The Adjustment Bureau

After a lengthy delay – the movie was captured on film in 2009, post-production took place in 2010’s front end, the original trailers came out last summer, and the original posters promised a September 2010 opening – The Adjustment Bureau has finally made it to your local cineplex. Directed by first time helmsman George Nolfi and starring the popular Matt Damon with the very appealing Emily Blunt, The Adjustment Bureau begins smoothly. Very smoothly.

Almost before you have settled in and found the most comfortable position to sit, you are hooked. Damon plays David Norris, a young and aspiring New York politician. He’s good-looking, he’s smart, and he’s charismatic. He’s running for one of the New York State Senatorial seats, and has a decent lead in the polls before the election.

But it isn’t to be.┬áThe New York Post publishes a scandalous bit of news from when Norris was a younger and less serious man, including some very unflattering pictures. So unflattering, that the voting public changes its mind and votes in the opposing candidate, and this leaves Norris with a crushing defeat. Before giving his concession speech, he’s going to meet a mysterious woman in an unexpected place.

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