Nashville: Episode Six – You’re Gonna Change (Or I’m Gonna Leave) – Recap

After last week’s show, which I said was a step in the wrong direction – I even said the episode landed with a thud, I took a look the ratings . From a high of 8.93 (Millions of viewers) which were the numbers for the pilot, the numbers declined.  Here is the chart:


# Title Air date Rating/Share (18–49) Viewers (millions)
1 “Pilot” October 10, 2012 2.8/8 8.93[31]
2 “I Can’t Help It (If I’m Still in Love with You)” October 17, 2012 2.0/6 6.74[32]
3 “Someday You’ll Call My Name” October 24, 2012 2.0/6 6.54[33]
4 “We Live in Two Different Worlds” October 31, 2012 1.8/5 5.74[34]  
5 “Move It on Over” November 7, 2012 2.0/5 6.07[35]

Well they did decline. But after a slight uptick in Episode 5 – On Monday, November 12th, ABC announced that they had picked up the  series for the full season. That means 22 episodes. The decision may have been based on the uptick for Episode 5, or maybe the show runner showed them what could be expected as a way of goosing up the rating. Whatever the answer to that question is – I don’t know – I wasn’t at the meeting.

Nevertheless, the show did get the hoped for full season order, AND four new characters were introduced in Episode 6.  How things will go from here, ratings-wise, is not really what I’ll be concerned with in my recaps.  As I mentioned last week, I didn’t care for the super-short scene lengths. This episode had 39 scenes, so the average length was even shorter than the previous week.  But I rolled with it, and wasn’t bothered by it as much.

The Four new characters are:

Sean Butler – a professional football player. He’s a Quarterback and he’ll be involved with Juliette Barnes. Reid Olsen – a regional booker who watched Avery perform. Marilyn Rhodes – a  manager of music performers, and she’ll be getting it on with Avery. And one more, Liam McGinnis – a  bad boy in the music world who will produce Rayna’s album and more.

So shorter scene seems like the style they’ll go with, and that’s with another ingredient which I’ll call trashy. Now there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with adults doing adult things. That’s not where I’m coming from – what I felt was the fact that you can see and predict the directions that the characters will take. I think predictability isn’t something you want in a dramatic series – but we’ll have to give them a chance, won’t we?  Okay, so what happened in this week’s episode?

01 – The episode opens at the zoo. We’ll meet Sean Butler and Juliette Barnes is not the least bit happy about being here.  Nor is she thrilled about Butler.  But McKenna (the PR woman) tells Juliette that Butler is a NFL rookie QB and this is his fund-raiser. Being seen at this event, can only be seen as a positive, and we all know you need some good PR.

02 – Bucky and Rayna play the song which Rayna wrote. Hopefully they’ll like it and it will lead to Rayna’s getting to do a new studio album. Marshall Evans, the head of the label, likes what he hears and gives the go-ahead. He tells Rayna and Bucky that they may hire any producer they like from the list of label-approved producers.

03 – Teddy, Lamar, and Tandy, Rayna’s sister, discuss campaign plans. Teddy and Coleman are about to sign a ‘keep the campaign clean agreement’ publicly. Lamar suggests that small stop of Coleman Carlisle’s car for a minor traffic violation would delay his arrival, and Teddy could make good use of the time. Teddy demurs but Lamar reminds him that he had already agreed to do whatever it takes to become the Mayor. Tandy pipes in with ‘Campaigns are about creating opportunities‘.

04 – Avery and Scarlett are enjoying the fact that Avery and his band have a gig at the 5-Spot Club, and Reid Olsen is coming. He’s a regional booker (meaning he hires local talent to open for national touring stars – in this case – The Lumineers). Marilyn Rhodes, a talent manager, will also be on hand. This could be a major opportunity for Avery.

05 – Discussion about who will produce Rayna’s new album. Rayna want’s to change off from her regular producer. She wants to mix it up is how she describes it. They decide they like the new-to-town rock bad boy Liam McGinnis.

06 – Juliette’s office. Things are looking up. It has been a while since the shoplifting and Mom-to-rehab fiascos. McKenna suggests that she will fix Juliette up with the QB – good publicity and all that. But Juliette doesn’t want to go along with the plan for dinner with the QB. McKenna says that she must do it, to generate some positive publicity. McKenna says lunch, Juliette says, No – coffee instead. So the plans are set in motion.

07 – Avery’s show at the 5- Spot goes fairly well. Personally, I didn’t think much of the song. Apparently the regional booker Reid Olsen says some positive things but he doesn’t make Avery an offer.

08 – But Marilyn Rhodes tells Avery, that Reid Olsen never likes any singer until 10 people tell him to like someone. But Marilyn says, I on the other hand, work quickly, and she will put in a good word with Reid. Then she exends an invite to Avery to come over to her place to discuss that she could be a possibly be a new manager for Avery

09 – Rayna and Bucky meet her choice for producer, Liam McGinnis, only he turns them down them down flat. He doesn’t he even ask them in to his house. He says that Rayna makes songs for Mom’s with SUV’s and that isn’t what he does.

10 – Juliette and the QB meet for lunch, or coffee – whatever. Juliette does her best to make sure the date goes bad by criticizing Butler’s recent less that scintillating games. Butler takes it in stride, saying that it is very hard, and that he’s a rookie, and it will take some time. Juliette decides to go through with the lunch and be nice after Butler says, Just because it was a fix-up doesn’t mean we can’t have fun and get to know each other.

11 – Avery brings over some food to Deacon that Scarlett cooked for him. Avery asks if Deacon knows the booker Reid Olsen or the manager Marilyn Rhodes. Deacon says he knows them but keeps something back, and doesn’t tell Avery what he really knows. When Avery asks, Deacon says that he will put in a word with Olsen but that Avery should steer clear of Rhodes [we don’t know why either – but for sure we will find out, and soon].

12 – Rayna goes back to McGinnis’s house.  She won’t take no for an answer. Or at least without giving it another shot He agrees to listen to her demo cd and invites her in.

13 – Coleman Carlisle is pulled over by a traffic cop for failing to signal. Next thing he knows, this cop is in his face saying that Coleman is being difficult and challenging him. It couldn’t be more obvious. The tough cop is the one creating the confrontation. Lamar’s plan is in play.

14 – Later,  Teddy is making hay over Coleman lateness – although we know that Coleman had nothing to do with it.

15 – Juliette and the QB are hitting it off. Sean Butler is a decent guy, and fun even though he doesn’t drink. Barnes had sized him up. Seizing  the moment, she says – Let’s go choir boy. 

14 – Teddy’s friend Peggy wants to come to work for Teddy’s campaign. She kisses him. And, as we saw earlier, there is a photographer present to snap a picture. You know where this is coming from don’t you. My money is on Lamar, who had said in an earlier episode, A Mayor with a secret he wants to remain hidden, can easily be controlled.

15 – Coleman is arrested on a possible drug violation. Another cop finds the Oxycontin pills in Coleman’s car. They’re not his.

16 – Juliette and the QB are flying to South Beach (Miami) on her private jet. Turns out that he is a fan of hers. He picks up a guitar and begins to play one of her songs. They sing a duet as they plane heads for Miami.

17 – Rayna is still at Liam’s and they discuss her music. She tells him, I came to you to find my voice again. Sometimes you have to blow up the box. He offers a drink. She resists but he convinces her.

18 – The Bluebird Cafe.  Deacon intercedes with Marilyn. He tells her to back off and stay away from Avery. Marilyn says if Deacon had signed with her, he’d have become a huge star rather than someone who just plays a guitar and stands behind Rayna.  So why didn’t Deacon sign with her?  Answer coming up shortly and you won’t be surprised. We saw it, maybe without fully recognizing it, when Marilyn approached Avery.

19 – Teddy isn’t happy about what happened to Coleman. Teddy to Lamar – You said it was just going to be a traffic violation to make him late. Lamar – I had nothing to do to with the rest and I’m offended that you even suggested that I might have.

20 – Avery didn’t get the booking as Reid Olsen decided against it.

21 – Miami – Juliette and the QB – They go out to a club. They’re enjoying each other. Butler says to Juliette as they dance, Careful you might actually be having fun with me.

22 – Avery finds out from Marilyn – she’s been told to stay away. Marilyn goes after him anyway. She asks him to come over tomorrow night. He says I can’t. After talking with a member of his band, and they realize that as a band they have nothing on the horizon, he changes his mind. He goes back and tells Marilyn – See you at eight.

23 – Another problem for Juliette. There’s an aggressive and insulting paparazzi outside the Miami club. The QB, trying to protect Juliette, slugs the photographer.

24 – Next morning Rayna has a hang-over. On the TV, Carlisle insists the drugs weren’t his, and he denies the use of alcohol. He says he has been sober for 19 years. And the blood test will prove that he not only hasn’t had a drink, but he is drug free too. He says the drugs belonged to someone he was counseling. Rayna thinks she knows it was Lamar who arranged all of this.

25 – Juliette is now faced with the QB looking drunk in the photos after one day with her, and this will be all about more bad publicity.

26 – Scarlett is pissed that Deacon told Rayna to back off Avery. She demands to know why Deacon told Marilyn stay clear of Avery.

27 – Rayna wonders what happened last night. She’s looking at a music clip that was made at Liam’s home last night – she sees it on a tablet.

28 – After Scarlett challenges Deacon – he steps up and tells her that Marilyn only signs young male singers that sleep with her. Scarlett says she can’t sleep with everybody. Deacon says she does –

29 – Avery is at Marilyn’s. They begin to make out.

30 – Surprise, surprise – Avery can’t go through with it. He says he can’t do this and makes an exit.

31 – Turns out it that the pills the police found in Coleman’s car were the pills that Deacon took from Juliette Barnes’ s Mom when they took her to the rehab. Deacon wants to step up and go public, but Coleman says no. It was his mistake for not tossing them away.

32 – Avery comes home from Marilyn and finds Scarlett packing. She’s leaving. I didn’t do anything he says. Scarlett – But you went over there intending to do something. Avery – Why are you punishing me for doing the right thing? But Scarlett senses he is lying. Besides that – she’s already made up her mind.

33 – Juliette buys the pictures and the SD card from the paparazzi to protect the QB. She gives him $25,000

34 – Coleman is shown the pics of Teddy and Peggy . Will he go to the dark side like what was done to him and leak the photos?

35 = The QB comes over to Barnes house to thank her. Can you come over to my house tonight and we’ll stay in? Are you asking me out? No, I’m asking you in. Barnes is intrigued because men don’t want to simply hang out with her. They always want to sleep with her.

36 – Rayna is at the record label to play the demo of the Liam McGinnis production of Rayna’s new song for Marshall Evans. Marshall likes the sound but not the producer. Rayna stands her ground. It’s gonna be she and Liam or nothing. There are plenty of labels that will buy out my contract. This is where I’m going. Get on board.

37 – Scarlett moves out of her house with Avery and asks to stay at Deacon’s home.

38 – Coleman and his wife discuss whether or not to leak the pictures of Teddy and Peggy. Coleman doesn’t want to leak the pictures. He says It feels wrong. His wife says, You don’t owe that family anything. Sometimes you have to do a little wrong to do something good (translation: Teddy won’t be a good Mayor). No kidding. Everyone on the planet knows this except Teddy.

39 – Avery (having lost Scarlett) goes back to see Marilyn.

So Nashville got their deal, and the producers presented some ideas about how to goose up the ratings. Sex between Avery and Marilyn? Not a surprise there especially after Deacon told us the tale about how Marilyn  operates. On the other hand Scarlett and Avery weren’t working well. at all. From the outset – they made Avery a bad guy – jealous of Scarlett’s success. Avery was very insecure, and you just knew he’d be vulnerable to the likes of Marilyn Rhodes.

Juliette Barnes – seems too good to be true. You know her and the QB. This has to end badly as Barnes has already been set up that way. However she could be good for a while, while Rayna might be getting involved with Liam.  Rayna is also going to be furious with Teddy (You know – the Peggy pictures – for sure these are not gone forever).

Deacon and Scarlett? I think we’ll see a down turn in their visibility for a while. Some one will have to lose screen time for the presence of Butler, Rhodes, and McGinnis.  Just like Gunnar and Hayley did this week.

Until next time.

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