Sorkin on the Promotional Tour for “The Newsroom”

I found this recent (June 28th) interview of Aaron Sorkin by Stephen Colbert.

I don’t think much of this interview. What’s with Colbert? Is he always this rude, this in-your-face, this aggravating?

Now I know that the HBO publicity folks have likely sent Sorkin hither and yon to promote the new series, The Newsroom, which Sorkin both created and wrote. Fine, let the publicity people do their job.

Given the fact that Sorkin is probably making a huge stack of dead presidents for his work on the series, it isn’t too much to ask him to get out and meet and greet and put himself in front of lots of questions about the show.

After all, HBO and Sorkin both have a vested interest in this show doing well, don’t they?

But Colbert – did he cut classes regularly in Interviewing 101. He’s not wearing one, but it is as if he was wearing a sign that said – Keep your eyes just on me.

The way this interview plays out, Sorkin is lucky to get a chance to speak even briefly. Colbert must subscribe to the thought that says, Pay no attention to the guest and yes, I am talking to you Mr. Producer in the control room.

He interrupts as often as possible. Doesn’t let Sorkin have any room to expound and discuss the aims of the show. And that false graciousness at the end exhibited by Colbert. Give me a break.

Even if it is suppose to be tongue-in-cheek, you know – all in good fun, how do spell obnoxious? C-O-L-B-E-R-T, that’s how.


2 thoughts on “Sorkin on the Promotional Tour for “The Newsroom”

  1. I did watch and liked the debut episode of The Newsroom last week and Colbert’s interview (on Comedy Central) was funny as well as pointed and intelligent. Sorkin is a terrific drama writer, but not necessarily a witty, coversationalist. The interview may have been intended as just a humorous plug, but he raised the right questions about Sorkin’s dialog (do people really talk like his fictional characters?) and premise (do people really care about veracity and integrity in TV news?). Sorkin handled both questions with honesty, intelligence and humility.

    I’d like to see a longer conversation between these two.

    • I’m not about to argue Sorkin’s talent as a conversationalist or wit. You are likely entirely right. And if Colbert’s questions were on point – the fact remains that the questioner was still obnoxious.

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