East Hotel, Taikoo Station, Hong Kong

Meanwhile, back at the East Hotel, 29 Taikoo Shing Road, Hong Kong, things are really better than the impression you might have gotten from my article on breakfasts this morning. Around 1:30 PM today, after lunch, I was waiting for something and decided to cruise back to Feast, and take some images. I ran into one of the restaurant managers who absolutely remembered me, even though I had not voiced any verbal complaints while I had been there.

He again apologized. I asked if there were a number of new staff and he said just the opposite. The staff, in the main, and despite their youth, were pretty much a veteran crew – which leads me to believe that turn-over is is not an issue, and those folks like working there. The manager went on to explain, that a large conference was being held at the hotel, it was a Monday morning – and the heavy weight turn out for breakfast at the same time I was there, was most unusual. I thanked him personally for his waiving the check for my breakfast and said that I appreciated not only the gesture, but the fact that had been made aware of the delays in my service.

So the hotel, and the restaurant, will be given another look. First let’s look at my room. I do not have the harbor view room as pictorialized in the previous post. I’ve been to Hong Kong so many times, that I would not pay extra for a harbor view room. Geez, how many times have I crossed the harbor on the Star Ferry where I could see the harbor basically at sea=level but at the same time smell the sea and have the wind on my face at the same time.

But the hotel did give me an upgrade to a corner urban view. What this means is that I have full windows, nearly floor-to-ceiling, on two sides rather than just one. The hotel is very hi-tech. Your room key enables the elevator – without the room key, the elevator won’t leave the lobby. The key itself is scanned without inserting it into a slot. The room has a big queen bed with a down comforter – very substantial linens, 4 pillows, and a master switch to darken the entire room from your bedside.

My room, and the entire hotel comes with complimentary Wi-Fi or if you need to be wired there’s every kind of cable you can think of which enables me to watch the DVDs that I picked up here in HK on a 40 inch Panasonic TV that is not only wall mounted but comes away from the wall and swivels.

The hot water is plentiful, and with good water pressure, and you have a choice between a hand-held nozzle apparatus or the rainfall style showerhead which is built into the ceiling, The bathroom also has top of the line soaps and shampoos and rich thick towels. The toilet is in its own little room, and comes equipped with a phone meaning there are three phones in the room. There’s one by the bed, one at the desk, and one in the loo.


The overall decor is a blonde wood floor with a thick shag rug beneath the platform bed. The room is trimmed in black, with lots of black venetian blinds. I’d say the room was warm and inviting, with the beige walls and beige bedding, and lacked only a decent side chair. However the desk chair is excellent and is on wheels so you can roll it away to watch TV. You can also plug your laptop into the TV via a provided HDMI cable which means you have a big screen to work with.

Feast 2

I’m going to give the hotel a very good rating, and despite the faux pas at this morning’s breakfast I’d recommend it. Two other major plusses – the hotel is literally just a few steps from the MTR D1 Exit at Taikoo Station, and you can actually exit the MTR and get into the hotel without getting wet even in a rain storm, and in 10 seconds or less

Feast 3

Also you have the two excellent shopping malls also less than a 1 minute walk away. In fact you can walk directly from Feast right into a shopping plaza without even going back down to street level. So I am going to wrap this up by saying that if business takes you to the Far East, and if Hong Kong is your destination, then head East, friends – to the East Hotel. And I haven’t even discussed the outdoor heated swimming pool and the rooftop bar and gardens.


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