Main aurr Mrs. Khanna

Most of what I’ve read about Main aurr Mrs. Khanna, a Hindi/Bollywood movie from last fall, implies that gossamer wings have more substance than the script for this film. Anyway, since I love the leading lady, I put this one into my Netflix queue.

Starring Salman Khan and Kareena Kapoor, who are two of the biggest stars in the Bollywood pantheon, the story is indeed thin. Kareena, who looks great in this film, plays Raina. We meet her in the orphanage where she grew up. In fact, she’s so poor that she doesn’t even have a last name.

Salman Khan is Samir Khanna. He looks puffy, blockier, and older. He doesn’t look at all like the glamorous leading man who I expected. Even his hair is longer, and that isn’t a plus. Well, he takes a shine to the lovely Raina, and who wouldn’t?

Faster than you can say, “I do…”, it is a few years later. They’re married, and are living in a beautiful home in Melbourne, Australia. Samir’s career had rocketed upward, and now he’s lost everything. They must give up their home and move to Singapore, where he will make a new start. Yeah – that fast.

Kareena Kapoor as Raina

Only his ticket is to Singapore, and Raina’s ticket is to Delhi. And he doesn’t tell her until it is time for him to board his plane. So in a very short amount of film time, we’ve seen a courtship, marriage, immigration to Australia, business success, and business failure happen.

Salman Khan as Samir Khan

Raina sits at the airport devastated and abandoned. She’s a spunky girl, and she’s not going to go to Delhi and live with her in-laws. They were against the marriage in the 1st place. But she’s broke, and not only that, she doesn’t even have a cell phone.

Enter Aakash. He’s a waiter at the airport coffee shop. Before you realize it, Raina, with the help of Aakash, and his friends, and a girl friend of Raina’s girl friend – Raina has an apartment to live in (actually it is so huge that you have to say…whaaaat?), and a job at an airport gift shop.

Got all that? Aakash falls in love with Raina (instantly I might add), despite knowing that she is married. Due to some complications of the Australian immigration laws, Raina will lose her job and be deported. So a sketchy plan is hatched so that a dummy marriage (in name only – of course) can be arranged so Raina can stay and work in Australia.

Only now, and out of the blue, Samir returns. And he’s a success once more. And more complications ensue along with more bad scripting.

So the film is supposed to be about marriage, loyalty, and trust. But the foundations are so rickety. Everything happens too quickly, and with no apparent reasons or logic. Or explanations either.

Sohail Khan as Aakash

Besides that Aakash is played by Sohail Khan, who is in fact, Salman Khan’s younger brother in real life. He also produced the film too. That’s one way of propelling your acting career – make the film yourself. But he’s not good-looking, not much of an actor, and no one will believe that his character could attract a Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena does a good job, and her face is beautifully expressive. Salman Khan looks like’s he’s sleep-walking through his role. Two beauties, Preity Zinta (above) and Deepika Pakudone (below)

appear in this film as well. Preity does a song and dance number, and Deepika has a few moments on-screen as another woman named Mrs. Khanna. She’s great looking, but the scene was an unnecessary add-on.

A bad script, a weak story, and nothing to rave about at all. Not even a beach sequence (a dream) shot beautifully  on some lovely beaches including Maya Bay, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand, and some decent music can overcome the woefully inept script.


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