Chrissie Chau – Les Vacances d’ Amour

Hong Kong’s super-model Chrissie Chau lights up the screen as she and a crew from Hong Kong do a tour of France. From Nice to Marseilles, and then on to Paris. Chrissie attracted passerbys wherever the production took them. She’s a high-spirited woman as well as a high-energy model.
The production is partially in 3D with four scenes in that mode, as well as the standard 2D. And there is a Blu-Ray version as well as a standard definition DVD. All in all, both the DVD and Chrissie Chau are quite a package.
Early on I wasn’t quite sure of where we were. I knew it  was France, but where? Once I saw mountains and the sea, I knew that it was in the south of France.
We watch as she scampers about, poses and plays kicking a soccer ball in 3D, picnics, parties, does a jacuzzi, and shops – here she is below with a cute French Chef Hand Puppet Doll – more on him later.

Chrissie about to enter the Nice, France Railroad Station

But eventually Chrissie and the crew showed up at the Gare De Nice Ville which is how the French say City of Nice Railroad Station. Now that I have that factual evidence, I wonder why I didn’t identify the Nice, France airport, having been there myself.
On board we see the train pulling in to Beaulieu sur Mer which was one of the places where the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels film with Steve Martin and Michael Caine was shot.
Soon enough the train arrives in Marseilles, a marvelous coastal city that seems to start at the edge of the sea and then makes it’s way up into the mountains which down here are called the Maritime Alps.
Chrissie looks great in a wedding outfit in a beautiful square that is brimming with sunshine and that has a sparkling fountain.=. Of course she looks great wherever she is  – be it a flower market, or even in the shadows on some small side streets in Marseilles.
Chrissie Ah … nei ho leng. Ho ho leng. That’s Cantonese for Hey Chrissie, you’re beautiful. Very beautiful.
Then the gang is in Paris. We see Chrissie on the Paris Metro and walking in an underground Metro station. Of course we will see plenty of her on above ground in Paris as well.
You remember I said that there would be more about that cute French Chef doll. It seems that the crew kept losing their concentration on a French beach, and on occasion, the camera would stray over to capture some local French girls on the beach. Chrissie started noticing this as the cameraman had her posing nearer and nearer those bikini-ed ladies.
Well she wasn’t happy about it; in fact, days later, in Paris, she was still pouting. Until he came into her life once more. Yes. I’m talking about the Chef hand puppet. In a cute scene, we watch Chrissie’s face change along with her emotions as the Frenchy the Chef does his best to get her to smile.
Summary: This was my first real good look at Chrissie Chau. I liked what I saw. You will too.  I guess we could say that this the Hong Kong version of the gravure idols videos that are made in Japan seemingly every day of the week.

I thought they did a very good job with this hour and two minutes. There was plenty of Chrissie in a variety of outfits, most of which were listed in the credits. She’s exciting to watch because you’re never sure of what she might do. And that sense of mystery only adds to her aura.

2 thoughts on “Chrissie Chau – Les Vacances d’ Amour

    • I couldn’t say. Undoubtedly this film was made to launch Chrissie from the world of modeling to the world of movies.
      So your guess is as good as mine. Thanks for stopping by and adding a comment.

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