NBC’s Smash: Episode 15 – Bombshell – Recap

This is a full recap. Scene by scene. All sorts of spoilers. But that’s what we do in a recap. Along with some commentary. The pictures have been added in post-publication.

Bombshell opens tonight. It may not be Broadway in New York, and the show is still ‘out of town’, in Boston, but for all concerned, it is a very big deal. As the proverbial curtain rises on our tv sets Tom and Julia are feverishly still working on the new song’s lyrics. They think they have it finished. As they rush towards the back stage area, they have to thread their way their way through the excited throng of theater goers. Some are clutching their Playbill program magazines. When they hit the backstage area, we hear the production manager Linda’s voice making an announcement through a mike to the entire cast and company – Ladies and Gentlemen this is your 15 minutes call – 15 Minutes. Show time is imminent.

We then switch to a point of view perspective. We see what Marilyn sees as she makes her way to her opening position on the stage. She threads her way through the backstage maze. It’s like the Copacabana entrance in Scorcese’s Good Fellows. She passes cast members who offer their best wishes – Break a leg! Break a leg! Michael Swift tells her, you’re going to be great! Linda speaks into her mike again – Places everyone, places! The next to last two people standing in the left-wing are Julia and Tom – Break a leg! You’re going to be wonderful!

She passes them, and one last chorus girl, and turns onto the stage. Her place is center stage front. She strides to her place, then turns to face the audience which is still hidden on the other side of the curtain. We haven’t a clue as to who is actually playing Marilyn. We actually see the curtain going up in front of us – we see the spotlight, then the full glare of the lights – for a second the screen goes all white. And then just as we are about to learn who is playing Marilyn, the screen goes all black, and we get the words 12 Hours Earlier – we’ve been given the old flashback.

JustMeMike: This was a great hook. We had all the feverish excitement, and though we were manipulated by this script sleight-of-hand which is older than the hills, I have to say it was not only unexpected but it was fun. It took me four paragraphs to describe this scene, and it was all of two minutes of screen time.

So the flashback begins with Tom and Julia, Eileen, and Derek arguing on stage. The song isn’t ready. Their group is circled round and round by the camera. Derek insists, I will not be bullied. Julia says, We need just a bit more time. Eileen asks, Do you have any idea how much a delay would cost us? Julia – not a week just one day!

Derek storms off the stage. The cast waits in the lobby unsure of what will come next. Eileen leaves the stage too and heads out of the lobby for the street. Ellis catches up with her with a cell phone in hand – It’s the Post – you know who. Eileen takes the call from a newspaper drama critic. She will give him the stall – Of course we are disappointed. We have a thrilling new Marilyn waiting in the wings. No, we aren’t ready to announce the name. You’ll be the first to know.

As the cast waits, two cell phones chirp. Ivy says, It’s my Mom. Karen says, It’s my fianceé. We listen in on Ivy’s call. Her mom is asking if she got the Marilyn role. Mom they already have an understudy. Ivy seems to have accepted the fact that Karen will get the role. Her Mom isn’t buying into that.

Backstage Derek arrives at wardrobe. He asks to see the Marilyn costumes. He looks at a red dress and envisions Ivy as Marilyn. He looks at a glittering dress and envisions Karen. Then another red dress and he thinks of Ivy. One more and it is Karen. Then, as we have seen in earlier episodes – Derek again gets lost in his vision, and once again it is the image of Karen as Marilyn that fills his mind.

Linda calls the company to the stage. They file in as do Tom, Julia, Eileen, and Ellis. Derek walks on stage ready to make an announcement. He’s decided.

Derek: Where’s Karen Cartwright?
Karen: Here.
Derek: You’re going on stage as Marilyn. Tonight!

Tom and Julia exchange looks. Karen heads for the stage. Eileen and Ellis exchange looks. The camera cuts to Ivy. Fade to the final screen credit – Smash created by Theresa Rebeck.

JustMeMike: She’s the show runner and she’s also leaving the show. That’s not part of the TV show – that’s real life.

When we resume, Linda and Derek are discussing. You want her to go on tonight? She is going on tonight! The costumes don’t fit Karen. Derek says that’s there’s at least one costume that does. In another grouping with Tom, Karen, and Julia they’re discussing things from book. There’s a lot of things she doesn’t know, says Tom. Julia and Tom try to corral Derek as he’s passing. He blows right by them. Julia grabs Karen and walks with her – this is going to be hard. If you feel yourself panicking – aspirin. Everyone here loves you and they want you to succeed. Karen says she needs to call Dev.

Derek rushes by and says I need her! Julia says, She needs to make a phone call and pushes Karen off to the side. Tom and Julia huddle with Derek. They’re concerned. You cannot ask her to do this. Derek isn’t concerned at all. The show is going on and it is going on tonight. She has proven herself, She’s my understudy and she’s going on tonight. What about the new song? We’re going to need that. Derek rushes off.

Cut to Ivy sitting in the theater watching all of this. She’s not a happy camper. Karen reaches Dev by phone. Dev, I’m going on as Marilyn. Dev is extremely happy for her . And proud. I’m going on tonight! They exchange I love you’s and Karen tells Dev to get down here (to the theater), and breaks off the call.

Ellis – I can’t believe this …

In the audience, Ellis sits behind Ivy, I can’t believe this, he says. Ivy still looks somewhere between morose, disappointed, and angry. Derek calls out for Marilyn’s secret selves to come on stage.

Eileen’s on the phone. She’s excited. The movie star goes out, the understudy goes in. She ends the call just as Ellis rushes up. He’s almost aflame. You can’t let this happen. Ellis is on Ivy’s side, and he insists to Eileen that she make things change so Ivy gets the Marilyn role. Eileen says okay, a brush-off okay, and starts to make a call. Ellis says, What does that mean? It means you don’t get a vote on this Ellis. Why don’t you do a Starbucks run. It’s going to be a long day.

Ellis steps up close to Eileen. You know, I didn’t get Rebecca out of your way so you could ignore me, yet again. Eileen doesn’t understand. Ellis says that Rebecca was nice enough as a movie star, but she wasn’t going to get us to Broadway. He then confesses that he spiked Rebecca’s stupid smoothie with peanuts. Actually it isn’t a confession. He’s actually proud of what he did. He throws down the gauntlet. Don’t ever call me assistant ever again. I am a producer. He’s right in her face.

You’re fired is what you are! Now get out of my theater.

JustMeMike: There was no surprise to Ellis’s statement. It was predicted and obvious. He gets just what he deserves – he’s just been kicked off Bombshell.

Of course he makes his own threat. You haven’t heard the last of this.

JustMeMike: I guess we’ll see more of that conniving shit next season, won’t we?

Karen and Michael Swift are rehearsing Mr and Mrs Smith. But it’s not going well. Derek roars out instructions. He also complains that Karen’s costume doesn’t fit well at all – it looks like a sack of turnips. Haven’t we a belt in the house?  Julia steps in and also points out that Karen sang the wrong lyrics. She wasn’t aware of a re-write from last week.

JustMeMike: She also wasn’t Marilyn last week.

Just then there’s a lighting malfunction. Derek bellows Oh, God! throwing his hands up. In the darkened stage, this gives Michael Swift an opportunity to talk with Julia. Swift tells Julia that Monica, his wife left him. Julia feels his pain. She puts her hand on his shoulder.

JustMeMike: Predictably as this happens, Frank wanders in. He can’t hear what they’re saying, but even in the low light he can see Julia rubbing Michael’s shoulder. After a few seconds, we read his shock and disappointment. Just as predictably the lights come back up. Julia sees Frank. They look at each other, and Frank leaves. Could the timing have been any worse for Julia?

We hear Derek say, Thank you [for the lights]. Julia says, Oh no, and chases after Frank. Another disaster? Karen comes back on stage after the brief study of the new lyrics. Derek: Okay let’s take it from the top of the chorus.

On the side-walk they have it out. Frank is concerned about this. He says that this will always be there. Between them. How can I trust you. Julia replies, Yes it will always be there, along with other things, the good things. Leo arrives with lunch for all in a bag.

JustMeMike: It looks like the disaster has been averted. At least for this show. Don’t be surprised if we have a reprise of Michael and Julia next year.

Tom tries to engage Derek in a discussion and he’s blown off again. Tom and Julia huddle, still stuck on that new song’s lyrics. Suddenly Julia is inspired. Her pencil moves furiously as she writes.

On stage, we are watching the Wolf song starting up. In the wings, Karen struggles with the costume change. She’s got only just 5 seconds. It’s not working.

Derek: Halt! And where are we Ms Cartwright?
Karen: [appearing on stage in bra and slip holding up the ill-fitting costume] We’re trying Mr. Wills!
Derek: [smiling and gently] All right. As long as we’re trying….

Seconds later Wolf resumes. It is an active song set in what looks like a USO show. You know, Marilyn performing for the troops.

Marilyn: I never met a wolf who didn’t love to howl!
Soldiers: [howling] Aaah hooo!!!!
Marilyn:I never met a man who wasn’t on the prowl!
Soldiers: Shimmey shimmey, ah gimme, gimme

Ivy watches from the wings and imagines herself cast as Marilyn singing the same song.

JustMeMike: Though I’m not crazy about this song, we have to acknowledge two things about it. One, Karen is establishing that she can do a great Marilyn. Two: Ivy is establishing that she’s heading for the depths of depression.

Dev is in the house and likes what he sees. Derek, from his director’s perch is also impressed. Cue Ivy’s appearance to challenge Derek.

Ivy: Why wasn’t it me?
Derek: Ivy, don’t do this now.
Ivy: I know the show as well as you do. I stayed up night after night with you working on it. If it was going to be a nobody, why not me?
Derek: I see her. In my head. I see her. She just has something that you don’t. I’m sorry.
Ivy: Yeah. I see. Thank you for being so honest.

Ivy leaves Derek and runs into Dev. He’s still not found his ring. He asks Ivy if she’s seen it. No, I haven’t. She runs off and heads back stage.

JustMeMike: You know what’s coming don’t you? No one in the world would have thought of it, if it wasn’t for that brief, obvious, and pointed exchange that telegraphed what we will see next. All together now: Ivy has the ring! It only took about 15 seconds before she fishes it out of her bag. At this point we don’t know what she will do with. But we will find out, won’t we? Break for commercials.

After the break, Linda and Derek are talking. There are still costume issues. Just do it, he says. Eileen approaches. Derek we need to talk. Linda: Okay, we’ll use the break to figure it out. Derek – There are no breaks. Linda – Sorry Derek, we’re all under a lot of pressure. But according to Equity, there are still breaks.

Derek: Right. [Making an announcement] Everyone, let’s take a 10. Everyone except Ms Cartwright, who will practice her costume change.

Eileen: I must admit that was quite impressive. But that’s the only number you’ve got right this afternoon. Derek, not wanting to hear it turns and barks out an order to the lighting master.

Eileen: [incensed] Derek, I’ve had it up to here with you blowing me off. I have 7 million dollars in this production and I want a conversation RIGHT NOW!
Derek: [returning to face Eileen]. What do you suggest we do?

Karen is standing behind a curtain in the wings just behind them, and is hearing every word.

Eileen: [Adamantly] She cannot do it, get it?

JustMeMike: As expected, this sends Karen rushing back to the dressing room. As she was only given the part this morning, she’s still in the chorus dressing room instead of Rebecca’s. Convenient, because Ivy is sitting there.

After a moment, Karen discovers the ring box on her dressing room table. What’s this? [Turning and noticing Ivy] Ivy – did someone come in here? Who put this here?

Ivy: I did. Honestly I wasn’t going to tell you…
Karen: [cutting Ivy off] What are you doing with my ring?
Ivy: He left it in my room.

It all comes out. Karen: You slept with him? Ivy: Guys are guys…

Karen: [disbelieving her]  Why are you making this up?
Ivy: Why would I make this up?

JustMeMike: Also as expected, Karen breaks off this conversation and high tails it out of the dressing room in search of … Right, Dev!

She finds him.

Dev: You were great?
Karen is holding up the ring.
Dev: Where did you find that?
Karen: Where do you think? What is Ivy doing with my engagement ring?

Dev is cornered. He’s flustered, and of course he’s guilty. So he mans up and admits it. It must have fallen out of my pocket … when I was in her room.
Karen: [shocked – and about to crumble, then whispering] You slept with her?
Dev: I thought we were finished. I was drunk. It was a mistake.
Karen: [now angry] Is that what they’re calling it now –
Dev: All this is tearing us apart. I thought I was losing you. It’s all over. We are through it. The worst is over…

Derek, Eileen, and Linda can’t help but notice. Derek sends Linda over.

Linda: They need you on stage now…
Dev: I’m sorry, we need just one minute.
Karen: No we don’t.

She hands Dev the ring and walks back to the stage.

Eileen steps up and says, Hi. We just want to tell you how much we appreciate your hard work today. And uh … Eileen looks at Derek obviously expecting him to say something from their conversation which we didn’t hear. But Derek (changing his mind) does the opposite. He decides to stick with Karen, and suggests that they go off to talk about Act II. He begins to lead her off.

Eileen: Derek

Derek indicates to Karen that she go on ahead as he has to say something to Eileen.

Derek: [to Eileen] Okay. You listen to me. I hate collaborating. Alright? I hate it. [Karen hears this] I am an artist and a story-teller. No one is going to get in my way. [Dev who hasn’t left turns and listens] Now if you want a hit, [raising his voice] then BE QUIET! Then I’ll give one, and afterwards, you can say thank you. [turns to Karen and walks off] Karen let’s go.

Eileen turns and sees … Jerry, her former husband and producing partner who has magically shown up just now. He waves at Eileen who mutters Oh wonderful…! As if this is the last thing I need now.

JustMeMike: A very powerful scene with a nice bit of symmetry.  Dev and Karen, Karen and Derek, Derek and Eileen. One marvelous scene indeed. But Jerry? From out of nowhere. Never expected that – and I’ll be the first to admit that I didn’t see that coming. Ok time for a breather, and let’s connect the dots. Eileen sacks Ellis. Ellis makes a vague threat and slinks off. Soon Jerry shows up. Connecting the dots. Ellis must have called Jerry. Ya think so? I’m just thinking out loud and we’ve no proof.

Time for a change of mood and players. Bring on Sam who finds the dejected Tom, sitting alone. Tom is stumped and miserable. He wonders about show biz. Tell me why we do this again? Sam [coming closer] You know … Art. Tom: Art? Art is a sick compulsion. Art is an ego gone haywire. Art is…
Sam cuts him off. Art is beautiful. This is the pep talk Tom needed.
Sam: Art brings you joy to write a song. Art brings us joy to sing it. Art brings the audience joy to hear it now get back to work!

Back to Jerry and Eileen, now in the theater lobby.
Jerry: You’re putting an understudy in .. with an ending that doesn’t work?
Eileen: [pouring herself a drink] She’s very good and the ending has been fixed.
Jerry: How much do you have into this? 7 or 8 Million?
Eileen: None of your business!
Jerry: Is Katie (their daughter who we met weeks ago, and only in a couple of  episodes if that] giving you money?
Eileen: I’ve chosen to not use our daughter as a weapon. Have you truly not noticed this until now?
Jerry: I’m here to help. Why won’t you let me?
Eileen: [softly but sarcastically] Sure you are. [She’s quite sure of herself now] Go away!
Jerry: I bought a ticket [He turn to walk off] I’ll see you tonight.

JustMeMike: Right. There’s no mention of Ellis the pipeline or conduit of information. Maybe I’m wrong in my assumption.

Meanwhile Julia and Tom are working on that song. Tom starts to play a gospel-like intro. Julia says No gospel. There’s nothing gospel about Marilyn. Tom: It has to be triumphant as she’s just died. And gospel is triumphant. The argument continues. Tom: You were the one that ended it with a suicide. They hated the suicide. Julia: And they’re not going to clap if she ascends into heaven either. They’re stumped. She just can’t do it [referencing Karen]. More thought. Julia –  This is a disaster. It’s such a good musical. In a moment, Julia suddenly stands and says I’m not feeling well. She rushes off.

Back in rehearsal, Karen has just wriggled into the tight sheath dress for ‘Wolf’. The wardrobe assistant zips up the back – you’re all set. Thoughts of her, Dev, and Ivy flow across Karen’s mind and obviously across our screens. She pulls off the wig and leaves. WTF? The Wolf music continues. Karen misses the cue (Obviously she’s not there).

Linda: [coming on stage] She left.
Derek: What do you mean, she left?
Linda: She left Derek.[The wardrobe gal comes out and holds up the Marilyn wig] She just left.

Derek is stunned.

Back to Julia and Tom. Julia comes out of the lady’s room.
Tom: Are you okay?
Julia: I threw up.
Tom: It’s been a little stressful.
Julia: But still – I never throw up. I feel like it plenty, but the last time I threw up … [thinking] .. I was pregnant with Leo…

Just then, Linda runs up to Julia and Tom:
Linda: Have you seen Karen?
Tom: Isn’t she staging with Derek?
Linda: Actually… she’s missing.

JustMeMike: Talk about a pregnant [pun intended] moment in which no one can say a word. They toss in the commercial at this point. So I’ve got time to consider. Given that they telegraphed the ring scene with Dev asking Ivy about the ring before revealing that Ivy had it all the while, we can safely assume that for sure, Julia is pregnant. Geez writers, I think we’d prefer that we get the shocking news without it being telegraphed so blatantly. That’s twice in one episode. We can now tick away the premises that need resolution. Karen and Dev. Julia’s pregnancy – is it Frank’s or Michael Swift’s? Either way Swift will be back. And of course, the long shadow of the short and sneaky Ellis is still hovering in the wings.

After the break, Eileen’s young rock-star investor – Lyle West shows up. It’s like old home week. First Ivy’s Mom, then Jerry, now Lyle. End of the season curtain call. Lyle, is a good guy. He’s come to return the painting that he took for collateral for his contribution to the show’s funding so many weeks ago. Eileen can’t accept it. Were not out of the woods yet. Our Marilyn has gone missing. Lyle mentions Ivy, that gorgeous blonde who he was smitten with and who he calls spectacular. Eileen agrees, She really was.

In the dressing room, the cast recounts that Karen has left. She took the wig off. In this production, that’s tantamount to – I quit. Another girl says, Do you think she’s cracking? The guy says, I’d say she has four hours to learn Act Two including a song that no one has seen yet and she bolted, so yes, I’d say she was cracking. Just then Derek enters the room – Where’s Karen Cartwright? She’s not there so, Derek, as quick as entered, now leaves. The chorus boy says: I’ll tell you one thing. Ivy wouldn’t run. Ivy: No, I wouldn’t.

Fade out Dressing Room. Fade in Dev on the phone leaving a message on Karen’s phone. … Well, just call me back. Just then Derek appears; he still looks desperate and is still searching for his Marilyn.

Derek: Anyone seen Karen? What are you doing here?
Dev: It’s none of your business.
Derek: Actually, you know what? It is my business. I don’t really care what’s going on between you two, but you need to back off … and let me get her through this. This (meaning Marilyn) is who she is. And she’s mine now.

Derek exits leaving Dev alone.

The search for Karen continues. Derek finds Marilyn’s bracelet on the floor. He heads for wardrobe and before entering, he finds the Marilyn costume on the floor. He follows the trail straight into wardrobe where he finds Karen sitting on the floor, behind a curtain. She’s drawn up tightly with her knees up and her head in hands. Like a lost child hiding from an angry parent.

Karen: [Her voice just a whisper] Go away.
Derek: You’ve dropped bits of Marilyn along the way. Like crumbs. You’ll have to be a bit more clever than that if you don’t want to be found.

Derek will need to be gentle, supportive, as well as persuasive to do his best to bring Karen back to the show.

Derek: You’ve had so much of Marilyn at your finger tips. And now – you’ve got the heartbreak …

JustMeMike: Of course he will, and we’ve no doubt of this. I’m going to go forward without duly quoting all of what was said in Derek’s conversation with Karen. But it was marvelous. He knew exactly what he wanted to say, needed to say, and what Karen needed to hear. Talk about a confidence builder. Wow! If nothing else, you’ll come away thinking. I didn’t know he [Derek] had it in him.

Meanwhile, on stage. No one is aware of Derek  having found Karen. Ivy trots out to see what Tom, Julia and Eileen want.

Ivy: You guys needed me?
Tom: We do.
Eileen: [embarrassed] I know this is a lot to ask at the last-minute, but if we have to cancel another preview, who knows what they’ll write about us?

Here it comes – they are going to give Ivy the role of Marilyn.

Just then Derek walks in …

Derek: Okay, let’s cut to the chase. we’re running out of time …
Karen: [trailing in Derek’s wake] Sorry – I was a little upset about something.

JustMeMike: You can see Ivy’s heart-broken once more. Even though she puts on a brave face – it is there all the same.

Derek calls for various cast members on stage. To Tom and Julia he says, Have you got the new song? Julia hands over the music – The lyrics – we still need to finish …
Derek: Do it later…

The cast comes in, in two’s and threes. Derek places them in their proper positions. The camera zooms in on Karen/Marilyn.

There’s a jump cut to Ivy, alone in the dressing. Alone with her thoughts. Just then, Ivy’s Mom Leigh Conroy enters – a bottle of champagne in hand. She’s primed and ready for a celebration.

JustMeMike: Of course there will be no celebration after what just happened.

Ivy: What are you doing here?
Leigh: I came to see you…
Ivy: You drove all the way from Connecticut? [ JMM: It is a couple of hours tops – no big deal]
Leigh: How could I miss it? You’re going to play Marilyn.
Ivy: It’s not me Mom. They didn’t pick me…
Leigh: That’s not possible
Ivy: That’s what happened. I’m just in the chorus, Mom. You should have just called.

JustMeMike: Heartbreaking. Yes. Schmaltzy? Yes that too. But what happens next comes, after the commercial break.

After the commercial, we pick it up just where we started this episode 36 minutes ago before the flashback started. This is show time and we are following ‘Marilyn’ on stage through the back stage maze just as we did earlier, at the beginning of the episode. We hear all the same break a legs, and you’re going to be great, just as we did before. She walks to her place the curtain goes up, and it’s Ivy!!!

Only, she’s not Marilyn – she’s one of Marilyn’s secret selves. These girls serve as sort of a Greek Chorus. They both lead us into scenes, and they tell us what Marilyn is thinking. The show begins. The secret selves are derisive.

Nobody wants you. You’re nothing, you’re nothing.

Now we see Karen as Marilyn. She launches a song …

Fade in on a girl…
With a hunger for fame…
And a face and a name to remember
[As] the past fades away …

At this point we segue into a montage of songs that we’ve seen rehearsed, and practiced over and over for most of the previous 14 weeks: starting with Twentieth Century Fox Mambo and then On Lexington and 52nd Street. They’ve intercut the songs with audience reaction shots, and then we’re back in the dressing room. Ivy is alone.

On stage Marilyn is alone too. In bed, and naked. She’s on the phone, asking someone to come over. This is the suicide scene that closed the earlier version of Bombshell. We know the ending has been changed but we don’t know how.

Marilyn is turned down. She says she understands and tells the guy who won’t becoming over that he’s a great guy. She launches another song. We’ve heard it before – it’s about the iconic memory from her childhood.

…That second-hand, baby grand, that still has something beautiful to give…

It’s just the one phrase. Marilyn is dying right in front of us.

Back in the dressing room, Ivy stares at herself in the mirror.

On stage, Michael Swift as Joe DiMaggio is singing –

I’d gladly disappear, if it might guarantee for you – Mr. and Mrs Smith…

Cut to Karen in the dressing room. She gotten into a glittering evening gown Derek appears to help zip her up. He says, What ever happens next, don’t ever doubt [that] you’re a star…

Marilyn appears on stage, alone – under a single spot light

They thought they could dispose of me
Tried to make me smile
I suffered much indignity
But I’ll rise above it all …

It’s the price I pay
It’s all I have
But at last I found release…

If there’s something good
That can come from bad
The past can rest in peace
So if you see someone’s hurt
And in need of a hand …

Don’t forget me…

Or if you hear a melody crying from some baby grand,
Don’t forget me…

When you say a happy birthday to some one you love,
or see diamonds you wish were all free…
Please say that you won’t, I pray that you won’t …
Forget me.

JustMeMike: The perfect song to end the show. Marilyn’s farewell. She’s actually gone already – this is post suicide – but bringing her back – to sing this marvelous song was just the right ending for Bombshell. Easily the best song of the entire season. And Karen McPhee, as Karen Cartwright in the role of Marilyn gives the song the haunting and unforgettable drama that it needs. Don’t forget me. Sweetheart, you can count on it.

We see the pleased looks on the faces of Tom and Julia, Frank and Leo, Derek, Dev, Eileen and Nick, and one face is missing.

As Karen sings on the sound track, we are back in the dressing room. Ivy is still there. There’s something in her hand. A bottle of pills. She shakes out a dozen pills into her hand.

Cut back to Karen on stage as the song reaches its end. Karen’s arms are raised to the heavens. An image of Marilyn, the real Marilyn, appears behind Karen. The audience applause reaches a crescendo.

And at once, Bombshell the show, Episode 15, and Season One of Smash come to an end.

JustMeMike: Just like that. Loved the song, loved the new ending and loved Karen as Marilyn. We’ve still got plenty of story ahead of us. Bombshell will come to New York to open Season 2.

I think Ellis will still be around for some one to hate. Ivy will be still around too. You’re not buying that suicide by pills are you? She only shook them out of the bottle. We didn’t see her ingest them. Is Julia pregnant? Will Michael Swift have a part in that? Questions galore are very fitting for the end of a Season Finale. Just as it should be.

Season two is just Nine months away. Can you wait? You’ve no choice. To the company crew and staff of Smash. Enjoy the summer off.