NBC’s Smash Season One Finale Tonight – Smash Not on Fall Schedule

Well folks, tonight is Episode 15, and while the curtain will go up for Bombshell, the curtain will come down on Smash for the season. Jeez, what will I write about on Tuesdays?

[Edit} This post was written prior to watching Episode 15. You can go directly to Bombshell, the Episode 15 Recap via this link.

While tonight’s show will likely result in a lengthy recap – there’s other news to consider. NBC has released its Fall Schedule. Smash isn’t on the Fall Schedule.

That’s the bad news. But there is good news. They’ve scheduled Smash to return to the air for the mid-season. That likely means that once football is over, just like we got this year, Smash will return on the Monday Night following the Super Bowl. Don’t hold me to that specific Monday – it is just a guess. The schedule is out only for the fall season.

Ever imagine what life would be like without electricity? Well NBC has made it easy for you. Showing up next fall in the Smash slot will be Revolution which is from director Jon Favreau and the fertile imaginations of J.J. Abrams and Eric Kripke. The one sentence synopsis: This is what life will be like on Earth 15 years after ‘the switch was thrown’ and life on earth plunged into the darkness of a world without electricity thereby taking us back to the dark ages.

We have a choice as to whether or not we’ll watch Revolution. But for Smash, we’ve no choice but to hunker down and wait. Early Mid-February 2013 is only nine months away. So while we enjoy our summer, fall, and the beginning of winter, the show runner and a team of writers will be feverishly drafting Smash Season 2. Check out my Smash Season 1 Finale recap late tomorrow afternoon. Below, have a look at the promo-trailer for Revolution.