Boss: Sn 2 Episode 8 – Consequence – Recap

Can you see the picture more clearly now?

Does the theme song make better sense now? “Satan, your kingdom must come down”.

The fissures in the foundation of the Tom Kane’s mayoralty, are not only visible, but are clearly getting bigger. Eight episodes of the starz Original Series Boss Season 2 are in the books – only two episodes remain. Let’s take a moment to catch a breath in a quick break and see what questions I brought to your attention at the end of last week’s recap.

1. Who did Kane target? McGantry, Doyle, Ross, or Miller?

It may not matter. Each of them has gained elevation on the teeter-totter of Chicago’s City Hall.

Alderman Ross double crossed Kane and did not deliver the votes Kane wanted on the budget issue. Why did this happen? Because Babe McGantry made his own deal with Ross. Kane lost the votes he had counted on, and the budget bill was defeated leaving the city’s finances teetering on the brink of collapse. Don’t forget the $10.4 Million cost of the National Guard who were rushed in to quell the riots. Governor Cullen got his payback against Kane by saying that the state of Illinois would not be responsible for that cost as it was all Chicago’s doing.

State Attorney Doyle? He turned out to be a voyeur cut from the same cloth as Kane. Not only did he like to watch, but he enjoyed the power his leverage over his assistant gave him.

Doyle to his assistant: Lift up your skirt … take them off … do it ….

Doyle was the one who gave his assistant the go ahead to get close to Zajac. Doyle just didn’t like that she slept with Zajac without Doyle’s permission.

2. Royczyk gave Miller a big clue. What is Miller going to do with it?

Sam Miller used Royczyk’s clue as his starting point. Not sure how he got them, but he got a hold of the phone records of the Kane residence and discovered that Meredith had called the Alternate Treatment Center in Toronto during the period when Tom Kane was missing. Miller got all of the paper’s petty cash fund and high-tailed it to Toronto. By deceit and intimidation – he got what he wanted to hear – a verbal acknowledgement – that Kane was treated at the clinic.

3. [Who did Kane target?] Or was it the hit-man who killed off Ezra Stone.

4. Did Kane arrange the assassination attempt himself?

We don’t have any solid answers to those questions right now. However, I would bet the Kane didn’t have a hand in that shooting.

5. What will happen with Todd, Emma and Darius? After all Todd and Emma are half-brother and sister – only they don’t know it. Or maybe it is only Emma who doesn’t know it?

Once again, Emma withheld Old Man Rutledge’s meds. With disastrous consequences. The old man fell and injured his head. He was rushed to the hospital and is in critical condition as well as being on life support machines. Emma’s actions may ultimately lead to the old man’s death. If that weren’t bad enough, Emma either knows conclusively, or assumes that her parents, Tom and Meredith Kane, have intentionally kept Rutledge in the drug-induced stupor for the last 20 years for political reasons.

Ian Todd ran his own game on Mayor Kane. Kane had named someone called Prentice as the replacement Alderman. Todd, posing as an anonymous concerned citizen, posted a message in a political chatroom accusing Prentice of sexual harassment. Todd then brought the item to Kane as if he had gotten wind of it. Kane, as expected, could not go through with the appointment of Prentice once he became aware of the news. Kane said we need to find someone else for the now vacant Alderman seat on the City Council. Ian Todd stepped up and said – I’m your man. Wow! Very cool move. Even Kane was astounded at Todd’s ambitious move.

Kane said he would consider it. When the news about Rutledge reached Kane, he sent Ian Todd off to pick up Emma and bring her home. Emma was a mess. She now considered that she may have killed Rutledge, and her parents had poisoned him all these years. Ian Todd finally grabbed Emma and they began to make love on the living room floor of the Kane home.

Darius had been trying to reach Emma – but she wouldn’t take his calls. This after Darius had paid off Emma’s parole officer with drug money that was really Trey Roger’s money. So Rogers had Darius beaten up for taking the money. Darius was lucky to live through his beating, and when he was able to, he drove off to find Emma. Somehow he was able to sneak onto the grounds of the Mayor’s house and through the window, he saw Emma and Todd.

You could see the murderous look on his face as his mind reeled while watching Emma and Ian Todd fucking.

6. Most of all, how long will Kane be able to keep the disease at bay?

Kane was watching the budget vote on the closed circuit TV in his office. After all, he had made the deal with Ross, who could guarantee about 40 votes, so Kane assumed there was no need to be physically present in the Council chamber.

Alderman Ross: Sometimes, your actions have repercussions, Mr. Mayor …

When it became clear that the vote was going in the opposite direction, Tom Kane raced down the stairs to the Council Chambers. But he was too late. The Budget bill was defeated. This on top of Zajac refusing to authorize the state bonds. This on top of Governor Cullen dumping the 10.4 million cost of the National Guard. Kane was now ankle-deep in financial quicksand.

7. Mona Fredericks – is she a liability or an asset for Kane?

Fredericks spoke with Trey Rogers. She was looking to save her own face about Lennox Gardens. Kane had told her, in the face of losing the budget bill, and failing to get Zajac, the state treasurer to sign off on the bonds, the original plans for Lennox Gardens would not be possible. Instead of getting all the Lennox Gardens residents back in the redeveloped project, now it appeared that even getting 25% of them back might not be possible.

Fredericks told Rogers that if he stayed with Alderman Ross, even getting Kenya Taylor’s job as ward boss, he would rise no higher. But if he joined her in City Hall, Roger’s ceiling would be very much higher. Rogers liked the sound of it.

To me this appears to be yet another something that will bring down Kane – Rogers was a drug dealer and a hoodlum, yet Fredericks was holding out an opportunity to him.

8. What about Meredith – and who arranged old man Rutledge’s medication?

We didn’t see Meredith this week, but according to Emma – Meredith and Kane had been responsible for keeping Rutledge in a drug induced stupor, lo these many years.

What else? Zajac agreed to be interviewed by a muckraker TV talk show host. The talk show host harpooned Zajac with some questions about his wife and kids. Zajac refused to talk about them or discuss his personal life. He admitted to the affair with Ross’s wife but called it a one-time thing and a fucking mistake. Guess what – the camera kept rolling even after Zajac cut off the interview. The supposed off-the-record remarks that Zajac made showed up on YouTube and went nearly viral. The voters now decided they liked Zajac’s spunk and guts. His supposed dead campaign began to breathe with life once more.

Kane had been rebuffed by Governor Cullen, turned down by Ben Zajac – the state treasurer, and had just seen the budget vote go against him. After that, Kane called in Senator Walsh, the gubernatorial candidate. You know what she did? She thanked him for Kitty,

Senator Walsh to Mayor Kane: You and I will never coincide whether politically or otherwise…

then she basically told Kane to go fuck himself.

What did all of the above do for him? Bingo – the tremors and handshaking that hadn’t occurred since his treatment in Toronto suddenly reappeared. As Dr. Harris predicted – the placebo effect – was just that – a short-term lift. Your know – more mental than medical. As the episode ended, Kane appeared to standing on the precipice of his own health going down hill in a hurry as if he were on roller-skates

So where are we now?

Sam Miller’s discovery has yet to go public. Doyle may have found the perpetrator of the assassination attempt, and I’m pretty sure that Doyle is already in McGantry’s pocket. Emma and Todd? I see them dying in a hail of bullets fired by Darius, who will also kill Trey Rogers.

The hallucinatory Ezra Stone will reappear and again haunt Tom Kane. Kane will be either be driven from his office or take his own life rather than face the news or the disease.

The next mayor? Right – Mona Fredericks.

The next Governor? That’s a tough one. Our choices are a philandering husband (Zajac) or a lesbian Senator (Walsh). I also assume that Maggie Zajac will decide to let Ben Zajac back into his home.

Of course, much of what I just said is basically and mostly me doing some speculation and some probable as well as wildly improbable guess-work.

I’d love to hear what you folks think is coming in the last two episodes. C-ya.


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  1. Maybe Meredith, upon finding her fathers’ dosage levels down, and having access to that assistance/nurse guy, actually got the father induced into a coma. I think her motive was revealed in the Conversation: that her father is a threat to the mayorship of Tom, so as long as he has power, she’ll fight for him to keep it.

    • Thanks. When Meredith thought that her father, the former Mayor Rutledge, was a threat to Tom, she may have applied the drug – was that in a flashback to a younger Meredith and Tom. I remember the flashback but not the details of it. Can you further detail that?

  2. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your recaps after every episode of Boss. Starz should hire you to do that! Keep them coming!

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