t get his head around it. He won’t give her any kind of comfort by being anything more than barely polite. Rayna has no choice but to take a hike.

At the party, Juliette is mad about a half-minute after walking into the place. The poster for The Wrong Song is spotlighted, and in the poster, Rayna is twice the size of Juliette and in the foreground. Then Glenn sandbags her by introducing a country music blogger who asks if she was intimidated while song writing with Rayna. Glenn has to hustle him away, and over to talk to Marshall before Juliette blows a gasket.

Gunnar is at The Bluebird and he gets a call from his brother’s parole officer who informs him that Jason never showed up at the half-way house and is now officially considered a fugitive. Scarlett drops by (it is her night off) and says she has a proposition for Gunnar.


Back at the party, Teddy arrives and Rayna is happy that he made it to the party. After that things are about to go downhill for every one present.

A) Juliette is embarrassed by her Mom and is angry that Deacon isn’t there to be watching her like a hawk.
B) Avery tries to talk with Juliette who blows right on by him. Marilyn talks to Avery who is tired of being introduced to A&R guys. He already has a record deal so there’s no reason to meet these guys. Marilyn suggest that trying to talk to Juliette for no reason won’t work. Avery, now quite full of himself says, She’s an artist, I’m an artist – there’s my reason.
C) Deacon is a no-show at the party because he is still at home and he’s depressed. Juliette calls and he doesn’t take the call. He decides to call his sponsor Coleman Carlisle, then changes his mind. Deacon is not in a good place.
D) Scarlett stops by the The Bluebird, and asks Gunnar about rehearsing with JT and the band. Gunnar is still upset about the news about Jason, and so his response to Scarlett is wildly disproportionate to what she is talking about. When she says she cares, Gunnar says you couldn’t even begin to understand what is going on – it is quite serious. Scarlett, nearly in tears runs out. Gunnar chases her but he is stopped at the door when he learns that Jason came by a few hours ago and dropped off the Gibson Guitar.
E) Avery tries again with Juliette who finally needs to escape from Avery as she watches her Mom thanking Rayna. Juliette says – I never heard of you to Avery as he watches her run away from him.
F) Teddy as mayor gives an award to Rayna and Juliette for their work as music ambassadors for the City of Nashville. But Teddy merely gives Juliette a nod as he gushes on about his wife Rayna.

Teddy: No offense Juliette, but Rayna is my beautiful wife

Teddy: No offense Juliette, but Rayna is my beautiful wife

G) Juliette is now fully angry as she drags her Mom away from Rayna. Juliette berates her Mom unmercifully Is there anything you don’t ruin?

You ain’t seen nothing yet folks. Here comes a shit storm.

Rayna is talking with Liam. Marshall comes over and thanks Rayna for the 2,000,000 downloads of The Wrong Song. Liam chimes in with that’s all fine and dandy, but you won’t be able to keep her. – Marshall gathers himself and says, Sorry Liam, but my contract is with Rayna not with you. Rayna says to Marshall – [indicating Liam] We’re partners. Liam responds with what a great deal Rayna is getting from Calista. Rayna asks Liam, How do you know? Marshall: I guess your partner Liam didn’t tell you about the side deal he cut with Calista (he’d get his own imprint label) if he can bring you in as an artist. Boom.

Rayna questions Liam who believes he’s the responsible party for Rayna’s new success. Rayna suggests otherwise. The reason for the success is because we are partners. But Liam thinks he’s the one. And of course he says, Whether I told you or not it is still a good deal for you. Rayna is unhappy about Liam’s deception and the fact that he is still making nasty comments about her marriage. She says the partnership is dissolved. Liam (raising his voice) says – You can’t just walk away from me like that. Rayna: From you? – Yes I can and she turns and rushes off. Of course Teddy was nearby and heard just the last few sentences.

Now, as you can imagine, Teddy is upset. Obviously he hasn’t all the facts. But Teddy is angry because he doesn’t know where he and Rayna stand and is now thinking that Liam and Rayna had something going on. After the commercial break we find Rayna and Teddy at home in their kitchen. As they start talking, we are going to get the best of Teddy that we’ve seen all year. He really mans up and takes responsibility for all that went wrong. But he says that with Liam, and the new label, all I see is everyone trying to win you over. I’m just trying to win you back. While nothing is resolved, at least they’ve plainly spoken, and are standing on a common ground. United? Not yet – but at least they’re in the same place.

At Scarlett’s garage, JT and the band and Scarlett are going to rehearse. Scarlett is surprised to see Gunnar, who apologizes by saying  that He’s there to be a part of the good guys even though he’s not always a good guy himself.

Back at Deacon’s house, he is a mess. He’s broken a guitar, the place is a shambles, and a lamp has been knocked over. Juliette Barnes shows up looking for him because he wasn’t there (at the party) watching her mother. She believes that he needs to be out with people, performing, and so forth – doing what he loves. Deacon says, Now you’re telling me what I should be doing. Deacon questions Juliette about how come she can be so willing to help him, but to her own Mother, she has no care or concern. Deacon says, We are the same, Jolene and I. We are both struggling with the same problems. Now for once Juliette has no smart ass, or selfish reply. Have Deacon’s question struck home for her?

At Juliette’s house, Jolene apologizes for being such an embarrassment, but this time – Juliette is the one who apologizes. She says she should have told the judge how far you’ve come. Juliette surprises us and Jolene when she says how proud she is about Jolene getting through rehab and coming so far towards being someone on the road to recovery. This is a breakthrough moment for Juliette, and her tears look genuine.

Avery is out cruising in his Mustang. Naturally he’s going to drive by Scarlett’s place. On the way he hears his own recording on the car radio, But his mood changes quickly when he sees Scarlett, Gunnar, and JT and the band having a good old-time in the garage practicing. He drives off, and his mood has gone sour.

It is the next morning. Rayna, Teddy, and the kids are at the airport for private jets. Rayna and Teddy look happy. Rayna says I consider us still married and it is that way whether I am in Nashville or on the road. She says, Marrying you was never a mistake. Right now we are just trying to see what our future might be.

On the plane Bucky and Rayna talk about the fact that Marshall wants an answer, and Calista wants an answer. Rayna says she wants her own label. If Marshall can give her that she’ll stay with Edgehill. Bucky asks, No to Calista? Rayna says, It’s too soon. And tell Marshall I want my own plane.

Time for Juliette’s entrance. Bucky: So we are off to Kansas City…
Juliette – Not just yet. We are waiting for one more.

A few moments pass and Deacon arrives at the airport. He says hi to Rayna’s girls. Teddy looks shocked (and worried).

Deacon boards the plane. Now Rayna has this look on her face. She says to Bucky, Did you hire him to be in my band? Deacon has overheard. He says, I’m not in your band.

Juliette says – He’s in mine.


Guaranteed: Fireworks, explosions and tears to follow between these two 

Fade out.

Not a bad episode at all. I gues some of the anger management took hold ad got some solid footing. I’m not pleased when the writers can’t think of what to do next so they simply mix it up. Rayna and Deacon, no, let’s make it Rayna and Liam. Let’s see where that goes. Then when Deacon needs to be brought back, we got the evil Cy and the evil Liam. Exit Cy and exit Liam. Don’t tell me Rayna won’t end up with Deacon. Will Calista be back – I hope so. I can’t believe they wrote her in to say 8 lines and if Rayna gets her own plane – we will lose the headline attraction and daily skirmishes – Rayna vs Juliette.


But we also know there are other issues still unsettled. Like Avery/Scarlett/Gunnar. Like Dominic/Avery/Marilyn. What about Hayley? Will Teddy and Rayna stay cool – not likely. I can’t see Deacon and Rayna staying mad and indifferent, and I especially can’t see Juliette and Deacon working together long-term. It’s just not in their DNA.

So we should expect more than a few reversals going forward. Check out the promo video.

Take note – Nashville is off the air next week and will return Feb 6th. One more thing – Peggy is back.


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